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U.S. Coast Guard returns 169 migrants to Cuba

View post tag: Migrants View post tag: US Coast Guard January 18, 2016 Share this article Authorities The United States Coast Guard has repatriated 169 Cuban migrants to Bahia de Cabañas, Cuba, last week.These repatriations are a result of nine separate migrant interdictions at sea in the South Florida Straits.The U.S. Coast Guard said it observed a steady increase in illegal maritime migration attempts from Cuba to the Southeastern U.S. since the U.S. announcement of improved diplomatic relations with Cuba in December 2014, nearly 13 months ago. So far, for the month of January, 396 Cuban migrants have been interdicted attempting to reach U.S. shores.Captain Mark Fedor, Coast Guard 7th District chief of response, said: “Immigration policies have not changed and we urge people not to take to the ocean in unseaworthy vessels. It is illegal and extremely dangerous.”The Coast Guard and partner agencies patrol the Florida Straits and the Caribbean Sea to detect and deter illegal and unsafe maritime migration.Since October 1, the Coast Guard 7th District estimates that 1,942 Cubans have attempted to illegally migrate via the sea. These numbers represent the total number of at-sea interdictions, landings and disruptions in the Florida Straits, the Caribbean and Atlantic. Back to overview,Home naval-today U.S. Coast Guard returns 169 migrants to Cuba U.S. Coast Guard returns 169 migrants to Cuba read more

St. Joseph County requiring face masks in public, hand sanitizer in businesses

first_img St. Joseph County requiring face masks in public, hand sanitizer in businesses Pinterest CoronavirusIndianaLocalNews Facebook Google+ Facebook Google+ Previous articleMichigan reports 43,754 confirmed COVID-19 cases on SundayNext articleTeen injured Sunday while volunteering at West Noble food drive Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. WhatsApp Twitter By Jon Zimney – May 3, 2020 32 1852 Twitter (Photo supplied/Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) The St. Joseph County Health Department is ordering all residents wear face masks in enclosed public spaces or businesses when within six feet of another person. They are also ordering all businesses to provide hand sanitizer at entrances and at any high-touch surfaces.The orders take effect at midnight on Tuesday, May 5 and will be in effect until at least July 4.95-3 MNC received the following release from The St. Joseph County Health Department:As the St. Joseph County Public Health Authority, pursuant to the authority granted by lndiana Codes 16- 2O-1 et seq. and 16-41-9 et seq., in the interest of protecting all St. Joseph County residents, and reducing the spread of communicable disease, specifically the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), I order the following to take effect throughout St. Joseph County, lndiana, beginning on May 4,2020 at 11:59 p.m. and to be in effect untilJuly 4, 2020.Locally, our data and public health indicators suggest on-going community transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease referred to as COVID 19. The intent of this Health Order is to protect the health and safety of the residents of SJC from the morbidity and mortality caused by SARS-CoV-2. lt is anticipated that this order will remain in effect until such time as the level of immunity within the population is estimated to reach 70% of the population as determined by serological testing of a representative sample of the population of the county. The following is hereby ordered to be in effect: Any business establishment open to customers shall make alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol readily accessible at the entrance and in proximity to hightouch surfaces.A face covering over one’s nose and mouth shall be required for any persons entering an enclosed public space or place of business, unless such persons have a medical exception indicating that a face covering is ill-advised for health reasons, or the face covering prevents the persons from delivering or receiving services. The face covering shall be worn at all times when physical distancing of at least six feet cannot be maintained.This Order is, hereby, issued on May 3, 2020, pursuant to the lndiana Code provisions listed above and in a manner consistent with all statutory authority delegated to me as the St. Joseph County Public Health Authority. The Governor of the State of lndiana has recognized local county authority to guide and monitor the residents within their counties; therefore, I will continue to monitor the health of St. Joseph County residents and will issue additional orders as necessary.Robert M. Einterz, M.DHealth Officer Pinterest WhatsApplast_img read more

New ECS Appliance Combines Benefits of Public and Private Cloud Storage

first_imgThere has been a lot of discussion in the industry about the pros and cons of public and private cloud offerings, but my perspective has always remained the same: it is possible to build an offering that combines the best of both worlds.  As I’ve suggested previously, with such an offering the economics and scale of the public cloud are not limited to the largest Web companies and service providers, customers of any size should be able to get them.Today, we announced the EMC ECS Appliance (formerly known as Project Nile), the world’s first commercially available hyper-scale storage appliance for the data center. ECS stands for Elastic Cloud Storage. With the ECS Appliance, any enterprise or service provider can deliver the economics and simplicity of a public cloud along with the control and freedom of choice of a private cloud.The ECS Appliance allows enterprises and service providers of all sizes to deliver cloud storage at a cost and scale that is competitive with the public cloud.  This means that literally anyone can now effortlessly grow their infrastructure to match their business needs regardless of whether it is measured in petabytes, exabytes or more.The ECS Appliance offers a new option to customers as they plan their 3rd Platform storage strategy.  It combines EMC’s ViPR software with a low- cost, high-density, commodity hardware-based platform to provide a simple, integrated and optimized storage appliance that offers elastic block, object, and HDFS storage.  Customers can choose the right size for their immediate needs and grow as their requirements change.  The ViPR controller automates the management of the ECS Appliance and lowers the customer’s operational expenses.   See details of the initial EMC ECS Appliance offering here.While the ECS Appliance provides customers a simple way to get everything they need to build hyper-scale cloud storage infrastructure, our early access program has shown us that there are customers with extremely complex environments and business demands that require even more flexibility and control.To address their needs, we also offer a version of the ViPR software that customers can purchase and deploy on their own commodity hardware.  Customers now have the choice of a simple, integrated ECS Appliance in multiple form factors or ViPR software that they can configure and deploy on commodity platforms that they source or even build, themselves.EMC’s software-defined strategy remains the same. We are singly focused on our customers and we will develop products to help meet their needs for the 3rd Platform of IT.  Meanwhile, we will also develop products that address 2nd Platform problems  while providing  customers with a simple, open path to the 3rd Platform.The ECS Appliance and ViPR software support for commodity platforms are just two of the many new capabilities we are introducing across our entire product portfolio today.   As we look to the future, we will continue to focus on our customers and deliver what I believe is the strongest software-defined storage portfolio in the industry!Related articles:EMC ScaleIO Delivers Elastic Scalable High Performance Software-Defined Block StorageTaking Data Center Management to the Third Platformlast_img read more

Dying For It Star Clea Lewis on the 7 Things She’s Living For Right Now

first_imgClea Lewis has been cracking us up on stage and screen for years, including five seasons as Ellen’s pal Audrey on TV’s Ellen, a stint on Broadway in Absurd Person Singular and more. Now she’s keeping the gags coming as the “unapologetically narcissistic and self-obsessed” Kleopatra Maximovna in Dying For It at the Atlantic Theater Company, opening January 8, 2015. Broadway.com asked the star to share the seven things she’s absolutely living for while starring in the riotous new adaptation of the Soviet-era comedy The Suicide by Moira Buffini. 7. PLAYING THE IT-GIRL OF THE RUSSIAN SLUMS Inhabiting Kleopatra is a blast. She is so unapologetically narcissistic and self-obsessed, which is of course fun to indulge in. But she is also truly passionate and a romantic at heart. I am hoping to help bring purple eye shadow back into vogue. 1. MoMA Iʼm a member, so I try to swing through whenever I am in Midtown. I am currently obsessed with the Matisse cut-outs, the colors are astonishing! The sculpture garden used to be a great place to flirt, but now everyoneʼs on their iphones. Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 18, 2015 View Comments 5. ANYTHING TYPEWRITER My husband just wrote a childrenʼs book about an old typewriter, called The Lonely Typewriter. They are so beautiful and sturdy. When I worked on Woody Allenʼs Writerʼs Block, also at the Atlantic Theater, our poster was a photograph of the actual typewriter Woody used to write the play! Related Showscenter_img 3. SNOW DAYS I love cold weather and snow. Iʼm the only one who didnʼt complain last year when we got 30 inches. I complain all summer long, and then when the temperature dips below 50 I feel so much better. I live for when my kids get a snow day and we drink hot cocoa for breakfast and go sledding in Riverside Park. 4. THE AMTRAK TRAIN TO MONTREAL We go every year to visit my brother. It goes all the way from Penn Station to Central Station in Montreal and it takes 10 hours! We donʼt bring any electronics, we just read, play cards, and go for Cokes and chips in the dining car. 6. THE RUSSIAN SAMOVAR RESTAURANT I love having an excuse to go drink infused-vodka martinis at this old-school Theater District restaurant and bar. Itʼs so good for getting into character! I like the lemon, and when Iʼm feeling spicy the horseradish. 2. THE 10-PERSON DINNER PARTY I like to smush people around the table. Itʼs a great way to catch up with friends, and to introduce interesting combinations of people. I always just do a big one-pot dish, a green salad, and a baguette. Then I buy cookies for dessert. Dying For Itlast_img read more

Marin Ireland Is Ready to Launch Off-Broadway’s On the Exhale

first_img Martin Zimmerman’s new play On the Exhale tackles quite the hot-button topic of gun violence. Tony nominee Marin Ireland stars in the solo show as a liberal college professor who finds herself inexplicably drawn to the feeling of a gun in her hands after a senseless act of violence changes her life forever. The Leigh Silverman-helmed play dares to suggest that perhaps we are all part of the problem when it comes to gun violence. Though the work covers very serious subject matter, Broadway.com managed to capture a hot shot of Zimmerman, Ireland and Silverman taking a moment to flash a smile and share a laugh. On the Exhale begins performances on February 7, 2017; opening night is scheduled for February 28. Catch the production through April 2 at the Black Box space in the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre. Related Shows On the Exhale Martin Zimmerman, Marin Ireland & Leigh Silverman(Photo: Caitlin McNaney)center_img View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on April 2, 2017last_img read more

Cotton Virus

first_imgScientists from the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Scientists are investigating the epidemiology of cotton leaf roll dwarf virus (CLRDV) in Georgia using a $75,000 grant jointly funded by the Georgia Cotton Commission and Cotton Incorporated.CLRDV is known to cause cotton blue disease (CBD), which can reduce yields up to 80% in cotton fields infected in early growth stages. Symptoms include leaf curling and reddening and drooping leaves.“This research will help us generate knowledge about the virus and its spread, symptomatology, host range, vectors dynamics and the associated yield loss,” said Sudeep Bag, an assistant professor on the UGA Tifton campus who specializes in crop virology. “This will further assist us in developing management practices to mitigate the disease.”Bag, along with other members of the UGA Cotton team — breeder Peng Chee, agronomist Mark Freeman, plant pathologist Bob Kemerait, entomologist Phillip Roberts and agronomist Jared Whitaker — are collaborating with UGA Cooperative Extension agents across Georgia to gauge the severity of the spread of the disease in the state.In fall 2018, the virus was detected in cotton fields in 14 Georgia counties, including Baker, Ben Hill, Bulloch, Crisp, Colquitt, Dodge, Dooly, Early, Pulaski, Seminole, Sumner, Terrell, Tift and Webster.“We are in the very early stages of understanding the disease in the U.S. In the last six to eight months, we have made significant headway in understanding the genomic composition of different isolates from Georgia,” Bag said.In spring 2019, Bag and his UGA colleagues detected the virus in cotton stalks and regrowth. It was also found in weeds such as henbit and perennial peanut. These could potentially act as a reservoir for the virus and the aphid vector. The detection of the virus from these hosts raises further questions about the current cultural practices of conservation tillage for growing cotton, as these plants can potentially maintain the virus throughout the winter.“It is extremely important to be highly proactive in studying the disease since there is a lack of basic understanding of the virus and the disease. The team is working on different objectives to generate as much information as possible about the disease,” said Bag.CLRDV is a single-stranded, positive-sense RNA virus that affects the phloem cells of the plants and is transmitted by cotton aphids. The virus is taken up by aphids during feeding and then deposited into other plants the next time the aphid feeds. The aphid can carry the disease for its whole life, allowing it to infect multiple plants. CLRDV is considered one of the most damaging viruses in cultivated cotton and is the first RNA virus on cotton reported to cause crop loss in the U.S.“With no resistant cultivars currently available against the virus on cultivated cotton, and the lack of knowledge on the transmission and epidemiology of the disease, the virus is a serious threat to the cotton industry in the USA,” Bag said.According to Bag, the main objectives of UGA research include:Identifying alternate and overwintering hosts of the virus and the aphid vectors.Understand the disease development and symptomatology on cotton.Understand the role of aphids as vectors on disease spread.Develop economical and precise detection tools.The Georgia Cotton Commission contributed $25,000 and Cotton Incorporated provided the remaining $50,000 for the grant, which also will support a current research scholar and summer students.last_img read more

Weekend Picks: The Artie

first_imgThe Artie Levin Memorial Century ride, June 22, 2014, Salem, VirginiaThe Blue Ridge Bicycle Club presents a scenic and challenging century ride on June 22, inviting cycling enthusiasts from around the region to celebrate the life of club founder Artie Levin.This annual event is dedicated to the memory of Artie’s life and his contributions to the Roanoke Valley and surrounding communities. In addition to the century, there are 3 other routes (50, 34 and 15 miles) one of which should suit your interests.The Artie Levin Memorial Century will start at the beautiful Green Hill Park located in Roanoke County and wind for 100 miles through neighboring Montgomery County. Riders will encounter 6 rated climbs, and approximately 6,000 feet of elevation gain along the way. Riders will see the highest elevation at about the halfway mark as they climb Old Catawba Mountain Road with an elevation of 2,000 feet above sea level. The full century features a few of the favorite routes of area cyclist featuring Bradshaw Road and Old Blacksburg Road.The 50, 34 and 15-mile routes will start on the same road as the Century route and diverge along the way. See route maps for details.The Century will have rest stops at the 44- and 72-mile marks. The 50-mile route has a rest stop at the 25-mile mark. The 34- and 15-mile routes do not have rest stops.The Century and 50-mile routes will start promptly at 8:00 a.m. The 34- and 15-mile routes will start promptly at 10:00 a.m.Click here for more info and to register. Click here for more information about the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club.Bio: Artie Levin, Mr. Fitness to nearly everyone, lived his long and rich life celebrating the joys of exercise with great zeal, pumping iron until his last day at age 82 in 1996. He was a Roanoke celebrity as the host and star of the legendary Mr. Fitness television show in the 1960’s, and as a columnist for The Roanoke Times & World-News.artie-levinlast_img read more

EL CHIVO: Documentary about BRO Editor in Chief now on Amazon Prime

first_imgLong before Christopher McDougall’s bestselling book Born to Run was published, Blue Ridge Outdoors Editor in Chief Will Harlan was running with the indigenous Tarahumara of Mexico’s Copper Canyons. El Chivo—a feature-length documentary about Harlan’s adventures with the Tarahumara—is now available on Amazon Prime.Harlan won the Copper Canyon 50-Mile Ultramarathon in 2009 against an international field of top athletes—as well as the legendary Arnulfo Quimare, a Tarahumara goat herder and two-time race champion who had previously bested seven-time Western States 100 champion Scott Jurek.After winning the race, Harlan creates a nonprofit to help Arnulfo and other Tarahumara farmers fighting to keep a foothold in their ancestral canyonlands, where drought and drug wars are widespread. Harlan also tries to emulate the Tarahumara way of life on a small off-grid homestead in the mountains of North Carolina.El Chivo—“the goat”—is the moniker given to Harlan after he won the 50-mile ultramarathon. The documentary follows Harlan at home and abroad as he transitions from elite athlete to ordinary dad. Award-winning Asheville documentary filmmaker Rod Murphy directed El Chivo, and he recently struck a deal with Ananda Media to distribute the 78 minute film through Amazon Prime.Ananda Media, a French action and adventure sports distributor, will also distribute the documentary via On-Demand and other online platforms both streaming and broadcast.Watch a trailer of the documentary here. Visit rodmurphyjr.com and collectiveprojects.tv for more info.last_img read more

U.S. Military Fields New Mine Roller Technology To Defeat IEDs

first_img The U.S. military is fielding new mine roller technology expected to provide even more protection from improvised explosive devices. The new roller, called the Self-Protection Adaptive Roller Kit System II (SPARKS II), is a part of an integrated family of equipment that allows service members to adapt to changing IED threats. The job of the SPARKS II is to attach to the front of vehicles and detonate roadside bombs before they have a chance to harm service members riding in the cab. This is the same job as other mine rollers, but SPARKS II gives service members more options to protect themselves. The driver has the ability to make on-the-spot changes from inside the vehicle to how the new roller operates, rather than getting out and making manual adjustments to the roller. They can manipulate a variety of settings and change how SPARKS II interacts with the environment within moments. One of the most useful features of the new system is the ability to change distance from the vehicle to the roller, which can also be done without having to leave the vehicle, said Tilford Briscoe, site manager for the company in charge of fielding SPARKS II. “It keeps the enemy guessing,” said Briscoe. “With this, the moment we see something suspicious, we can change how we operate. I would trust my daughter riding in this thing.” Another useful feature is the ability to detach SPARKS II from the vehicle at anytime from inside the cab. This allows service members to continue on with their mission or get to safety if the roller gets damaged and becomes a hindrance. The ability to remain protected while under attack is sure to save lives, said Spc. Steven L. Hanni, combat engineer and driver for 469th Engineer Company, 863rd Engineer Battalion. Hanni’s unit, which is deployed to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, from Dodgeville, Wis., is one of the first to field SPARKS II. Even though they have not experienced an attack with the roller, Hanni praised the new features. “If something was to happen and we didn’t have to leave the vehicle and step into a fire fight, that would be the most amazing thing ever” said Hanni. “It’s incredible.” By Dialogo January 06, 2011last_img read more

How to dispute a mistake on your credit report

first_img 282SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Derek San Filippo Derek is a freelance writer who spends his off time either working with his rescue animals or writing children’s books. He lives in San Diego with his beautiful wife … Web: www.financialfeed.com Details Believe it or not, the people who send in the information that dictates your credit score, and the bureaus themselves, are made up of humans? The reason this is important is that people make mistakes. That being said, it is possible that a mistake has been made on your credit report that is dropping your FICO score. Assuming you’ve caught an error, what do you do? Well, each of the three big credit bureaus has its own ways to dispute an apparent error. They’re all very similar.The Big ThreeOnce you’ve seen your report and found the error, all you need to do is go Equifax,TransUnion, or Experian. Any one of these links will take you to that bureau’s dispute page. Once you’ve logged in, follow the steps to file a dispute and you should be good to go. Once you’ve filed your dispute, it’ll take up to 30 days for a bureau to investigate and deliver the findings to you. If they find there was an error, they will fix it and adjust your credit report, thus potentially improving your credit score.Another WayThere is one other thing that can be done to fix a mistake on your report. Should there be an error, you can contact the company on whose account the mistake appears. In doing so, you skip having to go through the credit bureau and you get directly to the source. If all goes well, the issuer will have the bureaus fix the mistake and your report will be glowing. This may not be an appropriate avenue in all cases, especially if you’re dealing with identity fraud. In that case, you’d go directly to the bureau.Last StepsRegardless of which route you take, always keep an eye on your email. Typically, once you’ve signed up for one of the credit bureaus and you’ve submitted a dispute, they will give you updates as to where the process is.ConclusionShould you find an error on your report, file a dispute. It’s free and is settled quickly. Cross-reference all bureaus to see if the problem is throughout the big three. Take a look at your report and see if there are any mistakes. Fixing them costs nothing.last_img read more