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HR in firms’ top five of functions most outsourced

first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. HR in firms’ top five of functions most outsourcedOn 4 Sep 2001 in Personnel Today HR is the fifth most outsourced function after IT systems and support,according to a survey by law firm Tarlo Lyons. Outsourcing Survey 2001 shows 8 per cent of the 71 responding companies haveoutsourced HR. IT systems and support is the most outsourced function on 28 per cent,followed by finance, legal services and cleaning. The reasons for outsourcing functions include a desire to save money,provide better services to clients and compensate for a lack of internalexpertise. Kevin Barrow, head of the IT personnel group at Tarlo Lyons, said, “HRis commonly outsourced because it is undervalued in most companies and is justseen as an overhead. “Outsourcing the administration side of HR also gives managers thechance to concentrate on more strategic matters.” The biggest problem with outsourcing was cited as “failure to live upto expectations”, although more than three-quarters of respondents aresatisfied they are getting good or extremely good value for money. www.tarlolyons.com last_img read more

Healthcare staff still face barrage of abuse at work

first_img Comments are closed. Healthcare workers across the country are being bombarded with violentabuse, despite a fall in the number of attacks in other sectors and a concertedgovernment campaign. The latest figures from the Home Office show that although the overall riskof experiencing violence at work has fallen from 2.7 per cent in 1995 to 1.7per cent in 2002/03, healthcare staff are nearly three times worse off at 5 percent. The British Crime Survey also found that around 36 per cent of health andwelfare professionals said they were very or fairly worried about beingattacked. Hope Daley, national health and safety officer at healthcare union Unison,accused employers of failing to protect frontline medical staff, despiterepeated warnings. “Clearly not enough is being done to prevent this and employers arejust putting peace meal solutions in place. It’s not being taken seriously, andmanagers aren’t applying government policies,” she said. In 2001, the Department of Health targeted a 30 per cent reduction inattacks by 2003 and launched a campaign of zero tolerance. However, the National Audit Office said so far the reduction had notexceeded 20 per cent, and that 55 per cent of health authorities had actuallyreported an increase in the number of violent attacks. Elaine Way, president of the Association of Healthcare Human ResourceManagers, said the overall reduction in violence was pleasing, but more neededto be done to lower the number of attacks. www.hse.gov.uk/violence/index.htmIs workplace violence a problem in your sector? If it is, what are youdoing to combat it? Contact Ross Wigham Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Healthcare staff still face barrage of abuse at workOn 17 Feb 2004 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

A simple model of the vertical distribution of electron concentration in the ionosphere

first_imgAn idealized model of the vertical distribution of the electron concentration in the E- and F-regions of the ionosphere is developed in which the model parameters are given by simple empirical expressions in terms of the characteristics conventionally measured at ionospheric observatories. Differences in the heights with a given electron concentration, as indicated by the model and by true-height profile analyses, are usually 20 km or less.last_img

History of the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet since the early Pliocene – Evidence from cosmogenic dating of Pliocene lavas on James Ross Island, Antarctica

first_imgKnowledge of the thickness, extent and basal thermal conditions of ice cover on Antarctica during past climatic fluctuations is essential if we are to accurately predict the contribution from the Antarctic ice sheets to future global sea level rise. When combined with geomorphological evidence, terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides are a powerful tool for palaeo-ice sheet reconstructions. Here we present results from the first terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide study on James Ross Island, northern Antarctic Peninsula. We measured cosmogen He-3 concentrations in primary flow surface features of Pliocene basalt lavas which are exposed more than 600 m above present-day sea level. Our results suggest that the lava surfaces have been ice-free for no more than 15 kyr since their eruption at 4.69 Ma. This implies that a glacial cover has persisted on James Ross Island since 4.69 Ma, even during interglacial periods, and much (if not all) of the warm Pliocene (5-3 Ma, when average global temperatures were up to 3 degrees C higher than today). This is consistent with results of recent modelling studies, but contradicts General Circulation Models that suggest an ice-free Antarctic Peninsula during that time. Field observations of striated lava surfaces found adjacent to primary volcanogenic features, such as ropy textures, combined with cosmogen He-3 data suggest that the ice cover was locally wet-based, and relatively thin (not exceeding 45-200 m) for the majority of the past 4.69 Myr. The ice temporarily reached a thickness sufficient to cause some localised erosion in hollows, but this erosion was not widespread. Although the pristinely-preserved lavas found on upstanding tumuli appear never to have been eroded, our exposure age data show that they were covered by ice for most of their history, and therefore could not have been refugia for terrestrial organisms during glacial periods. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Mountain West Postpones 2020 Football Virtual Media Days

first_img Robert Lovell July 21, 2020 /Coronavirus (COVID-19) related news and sports stories, Sports News – Local Mountain West Postpones 2020 Football Virtual Media Days FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Mountain West has postponed its 2020 Football Virtual Media Days until further notice. The event was scheduled for July 27-29. Any future decisions and announcements will take place at the appropriate time.The MW will release its 2020 football predicted order of finish, all-conference teams and individual awards this week. Tuesday, July 21 – Mountain and West Division Predicted Order of FinishWednesday, July 22 – Preseason All-Mountain West TeamThursday, July 23 – Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Preseason Players of the Year. Written by Tags: Mountain West Conference/Mountain West Media Dayslast_img read more

From head to tail

first_imgDuring the Bayonne BOE reorganization meeting, Michael Mulcahy assumed his position as one year term BOE and his previous position had to be filled. Instead of picking the candidate with the second highest vote total, which seems to be the most logical choice, the trustees selected Charles Ryan (who did not even run in the one-year term and came in 6th place in the elections for a three-year term). Let me be clear, Trustees Jodi Casias, Christopher Munoz, and Maria Valado made it clear they stand with Bayonne.The Administrators Union’s legal team was there begging the trustees, to not appoint Ryan. The BOE will now most likely face lawsuits or future grievances. Alonso was the fifth and deciding vote for Ryan, and along with Alonso’s vote, Broderick’s and Wilbeck’s place as the BOE leadership was guaranteed.Alonso was chosen as Finance Chair, replacing Munoz. Why? “Quid Pro Quo,” a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. I believe Alonso sold his vote in order to be the Chairperson of Finance, have control of the school budget, and push his Republican, Tea Party agenda. Alonso 1) was accused by several candidates of stealing campaign literature during the election, has been placed in a position to have an enormous influence over a $130 million budget! 2) told the Senior Citizens of Bayonne that he was going to get them a tax waiver or exemption from school tax; 3) stated that he will not vote for a tax increase under any circumstances no matter what the situation and does not appear to be pretending to have an open-mind 4) pursued changing the name of the BHS Tennis courts instead of worrying about the children of Bayonne; 5) attacked President Broderick and his family! Munoz was being punished for having the audacity to consider challenging the leadership. Trustee Wilbeck even went so far as to attack Munoz saying he was not qualified to be President because Trustee Munoz had a family to support. I thought hard work was rewarded in this country? Don’t parents and teachers make a difference? How many programs will be cut, jobs lost, and educational opportunities squandered under Alonso’s watch? The Finance Committee under Trustee Mary Jane Desmond and Trustee Christopher Munoz turned losses into gains and turned the BOE finances around.I am following this whole situation very closely and you should too. We want a Bayonne BOE that actually fulfills the promise of an elected school board; not the appearance of one that mimics the old appointed board. But hey, this is my opinion. There is something rotten in Bayonne and it’s coming out of 669 Avenue A.HECTOR GONZALEZ To the Editor:Shakespeare’s play Hamlet says “a fish rots from head to tail.” It means that those at the top of political hierarchy can negatively affect the rest of the governed body. And so goes the state of the Bayonne Board of Education Trustees.last_img read more

Price Accuses Gillian of Campaign Contribution Violation

first_imgOcean City mayoral candidates Jay Gillian and Ed Price.Ocean City mayoral candidate Ed Price on Thursday accused incumbent Mayor Jay Gillian of accepting a campaign contribution in excess of  the legal limit.Gillian reported a donation of $10,000 from his father, former Mayor Roy Gillian, on a mandatory 11-day pre-election report that was released earlier on Thursday (May 8). See related story.“This amount clearly listed on the report exceeds the legal limit for an individual, which is $2,600 per election,” Price said in a written statement. “This amount could have been refunded within 48 hours of its receipt, however it was not refunded. It was received by the campaign on April 22, 2014.”Price said he has filed complaint with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).ELEC officials cannot confirm or deny any existing investigation.ELEC’s Compliance Manual for Candidates (see full text of it) says a candidate or a family member living in the same household can make unlimited contributions to a campaign (Page 18, Section D). But other individuals are limited to contributions of $2,600 per election (Chart on Page 27). Gillian’s 11-day report lists his father’s address as Pompano Beach, Fla., though he also owns property in Ocean City.“I inadvertently reported a $10,000 loan from my father as a contribution to my campaign.” Gillian said on Thursday. “When this was brought to my attention, I immediately contacted the N.J. Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) to determine what needed to be done to correct this. I was instructed to file an amended report and I immediately did so. I have said from the beginning of my campaign that I did not intend to accept contributions and that remains the case.”The ELEC Compliance Manual reads as follows (Page 22, Section Q): “A loan received by a candidate or committee is a contribution, until repaid, and must be reported as a contribution from the person or entity making the loan and as an outstanding obligation. A loan is reported as a contribution at the time it is received and must be reported as an outstanding obligation for as long as it remains unpaid. Since a loan is a contribution, it is subject to contribution limits.”Gillian said he has since written a check to his father to repay the loan.“I messed up,” Gillian said. “But it was just my 84-year-old father wanting to help out.”“I said when I became mayor that when I make a mistake I’ll tell the residents of Ocean City,” Gillian said in a written statement released later Thursday. “In trying to respect my father’s wish to help I unfortunately made a mistake. I have now corrected the matter.”“There is no excuse for this action,” Price said in his statement. “Every candidate is given detailed handbooks and information regarding the law on campaign contributions and finances.  I regret having to bring this information forward at this time. Unfortunately the state will not comment or take action on any issue like this until after an election. This violation goes directly to the issue of ‘fairness’ in Ocean City. Ed Price’s platform of FACTS stands for Fairness, Accountability, Communication, Transparency and Sensibility. I hope the accountability part is adhered to by the Gillian campaign. I believe it is important for the voters of Ocean City to know the ends their current mayor will go to in order to be re-elected.”Gillian has raised $35,000 in the campaign — the $10,000 from his father and a $25,000 contribution from himself.Price has collected a total of $15,345, $8,072 of it in monetary contributions of $300 or less, the threshold for reporting the names of donors.Read more on campaign finances in the municipal election:Gillian Far Outspending Price in Race for MayorReports Show Little Outside Influence in Ocean City Election __________Sign up for OCNJ Daily’s free newsletter and breaking news alerts“Like” us on Facebooklast_img read more

Where the spiritual and scholarly meet

first_imgMatthew L. Potts has a really long commute to work.Since 2013, when he was appointed Assistant Professor of Ministry Studies at Harvard Divinity School (HDS), Potts has been driving over 75 miles from Falmouth, Mass. — where he lives with his family and serves as the priest of Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church — to Cambridge to teach courses on “The Sacramental Imagination,” “Sacrifice and Atonement,” and “Preaching in Public.”“Sometimes I wonder why I do it,” Potts shared during a recent talk to HDS students as part of this year’s “In Conversation” series.Since its inception in 2004, “In Conversation” has offered a space for faculty members to share their intellectual and spiritual autobiographies with the HDS community.“The series was inspired by the hunger in all sectors of our community to have substantive conversations with our faculty about how their interior commitments find expression, challenge, and sustenance in the many aspects of their public lives,” said HDS director of Religious and Spiritual Life Kerry Maloney.For Potts, M.Div. ’08, the decision to be a priest and a professor is related to what he feels is his most central spiritual practice: loving the finite.“What grounds me spiritually is giving my heart completely to things that are finite. That’s why I’m in Falmouth,” he said.Potts unpacked this reasoning through a series of personal stories, beginning with one from the same morning of his talk. Read Full Storylast_img read more

Brazil Celebrates its First Female General Officer

first_img I confess that, although I, many times have had the curiosity to know the result of some interviews, I’m discouraged with the questions made, most of the time they are idiotic, empty and repetitive and, as a consequence, the answers have the same nature. What happened this time was exactly the opposite. Objective and pertinent questions were made, and the answers were up to them. In conclusion, in the referred interview, there were intelligent questions and equally intelligent answers. Congratulations for the interviewer and for the interviewed. Congratulations to Rear Admiral Doctor Dalva, Your Excellency represents the Brazilian Women drive and competence. I took a test for the Brazilian Navy in 1992, I was approved but not classified. Time passed by and I did the CAEPE from ESG in 1994 through Uff/IBGE (I was released). Destiny allowed my sister Lieutenant Colonel R1 Nurse Heloisa Alves da Silva to be on the First Group of Officer Women of FAB (HCA), very close to the Naval Polyclinic. We’ve been at CAB Washington, the White House, the Brazilian Embassy, Annapolis Naval Base, when I went to the 27th IGC to defend the SAr for the Amazon (1992). I treasure when I go to DHN on the Cartographer Day, and when I can honor the Brazilian Navy in my work, as well as IBGE and our ESG. As Tijucanas we are all very proud of you!!! www.amiranet.com.br(since 2001),www.ufmg.rededemuseus.br/…/crch/…/SILVA_ELIANE_ALVES_2pdf Interview with Rear Admiral Dalva Maria Carvalho Mendes Rear Admiral Dalva: The career of an officer in the Brazilian Navy ends at captain, and after that it becomes optional. When I was selected, I too had made my choice. Therefore, this is basically a marriage, or a renewal of vows at a wedding, because of such great loyalty that one must have for the job. Rear Admiral Dalva Maria Carvalho Mendes: Any time that something is done for the first time it results in a change of paradigm, and it forces people to understand that paradigms are here to be changed, since this is indeed a positive thing, it may bring improvements to all. Prejudices must be eliminated regardless of what they are. Rear Admiral Dalva: Because, just like for the males, this is a career. When women began to join the Brazilian Navy, they were not assigned to the same positions as males. An organizational chart just for women was created so we had to prove we were capable. From the moment the authorities noticed that we were capable of doing the same things as men in the professions for which we were selected, we were put into the same organizational chart as men. But that did not happen until 1997, when women actually began to perform the same duties as men, and to fight for the same jobs. It takes approximately 30 years before a man can be considered for admiral, and the only reason why it changed for women is because, like I said, it was a change in paradigm, but the length of time was no longer than that required for a man to reach the rank of admiral. Diálogo: What is the significance of being the first Brazilian woman to reach the rank of general? Diálogo: You became rear admiral by having entered the Navy as a doctor. Do you think that one day the same will be possible for women who graduated from the Naval Academy? Diálogo: What is your opinion on allowing women to fight in combat for the Brazilian Army? Diálogo: What are the main challenges that you expect in the new role? Rear Admiral Dalva: I think this is a sign of the times. Perhaps 50 years ago we could not even think about it. After the wars, when women were effectively recruited, and they proved that they could resolve issues and command – after all, we have always been in the command of our homes and families – this move out of the house is simply a sign of the times. Of course, our president is an icon in this direction. She is one of the strong women who know what they want. Diálogo: Do you think that your promotion opens doors for other women, including women from other forces? Diálogo: Do you think the fact that the Brazilian president is a woman influenced the possibility of this promotion? What is your opinion regarding other women in key-positions in Brazil? Dalva Maria Carvalho Mendes is a widowed mother of two who always wanted to become a doctor, even against the wish of her mother, who wanted her daughter to become a teacher. Dalva realized her dream and, in 1981, she joined the Brazilian Navy. In December 2012, Dalva left her administrative position at the Policlínica Naval Nossa Senhora da Glória hospital in Rio de Janeiro to accept a position at the Escola Superior de Guerra war college, as a result of her promotion to rear admiral. This means she also became the first female general officer of all the armed forces in Brazil. Diálogo: Why did you decide to join the Brazilian Navy Women’s Auxiliary Corps? Diálogo: When you were promoted, you stated that you felt “as if you were renewing the vows with the Navy and your country.” Why? Rear Admiral Dalva: I am part of the first graduating class and I consider this an opportunity that must not be wasted. I always say we must grab the opportunities upfront, even if later on we find it was not the best choice, but if we don’t try, we will never accomplish things. Therefore, when this opportunity opened up for me, I grabbed it. It has been a very good experience ever since, very important. Rear Admiral Dalva: The main challenge really is to prove that the choice was correct. The rest are the normal challenges of this career. I do not believe that there is anything different than what we are already accustomed to. To celebrate International Women’s Day, herewith is Diálogo’s interview with Rear Admiral Dalva. Rear Admiral Dalva: Absolutely. This is a career. Besides doctors, only engineers can become admirals. By the time women are admitted in the Naval Academy it will be a part of their career. This is a natural evolution. Rear Admiral: I cannot say whether it will open doors, but it certainly will make people think more seriously about it. The first thing needed for any job, position or anything for that matter, is to believe in ourselves. We must keep trying. If we stop trying we will be failing ourselves. The worst enemy we have is ourselves. Diálogo: Why do you think it took so long for a woman to be promoted to the rank of general in Brazil? Rear Admiral Dalva: I believe that having the aptitude, the desire to join the Navy, the Army, or the Air Force, is more than simply a gender choice, it is a personal choice. The person must have the aptitude regardless of the gender. By Dialogo March 08, 2013last_img read more

How raising a puppy is like branding

first_img 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » “We’ll never get another dog.” Those were the words my wife and I shared after our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels passed away earlier this year. As you can imagine, that pledge lasted less than four months.After researching, researching and researching some more we are now in possession of a brand new Golden Doodle puppy (named Abbey for “Downton Abbey”). I know: what were we thinking? Sleepless nights, crate training and constant chewing are just a few of the challenges.And when it comes to your credit union or bank’s brand, you may be feeling some challenges as well: sleepless nights, staff training (no, don’t put your employees in a crate) and constant complaining that branding is too big of an initiative to undertake.But as my wife and I remind ourselves daily, we need to take a deep breath and remember the big picture when it comes to raising a puppy. And branding is no different.last_img read more