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Will Ministers crack? Now doctors urge government to extend evictions ban

first_imgThe BMA has warned of a surge in Covid infections unless the eviction ban is extended past next Sunday.The doctors’ union is also calling for legislation to place a 12-month duty on local authorities to enable everyone who sleeps rough, who is homeless and cannot self-isolate to have access to safe accommodation.It says the Government should also pay more attention to the hidden homeless, who ‘sofa surf’ in shared accommodation and urgently need more support.Rates of homelessness are expected to increase as the temporary halt on evictions ends, according to the union, which cites Shelter’s estimate of 227,000 private renters at risk of losing their homes when the ban is lifted – although the NRLA says that less than 2% of tenants have been served with a possession notice.Added to this, it points to the number of job losses and domestic violence continuing to rise as a result of the pandemic, which is forcing people out of their homes and potentially making them homeless.Large outbreaksThe BMA says that unless the Government continues to fund the placement of homeless people into suitable and safe accommodation, there could be large outbreaks among this population. People who are homeless are three times more likely to be chronically ill with lung and breathing problems – a serious risk factor in the development of the virus, according to the union.Professor Dame Parveen Kumar, BMA board of science chair, says the Government could be putting thousands of people’s lives at risk by not extending the eviction ban and having future provisions in place. “We need preventative measures to be put in place to help reduce the number of people at risk of losing their homes,” she says.“This is particularly important as we head deeper into a recession and near the end of the eviction ban.”Read more about the evictions ban.bma british medical association Dame Parveen Kumar August 21, 2020Nigel Lewis2 commentsRichard Holdcroft, Croft&Co Lettings Croft&Co Lettings 24th August 2020 at 8:48 amI AGREE ENTIRELY WITH KATHY BRITTON. I think we must stop this attitude of everyone hating Landlords. In fact I want the name changed; I am not a lord, have no wish to be called one, and strongly believe 90% think landlords are scum instead of the scum tenants that never pay and trash the property they are supposed to live in, not doss in.Tenants will never learn to look after themselves if this nanny state continues to do it for them! There are far too many Social Parasites out there today. Stopping us looking after those in need.I come from a Council House, there were 12 of us and we learned to keep clean and pay our way and not to expect someone else to do that for us.I hate being called a Landlord; just hate it. I am a property owner and I look after my tenants but have had plenty of tenants who do not give a got for me or any other landlord they abuse this system and just move from one to the other.I will no longer take unemployed and will sell at the first oportunity.Log in to ReplyKathy Britton, Brittons Lettings Brittons Lettings 21st August 2020 at 2:10 pmI’m sorry but I just have to get this off my chest as I am so angry !!We are dealing with the letting of hundreds properties in the private sector. We have just seen that the eviction ban is now being extended to September. What a blow to all the landlords who have problem tenants especially with arrears. The media and especially Shelter seem to think that all landlords just throw out their tenants on a whim when issuing a Section 21. Its a fact that only a few landlords take this action and usually when tenants are in arrears. Sometimes landlords need to sell due to changes in their personal circumstances. Shelter seem to be determined to portray landlords as the bad guys every single time. Several of our landlords have been helping out their tenants with either rent holidays or reductions during this pandemic so don’t keep portraying them in such a derogatory manner. They are the back bone of the rental sector and need help too instead of being constantly being treated so badly. This move by the government will lead to even more landlords selling up and reducing stocks for people to choose from and its about time they realised this but this seems to be falling on deaf ears. Wake up and sort this problem out before its too late !!Log in to ReplyWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021 Home » News » COVID-19 news » Will Ministers crack? Now doctors urge government to extend evictions ban previous nextCOVID-19 newsWill Ministers crack? Now doctors urge government to extend evictions banMinisters are facing pressure after both Scotland and NI extended their bans recently, and both Shelter and Labour call for an extension.Nigel Lewis21st August 20202 Comments1,177 Viewslast_img read more

“IS IT TRUE” MARCH 22, 2018

first_imgWe hope that today’s “Readers Forum” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE during the last several days the ECHO Board of Directors refused to file a report to investigate allegations of financial impropriety at ECHO Housing with the Evansville Police Department?  …we wonder what the ECHO Board are trying to hide from the public?IS IT TRUE at Monday’s night City Council meeting DMD Director, Kelley Coures told  Council members that the former ECHO Housing Director used the nonprofit’s money on more than just her personal property taxes?  …earlier Mr. Coures told the Courier and Press that “We combed through all of our grant programs and all the money that we run through ECHO, “We are 100 percent confident that ECHO used all our fund’s property”? …we also find it interesting that Mr. Coures also told the Courier and Press “that he did not know what funding source TenBarge used to pay her personal property taxes?” …it’s obvious that Mr. Coures would be better served if he just keep quiet and let law enforcement decide if there are any missing funds at ECHO?IS IT TRUE earlier in the week it was reported that ECHO attorney Scott Wylie claimed that all ECHO funds have been accounted for? …later in the week, ECHO attorney Wylie announced that ECHO has hired a forensic accountant to audit the organization’s financial records?  …we wonder why Mr. Wylie would hire an accounting firm to do a forensic audit if all the ECHO funds have been accounted for?  …it looks like ECHO attorney is another one that should keep quiet and let law enforcement look into the allegations of financial impropriety at ECHO Housing?IS IT TRUE ECHO Housing is a non-profit 501 3 (c) entity?  …that the funds used for services offered by the ECHO Housing agency come from Federal, State, and local governmental entities?  …that the ECHO Housing Board of Directors has complete control over the decision to exclude the Evansville Police Department from looking into allegations of financial impropriety at ECHO Housing? …yesterday, the ECHO Board of Directors decided to keep EPD from looking into allegations of financial impropriety at ECHO Housing?  …we wonder what the ECHO Board of Directors is trying to hide from the public?IS IT TRUE due to the serious nature of the allegations of financial impropriety at ECHO Housing and the fact that ECHO Housing receives federal funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, we are glad that the Evansville Police Department has contacted the HUD Inspector General’s Office in Indianapolis?  IS IT TRUE can anyone tell us who are the current ECHO Housing Board of Directors?IS IT TRUE the often overlooked reality in cases where employee theft is alleged is that the Boards of Directors are responsible for oversight of non-profit spending?  … it’s obvious that ECHO Housing agency Board of Directors don’t realize that they have a legal fiduciary responsibility to see that agency funds are spent property?IS IT TRUE that there are now five finalists that have been interviewed to take over the reins of the University of Evansville men’s basketball program?…all five have some amount of experience as assistant coaching experience for teams that have been competitive?…it is of some curiosity that not a single one of the five candidates interviewed has ever been a head coach of a Division 1 basketball team so whoever is hired will start his career off with a 0 – 0 record?…this means that the new coach of the Aces will be definition be untested as a head coach and will not only have to make himself from the ground up but re-make the UE program from the ground up as well?…the City-County Observer always wishes UE success on and off the court and will be a supporter of whoever is hired?…we are sort of astonished however that the big name coaches were not beating down the doors to get the job that would allow them to coach in the magnificent $127.5 million Ford Center?Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that the ECHO Board of Directors made a major mistake by refusing to file a report with the EPD concerning alleged financial impropriety at the agency?Please take time and read our articles entitled “STATEHOUSE Files, CHANNEL 4NEWS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, READERS POLL, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS”.  You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily.Copyright 2018 City-County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

When women were in charge

first_imgT. Weed Dear editor: (Re: Rachel Hodes, Hoboken Democratic Committee, on sexual harassment of women, Dec. 10) Remember Time magazine’s annual Man Of The Year? In those days, only men made history. But in 2017 Time has a “Person of the Year”, and that “person”?. women, who are “The Silence Breakers, the Voices that Launched a Movement.” The movement began when a woman, groped and nearly raped by powerful movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, spoke out. Wow shock after her lonely voice, the deluge.Women all over the country began speaking out, naming names, and nearly every day since, some powerful man, his reputation and career ruined, retires in guilty disgrace. Observers of our national scene are wondering if the time isn’t approaching when men, who have made a mess of things, are about to be shouldered aside by women, and Time does report that more women are running for political office about time. When women ruled, the world was a happier place. Women ruled?The two great apes that we humans most resemble, that we share 98% of our genes with, are the chimpanzees and the bonobos. Both these apes live in south central Africa, the chimps north of the Congo River, bonobos to the south. But the difference between them is like night and day. Chimpanzees are violent and warlike and patriarchal, males always fighting for dominance. Female chimps are only ready for sex in estrus, a fact highly frustrating for the testosterone-laden males, who relieve their frustration through aggression and fighting neighboring tribes of chimps.Bonobo females are receptive at any time, and not only receptive, which implies passivity, they are also givers, initiators, in fact all bonobos seem ready for sexual encounters all day long, shocking the missionary wives (habituated to only one, supine, position) who first beheld them in their little Eden. Their society is matriarchal. Females rule the roost. When arguments arise, fighting is avoided by sex and kissing. If that doesn’t work, and if some knucklehead male does get out of hand, several sisters will beat him up. But males in bonobo society are content. Why wouldn’t they be? What else can a sane male desire but enough fruit to eat and sexually active and inventive females all around him?The reason our world is in such a violent, chaotic mess is that those of us who carry chimpanzee genes have become our rulers. There is historical evidence that human society was once matriarchal, ruled by bonobos, but, according to Merlin Stone (When God Was a Woman), there appeared in the Middle East a chimpanzee god who ordered his followers to destroy all the bonobo-inhabited towns in Canaan, to “utterly destroy all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword, you shall save alive nothing that breathes”, and his followers did so, installing patriarchal rule where female sexuality was strictly controlled by males, as it is to this day among Jews, Muslims and Christians.Proof of the difference between warlike chimps and peaceful bonobos is this: When the Brits and Americans were bombing civilians and destroying ancient cities of defenseless Germany in the final days of WW2, the bonobos in the Munich zoo died of heart attacks when bombs fell nearby, the chimps survived.last_img read more

No Substantial Threat from Tropical Storm Cristobal

first_imgThe predicted track for Tropical Storm Cristobal shows some chance of increased surf for Ocean City on Thursday and Friday.A tropical disturbance near the Bahamas became Tropical Storm Cristobal on Sunday morning — the third named storm of the 2014 hurricane season.Cristobal had sustained winds of 45 mph on Sunday. The storm is expected to strengthen to hurricane status (sustained winds of at least 74 mph) over the next couple days as it moves northward over the open water of the Atlantic Ocean.A ridge of high pressure is expected to steer Cristobal’s track away from the coast of the United States.The only potential impact from the storm in Ocean City would be increased surf and currents — that would likely peak on Friday, if Cristobal follows the predicted track. If the storm moves farther away from the coast, the effect would be diminished.“Even if a tropical storm or hurricane were to stay east of the East Coast of the U.S., a strong system would generate swells that propagate outward that could reach the shoreline in the form of rough surf and strong rip currents during the last week of August,” Accuweather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.Forecasters predict the storm will have passed Ocean City before Labor Day Weekend starts.In a Monday morning update, Heritage Surf predicts in its surf forecast that the surf could arrive as early as Wednesday: “Look for the first groundswell lines to fill in around lunchtime on Wednesday, quickly building all afternoon going overhead by dark … By Thursday morning, the swell will be in full effect.”__________Sign up for OCNJ Daily’s free newsletter and breaking news alerts“Like” us on Facebooklast_img read more

Press release: New funding puts UK at the forefront of cutting edge quantum technologies

first_imgQuantum technologies will impact all aspects of our daily lives and will be powerful tools in the hands of scientists addressing the medical, environmental, security and societal challenges of the future. The UK is in a world-leading position and will benefit from the prosperity and security these new technologies will bring. The UK has taken another step forward in the international race to become a quantum superpower with a £235 million funding boost. This includes establishing a new National Quantum Computing Centre, a quantum challenge to bring technology to markets and boost the economy, and new centres for doctoral training to upskill future experts.These new technologies will help address the medical, environmental, security and societal challenges of the future. They are the next generation of sensing, imaging, timing, navigation, communications and computing devices, using sub-atomic particles to take computing performance far beyond the abilities of existing ‘classical’ technologies.Quantum sensors will see things we currently cannot see: the buried pipes and cables that cause costly delays to construction projects or the light from hazards obscured by mist or fog. Quantum computers will perform in a way classical computers will never be able to perform, for example: rapidly cracking previously unbreakable codes investigating the complex interaction of cells in the body or analysing complex weather systems Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright said: There is a huge future for cutting edge science in the UK which is why we are investing in ambitious technologies, like quantum, in our modern Industrial Strategy. Quantum technology has already developed sensors that can visualise the invisible deep underground, and see round corners. It makes the impossible, possible and now we are backing UK innovators to continue this world-leading work. The National Quantum Technologies Programme, which has been in place since 2014, was extended with a £235 million investment announced by the Chancellor at Autumn Budget. This is on top of the £80 million announced in September for the continuation of 4 quantum development hubs and means the UK’s pioneering programme will receive £315 million between 2019 and 2024. Delivered through UK Research and Innovation, the individual projects being taken forward are:center_img a new National Quantum Computing Centre to be established, that will provide the equipment and expertise necessary to develop the underlying technologies for workable, scalable machines; enable the development of software; and enable companies to exploit the insights they bring for competitive advantage a Quantum Challenge (i.e., the ISCF Wave 3) that will seek to commercialise quantum technologies in industries across the economy a new training and skills package, including Centres for Doctoral Training, that will inspire people to consider careers uncovering the opportunities that will come with quantum technologies Quantum sensors and clocks will enable navigation in areas where satellite signals from GPS and Global Navigation Satellite Systems are unavailable.Business Secretary Greg Clark said: The UK will establish a new National Quantum Computing Centre in the race to build the world’s first universal quantum computer quantum technologies include a new generation of sensing, imaging, timing, navigation, communications and computing devices and is already helping us to crack new codes and understand human cells better through our modern Industrial Strategy we are driving the development of the most potentially revolutionary, cutting-edge technologies, and accelerating their adoption in real-world, industrial environments in order to realise their benefits for business, consumers and wider society The new National Quantum Computing Centre will allow businesses and universities to pave the way for the development of this emerging technology in the UK and help solve problems today’s computers are unable to address. With this new funding for the National Quantum Technology Programme, alongside Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund commitments, we are extremely well placed to realise the commercial and social benefits of this groundbreaking innovation.last_img read more

Watch Neil Young Deliver A Spellbinding 36-Minute ‘Down By The River’ To Open Festival Set

first_imgLast weekend, Neil Young & Promise Of The Real made their debut at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN, performing a monster set of songs throughout their career. Young teamed up with Promise of the Real last year, as the band features Lukas and Micah Nelson – sons of Young’s longtime friend Willie Nelson. Together, they released The Monsanto Years, a folk inspired protest album against the food corporation.All of that aside, the band’s set at Beale Street was highlighted by its opening: a 36-plus minute version of the classic song “Down By The River.” It’s jammed out versions like this that make us proud to listen to the great Neil Young.Thanks to runme69, we have full video of the “Down By The River” opener. Tune in and enjoy:The full setlist from that performance can be read below:Edit this setlist | More Neil Young + Promise of the Real setlists[H/T JamBase]last_img read more

The Grateful Dead Release Full Audio From Second-Ever Red Rocks Show In 1978 [Listen]

first_imgAfter much anticipation, the Grateful Dead finally released their 12-CD box set, July 1978: The Complete Recordings. Focusing on five shows held between July 1-8 of 1978, the complete set is packed with hours of prime Grateful Dead goodness.In addition to the full box set, the Dead have shared a separate release of their performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO from July 8th, 1978. This was the second night of a two-night stand, and the band’s second show at Red Rocks ever. The Dead would go on to play the iconic venue for a total of 20 times, setting a long-held sold-out show record that was recently broken by Widespread Panic.Fortunately, the entirety of the July 8th show is also on Spotify, which means we can happily share and listen to the pristine audio from this show. From the opener “Bertha” to the finale, a cover of Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London,” which was released that year, this is some of the best Grateful Dead music around. Enjoy! You can also watch Twist & Shout Records owner Paul Epstein talk about the shows, which he attended, below:Thanks for the music, Grateful Dead!last_img read more

Minister: Cyprus economy expected to rebound 4.5% in 2021

first_imgNICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — The finance minister of Cyprus says the Mediterranean island nation’s economy is expected to rebound by 4.5% of gross domestic product this year following a pandemic-induced contraction of around 5.5% in 2020. Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides told an investment conference on Thursday that the growth estimate comes attached with a “great level of uncertainty” because of how the pandemic may evolve. He says the unemployment in Cyprus rate rose to an estimated 8% last year, which was less than anticipated, and it is projected to drop by a percentage point this year as economic activity picks up.last_img read more

VTrans celebrates ‘Last Mile’ of state highway repairs as Vermont 107 opens

first_imgThe final segment of Vermont’s state highway system closed due to damage from Tropical Storm Irene reopened to traffic Thursday. A celebration was held at Stockbridge Central School to commemorate the reopening of the ‘Last Mile,’ actually just over seven miles of Vermont Route 107 between Bethel and Stockbridge. State and local officials joined with VTrans workers and representatives from the many groups that played a part in the reconstruction process to celebrate, remember and mark the beginning of the next phase of recovery for the hard-hit region. The reconstruction of Route 107 was accomplished in 16 weeks through a combination of innovation and hard work. More than 46 companies, including two major contractors and two railroads, worked with VTrans, National Guard units and law enforcement personnel to complete the project. ‘The opening of the last mile of damaged roads from Tropical Storm Irene marks a significant milestone in our state’s recovery,’ said Gov. Peter (l-r) Lt. Governor Phil Scott, Senator Dick Mazza and House Transportation Committee Chair Patrick Brennan join Transportation Secretary Brian Searles in removing the “Road Closed” sign and celebrating the reopening of Route 107 between Bethel and Stockbridge.Shumlin. ‘It re-connects the communities of Bethel and Stockbridge as well as a critical corridor in North ‘ South travel in Vermont. It also symbolizes the Vermont Strong spirit that has prompted this remarkably swift recovery from much of the devastation left by Irene.’ Brian Searles, Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Transportation, agreed. ‘This has been the result of hard work, partnerships, dedication and sacrifice of so many people.  With the re-opening of this roadway, VTrans has succeeded in completing its final goal of the Irene Emergency Response mission ‘ re-opening all state roads by the end of the year.’ Tropical Storm Irene damaged over 500 miles of state roads in Vermont, with 34 bridges closed for repair.  In just four months the Vermont Agency of Transportation has overseen the reconstruction and re-opening of all bridges and roadway segments damaged in the aftermath of the storm.last_img read more

Bush budget provides for lots of judges

first_imgWould provide $1 million for Civil Legal Assistance Act Gary Blankenship Senior Editor All 66 new judges certified by the Supreme Court this year are in Gov. Jeb Bush’s proposed 2006-07 budget, as are some staff increases for state attorneys and public defenders to accompany those new judges who are assigned to criminal courts.Bush also proposed restoring $1 million to the Civil Legal Assistance Act. Last year, Bush vetoed a $5 million appropriation for that program, saying that amount was too fast a growth from the previous year’s $500,000 budget.But the governor offered no new money for other programs in the trial courts, and state attorneys and public defenders did not get the funds they wanted for raises for their mid-level staff. The state’s Capital Collateral Regional Counsel offices also saw no budget increase in the spending plan, and Bush proposes a slight cut in the Guardian Ad Litem Program’s budget.Those figures, of course, are not final. The legislature will write the final budget and send it to the governor by early May, at the end of the 60-day Regular Session. The governor may, however, exercise line-item vetos, as he did last year in excising the Civil Legal Assistance appropriation.“The governor did pick up all the judges that the Supreme Court certified,” said State Courts Administrator Lisa Goodner. “That’s two district court of appeal judges, 40 circuit judges, and 24 county judges.”Half of those would be filled as of September 1 and the remainder by December 1, she added.The proposed budget “also addressed several of the building maintenance and security issues for the Supreme Court and for the five DCAs,” Goodner added. “He did pick up three court education positions for the Office of the State Courts Administrator for the purpose of expanding our current court education system.”The budget also calls for three more information technology positions to support the judicial inquiry system, which provides information to judges about the defendants appearing before them. Improving that system, Goodner noted, was part of the Jessica Lunsford Act passed by the legislature last year that aims to crack down on child sexual abusers.At the trial court level, other than the new judges and their direct support staff, Bush included little of what was recommended by the courts, including no increase in clerks for circuit court judges. The budget, Goodner said, did include $500,000 for maintenance and lease agreements for equipment that was transferred to the state from counties as part of the Revision 7 amendment approved by voters in 1998. That amendment mandated that the state pick up a larger share of funding of the trial courts by July 1, 2004.“We obviously would like to see the governor acknowledge the worthiness of some of these requests,” Goodner said of the unfunded items, but noted the court’s recommendations have received a good reception from the legislature.“We presented our budget to the Senate Justice Appropriations Committee in January and [Chair] Sen. [Victor] Crist, [R-St. Petersburg], was very favorable about addressing the needs of the courts and made public statements that he wanted to address the needs of the court this year.”Court officials have also been meeting with members of the House Judiciary Appropriations Committee and were scheduled to make their formal presentation to that panel as this News went to press.Nineteenth Circuit State Attorney Bruce Colton, president of the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, said prosecutors are appreciative that Bush’s budget recognized that they need more staff to accommodate the expected new criminal judges but disappointed that salary concerns weren’t addressed. Rick Parker, Eighth Circuit public defender and appropriations chair of the Florida Public Defender Association, echoed those comments.“We are happy that the governor recognizes that when the legislature provides for new judges, it affects the entire system,” Colton said. “He did propose additional prosecutors and public defenders for any new judges who are assigned to criminal courts. It’s been a struggle in the past to get adequate staffing when they create judges.”Not included in the governor’s budget is what prosecutors and public defenders call “phase two” funding, a follow-up to the effort a few years ago that raised the starting salaries for new prosecutors and PDs. Phase two was to improve salaries for those attorneys after they had been on the job for a few years.“The student loans come due and they come in and tell us, ‘We can’t afford to work for you anymore,’” Colton said.“We never get as much as we want or as much as we need, but we ask for it every year and our goal is to make the legislature aware that as long as we are passing tougher and tougher sentencing statutes. . . all of these things cause more work for us,” he added. “When you tell people you’re probably going to go to prison if you’re convicted, that causes more trials.“We need experienced people who can command decent salaries to man these positions.. . . We’re never going to adequately compete with the private sector in the more affluent areas,” Colton said. “We would be happy if we could compete with other public agencies who are stealing lawyers from us.”Parker said public defenders will be getting $1.6 million phased in with the new judges to help with the increased workload. Annualized, that would be $2.5 million, he said.That will enable the public defenders to hire 50 to 60 new staff, but the problem is with 55 new trial judges added last year and 64 this year, about half of those are expected to wind up presiding over criminal courts, and the PDs need three attorneys per judge. That’s not counting additional support staff that will be required, he said.Put another way, he said, if the 64 new trial judges are approved, the trial bench will have grown by 13 percent over a two-year period, while public defenders’ budgets will have been given a 1.4 percent increase to deal with it. But getting any money is an improvement over many years where no workload funds were put in the budget.“We very much appreciate the recognition by the governor that there is a workload impact on pubic defenders by the creation of new judgeships,” Parker said.Like prosecutors, public defenders also have a problem retaining experienced lawyers who leave for more lucrative jobsOverall, Parker said public defenders figured they needed an additional $15 million to address salary and workload issues – a message he’ll be taking to the legislature.“What I’m saying to the legislature is for every newly created criminal judge, we need at least three lawyers,” Parker said, plus 1.5 secretarial positions to assist those lawyers.The small increases given to public defenders and prosecutors, though, are better than the recommendations for the Capital Collateral Regional Counsel, for whom Bush recommended a minor budget increase, and the Guardian ad Litem Program, for which Bush recommended a budget reduction.Bush proposed cutting $1 million from temporary, or OPS, workers for the agencies, plus funds for a special program in Miami. Offset by some small increases in other part of the program, the net loss would be $888,314 for a total of just over $26 million.Program Director Angela Orkin is asking for an annualized additional $22 million to provide representation for the 40 percent of children in state care who still do not have independent counsel. (See story in the February 15 News. )The governor proposed that the southern and middle district CCRCs remain funded with a total of $7.5 million, an increase of about $30,000 from the prior year, with a total of 69 positions.Cases in the northern region are handled by private contract attorneys, and $800,000 is budgeted for their work. March 1, 2006 Regular News Bush budget provides for lots of judges Governor’s Budget at a Glance. . . Court system for 2005-06: $430.2 million and 4,158.5 positions. Court system for 2006-07: $441.8 million and 4,329.5 positions. Public Defenders 2005-06 (including appellate): $188.8 million, 2,886.75 positions. Public Defenders 2006-07: $188.2 million, 2,890.75 positions. State Attorneys 2005-06: $357.4 million, 5,873.25 positions. State Attorneys 2006-07: $360.9 million, 5,926.25 positions. Combined workload adjustment for State Attorneys and Public Defenders for 2006-07: $5 million, 139.5 positions. Guardian ad Litem 2005-06: $26.9 million, 418 positions. Guardian ad Litem 2006-07: $26 million, 418 positions. Capital Collateral Regional Counsels: 2005-06: $7.4 million, 69 positions. Capital Collateral Regional Counsels: 2006-07: $7.5 million, 69 positions. Justice Administrative Commission* 2005-06: $109.3 million, 177.5 positions. Justice Administrative Commission 2006-07: $111 million, 262 positions.* The Justice Administrative Commission provides support and administrative services for state attorneys, public defenders, the CCRCs, and guardians ad litem. Some of their budget items are included in the JAC budget. For example, the $5 million workload increase for public defenders and state attorneys is in the JAC budget, not the individual state attorney and public defender proposed budgets. Source: Governor’s Proposed 2006-07 Budget. Bush budget provides for lots of judgeslast_img read more