The Brexit conundrum is defeating Britains political system

LONDON — British lawmakers had to be sent home in mid-debate this month when water from a burst pipe began gushing into the House of Commons chamber. That image perfectly illustrates Parliament’s problem as it tries to solve the puzzle of Brexit.On the outside, the U.K. institution is resplendent, a world-famous symbol of democracy sitting majestically on the River Thames. Inside, it’s decrepit and increasingly unfit for use.The hidden flaws in Britain’s political system have been laid bare — and televised worldwide — since voters chose, almost three years ago, to leave the European Union.Decision-making has ground to a standstill, even as business leaders and residents alike cry out for certainty. Many Britons — including politicians — feel a mix of frustration, fascination and shame at the ongoing chaos.Jill Lawless, The Associated Press read more