Iraq no longer poses threat to global peace and security UN gathering

“The initiative of reconciliation and national dialogue launched by the Iraqi Government draws its strength from the heritage of the Iraqi people which rendered great services to humanity,” Jalal Talabani said at the General Assembly’s high-level General Debate.The process is a “shared responsibility” among political forces, religious scholars, academics, civil society and all other sectors of Iraqi society, he added.“Advancements have been achieved on the ground due to ongoing national reconciliation activities, bringing forth the end of sectarian killings and the improvement of the security situation, coupled with the return of thousands of displaced families to their homes and the commencement of construction projects and the offering of services to citizens.”The country’s security and military forces have greatly improved their ability to respond to gangs, militias and terrorist organizations, the President said. They have extended their successes beyond the capital Baghdad to Basra, Mosul, Diyala and other provinces.The troops have also been replacing multinational forces in many parts of Iraq, most recently in Anbar. “The forces are also working to take over full responsibility to defend and preserve the democratic gains of our people,” he told delegates.The Government acknowledges that much work remains to be done, and Mr. Talabani appealed to the world – and neighbouring countries in particular – for continued support.In line with the new Iraqi constitution, the country has made strides towards “building good relations with neighbouring countries with common interests, while not interfering in their internal affairs, and relying on diplomacy and direct lines of communication and peaceful channels to resolve arising difference,” he said.“Based on this, Iraq no longer threatens international peace and security, and therefore calls upon the international community to take steps towards removing Iraq from Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter,” the President added. 25 September 2008Iraq no longer jeopardizes international peace and security, given its successes in promoting national dialogue, consolidating security and improving relations with its neighbours, the President of the war-torn Middle Eastern country told the United Nations today. read more