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Polish League became boring

I cannot understand this state of affairs. So what that Poland has two teams in Champions League? So what that both teams get amazing, class players? You can die of boredom during watching the match. I miss old times when you came to the hall with shivering heartbeat. When anything can happen. There were good times…  Well, it is a pity, but untill Wisła Płock doesn’t rise from the ashes, these games will remove us from emotions. Vive Targi Kielce have won the first game on Polish Championship, 37:26. They defeated Wisła Płock by eleven goals and the promised war was only on the stand. It wasn’t surprise to anybody, the score was as predictable as the rain in England. Maybe this is a sign of decline of the exciting Polish League. ← Previous Story KIF Kolding Kobenhavn new Danish champion! Next Story → PICK SZEGED WIN EHF CUP! For few years on polish scene is no other leader than Vive Kielce or Wisła Płock. But lately victory permanently belongs to one of them. The games between these teams used to give us adrenaline rush and be unpredictable, but not anymore. Now you can bet result on blind.In polish league were always two great teams, which couldn’t be defeated by anybody. The final always belonged to them and one was certain: the real fight between Płock and Kielce. It supposed to be “THE WAR”, but now it is just an ordinary match. Another one win by Kielce. This time it wasn’t different. Manolo Cadenas and his players have been trying fight with Kielce’s giants but they lost again. Nothing changed in this system, my heart didn’t even twitch. They didn’t take my breath away. I suppose next game will not bring anything new so who can bet tomorrow’s score?MONIKA LITWIN “Nothing happen” I can say watching another match of Vive Kielce and Wisła Płock. Fourteen players were running on the field, playing good but not thrilling handball. Sadly it wasn’t the first boring match between them. Except one game in Polish Cup, it happens all the time in this season. I mean they stand on high level, but also the result of the match are foregone conclusion ergo uninteresting. read more