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Reflections of 9/11

first_imgOur work in the Military Families Learning Network is to link extension and research to the work of military families services professionals–the ones in the military and in government and non-government agencies who are called upon to help military families.Brent Elrod, of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and United States Department of Agriculture, sent us, in the Extension-Military Partnership, the following email to reflect on 9/11 and remind us of why there is an Extension-Military partnership and why we are developing a Military Families Learning Network.He challenges us to continue our personal, professional, and collective commitments to help strengthen and support individuals, families, and communities, particularly those in the military.Reflections of 9/11 (email sent September 9, 2011)With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 upon us, our thoughts return to the events of the day: where we were, who we were with, and the range of emotions we felt.The magnitude of the loss, the vulnerability, and the search for meaning were immediate, collective – and continue to reverberate to this day.Glued to our tvs, tears running down our faces, we sought comfort in the knowledge our loved ones were safe. We exchanged greetings with strangers, and noticed the absence of planes in the sky.I recall renewing my vow to return to Washington, D.C. that day. A personal pledge to do what I could – on a grander scale – to demonstrate that  good ultimately trumps evil.I know that others – I expect many of you – made personal promises of your own.We pause to honor those who lost their lives (or had lives altered) in the terror attacks, at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, as well as those who have sacrificed to protect the homeland since.We recommit to strengthen and support individuals, families, and communities through our research, extension and academic programs. Our efforts help ensure that 9/11’s lasting legacy includes the very clear message that hope will not – cannot – be denied.V/r,Brent ElrodActing Division Director – Family and Consumer SciencesNational Program Leader – Military and Veteran’s ProgramsDivision of Family and Consumer SciencesStrengthening Families, Farms, Communities and the EconomyNational Institute of Food and AgricultureUnited States Department of Agriculturewww.nifa.usda.gov/militarylast_img read more