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Order This Wine Scanner Now For a Very Boozy Christmas

first_imgStay on target Toast to Space Travel With Zero-Gravity ChampagneGlobal Warming Forces Wineries to Relocate Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Tis the season to distribute bottles of wine to co-workers, relatives you see only once a year, and anyone you accidentally left of your list.But why hand out any old vin de table when you can give the gift of objective information?The MyŒno (pronounced “my-oh-no”) wine scanner sits in your glass, where it can distinguish the style of alcohol and its oenological characteristics—strength, tannins, acidity, etc.AdChoices广告Once immersed in the plonk, a measurement is taken quickly and safely, with no chemical interaction, so your drink remains unaltered.Mark preferences for more personalized suggestions (via MyŒno)The connected MyŒno app then serves up instant access to details like the wine’s evolution, style, and aging potential (open your bottle at its peak). Users can also describe taste sensations and assign a star rating (one through five).Tap the bottle icon in the lower right corner to find suggestions of similar wines based on your personal preferences.“If the strength, tannins, and acidity levels of a wine don’t match your own tastes, it is unlikely you will enjoy this wine,” according to a very astute video by the French firm.“You don’t need to trust other unreliable wine tasters’ opinions anymore,” the clip said. “For the first time, you can choose the wine that corresponds to your own taste.”Unless you’re a true connoisseur, it’s hard to understand the complexities of the grape. And for someone like me, who takes offense to almost any booze that isn’t fruit-flavored hard cider, choosing a wine from an endless supply of supermarket options is like finding a needle in a haystack. I usually grab the cheapest aesthetically pleasing bottle.Whether you’re a novice or a lush (or shopping “for a friend”), MyŒno is available to pre-order, starting at a discounted €69 ($82); early-bird buyers can expect device delivery before Christmas.“We like [a] challenge,” the manufacturer claimed.“You don’t need to trust other unreliable wine tasters’ opinions anymore” (via MyŒno)There are still 15 days to snag a wine scanner or two (or 24, if you live in France and are in desperate need of an intervention).MyŒno currently works only with red wines; rosés and whites are under development. The company is also working to add other spirits and beers.last_img read more