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KBR unveils empowerment deal

first_imgFollowing the transaction, which is subject to obtaining certain regulatory approvals, the Kwande-Thesele consortium will own a 19.9% share, a new employee stock ownership plan will own 5.1%, and the remainder will remain owned by KBR. The value of the deal was not disclosed. “We are proud to partner with Kwande-Thesele on this important venture,’ said KBR South Africa MD Themba Mabuza. “We are optimistic that the enhancement of our [BEE] rating through this equity sale will yield more projects for KBR in the competitive South African environment, and we look forward to further solidifying our portfolio in the region.” According to the statement, direct equity ownership by the Kwande-Thesele Consortium and the formation of the employee stock ownership plan will enhance KBR SA’s empowerment rating, making KBR the leading engineering and construction contractor in South Africa in this regard, with an anticipated BEE rating at Level 4 or better. Proven track record Increased employee retention is another anticipated benefit of the transaction, as the employee stock ownership plan aims to give employees a direct stake in the success of KBR SA. 6 October 2010 US-based engineering and construction firm Kellogg Brown and Root has unveiled a black economic empowerment (BEE) deal under which an empowered consortium and company employees will acquire a stake of just over 25% in its South African subsidiary.center_img The transaction also enables KBR SA to bring KBR’s broad range of high quality engineering, procurement and construction capabilities to more customers in the region. “This sale reaffirms KBR’s and KBR South Africa’s long-term commitment to clients in South Africa,” KBR Operations executive Dennis Calton said in a statement last month. “With some of the strongest [BEE] credentials in the industry, KBR looks forward to expanding our offerings in the region to include minerals and mining, power, pulp and paper, and infrastructure and government opportunities, while maintaining a leading position in the hydrocarbons and chemicals market.” Kwande-Thesele is a consortium consisting of established South African companies and individuals that have a proven track record in their areas of business, and includes broad-based participation by women organisations. SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

A Call for Guest Blogs

first_imgGBA loves guest blogs. Our readers are smart. Many of you post long, thoughtful comments on GBA every day. So it’s time for some of you to send us a guest blog. We’d love to publish what you have to say.What’s a guest blog? Sometimes it’s nothing more than three or four paragraphs and a good photo.Did you see something funny at a job site today?Did you drive past an ugly house yesterday?Are you an inspector who can’t believe what you see?Did you just invent a great detail?Send your submissions to me. We’d love to publish them. My e-mail address is martin [at] greenbuildingadvisor [dot] com.last_img read more

Why Your Dream Client Refuses Your Request for a Meeting

first_imgWasted Time: Your dream clients refuses to give you their time because they suspect that you will waste it. They have experience that suggests that this is true. Salespeople visit with no plan, no real idea as to what they want, and no plan to create value. So, they refuse you–and every other salesperson possible. Promise not waste their time.Not Different Enough: Face it; you aren’t the only one calling your dream client in an attempt to gain their time and attention. Your request sounds a lot like the thirteen other calls they received this week. The offer is easy to refuse. Share what makes you different and why it matters.Too Much Work: It’s hard to change the tires on an automobile that’s moving fast–and being urged to go even faster. Stopping to meet with salespeople takes time away from the never-ending urgencies piling up around your dream client (with no need in site). Your dream client has too much work to do to meet with members of their own team, let alone a salesperson. Offer to meet them at the time that works for them. Offer a working lunch.No Hint of Value: Your message does’t even hint as to what’s in it for your dream client. Sure, you get to try to do a needs analysis and dredge up some pain that you can use to create an opportunity. But what does your dream client get our of letting you in? If there is no value proposition that they can easily discern, you can look forward to hearing “no.” Tell them what they get out of meeting with you–even if they never buy from you.You Might Bring Real Change: What you say to gain an appointment may be compelling. But real change is scary. Your dream client is perfectly comfortable with the devil that they know; you’re a whole new devil. Even if you have the ability to improve things, what’s the cost of doing so? Build trust and nurture relationships over time.last_img read more

On Snake Oil and Medicine

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now The people who sell snake oil stand on boxes and shout about it’s great value, how it has changed lives, how you will never be the same. They promise fast, effective, easy answers to serious problems. They’re great at their pitch. These hucksters want you to believe that the snake oil is going to cure what ails you, just like it has cured all the other people who have tried it.The snake oil itself often comes in a pretty package. Not only do the words sound good; the packaging is amazing. There are excellent graphics, inspiring images, and tons of facts and figures that the snake oil salespeople point to in order to prove that what they sell can and will help you. It’s a compelling picture.And, the snake oil tastes good, too. It’s a happy, bubbly, sugary substance. It’s high octane, and you can almost feel it working at first sip. You try it, and you want more.It’s easy to believe that there are easy answers. But for difficult, important, and serious issues, there isn’t.The medicine that heals you is different. Most of the time, your health is greatly improved by doing things that aren’t nearly as attractive as the snake oil. There is nothing sexy or magical about eating right, exercising regularly, eating well, drinking more water than you want to, and not drinking too much alcohol. There isn’t anything particularly sexy about making your calls, either.When you do need real medicine, it doesn’t come in a pretty package, and it doesn’t taste good. If you wait too long to take your medicine, you can miss the opportunity and suffer worse outcomes from failing to deal with a little discomfort when you had the chance.One of the reasons snake oil is so attractive is that the real medicine you need to take is so unattractive. But the snake oil will cost you time, money, and the overall results you really want.When you haven’t been doing what you should have been doing, you need to take your medicine. You’ve never heard anyone say, “You need to take your snake oil.”last_img read more

Rep Cole votes in support of bill for additional funding to repair

first_img Categories: Cole News 21Feb Rep. Cole votes in support of bill for additional funding to repair Michigan roads Legislation helps northern Michigan and entire stateState Rep. Triston Cole of Mancelona today voted in favor of a plan to invest an additional $175 million into road repairs across Michigan as soon as possible.“Fixing our Michigan roads is a top priority,” Rep. Cole said.  “We have additional funding to repair Michigan roads this year and we can improve our roads without waiting for another budget cycle.”The money included in the bill approved today comes in addition to previous changes that provide more funding for road and bridge projects in Michigan.The new bill includes money for counties, cities and villages throughout Michigan.Estimated local allocations include Antrim County ($349,034), Otsego County ($388,355), Charlevoix County ($335,661), Montmorency County ($239,020) Oscoda County ($248,242), Bellaire ($9219), Elk Rapids ($16,480), Ellsworth ($6104), Mancelona ($11,561), Central Lake ($8655), Gaylord ($29,960), Vanderbilt ($7290), Charlevoix ($24,296), Boyne City ($36,444), East Jordan ($21,347), and Boyne Falls ($4091).The money is left over from a previous state government budget cycle and is already available, meaning no budget cuts or additional fees are required for the investment.House Bill 4321 advances to the Senate for further consideration.###last_img read more