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Fake Chinese Apple Stores now called Smart Store problem solved

first_imgAs we all know with Apple’s slew of copyright infringement lawsuits, the company does not take very kindly when someone even comes close to copying it. For example, Apple will go so far as to sue Amazon for using the word “App Store,” and don’t even get us started with the whole lawsuit between Apple and Samsung halting the sales of the Galaxy Tab because it too closely resembles the iPad.These lawsuits are debatable to some people, but when a company or store blatantly copies Apple, there’s no way around it. Back in July we heard of a fake Apple Store in the city of Kunming in the southwestern part of China that was so realistic even its employees thought they worked at a real Apple store.Just a few days ago we heard news of 22 more fake Apple Stores in China – five of which were in the city of Kunming. Two of the Kunming stores were quickly shut down after the news of their existence broke out. Ironically, the stores were simply shut down due to the owners not having business licenses.After an investigation launched on August 2, the 22 stores were found to be selling either official or counterfeit Apple products in what seemed to be an official Apple Store, complete with the Apple logo and all.Well, it turns out that to not be shut down, all the stores had to do was change their names. MicGadget is reporting that the store names have now been changed to “Smart Store.” The Apple logo is still there, glowing bright and true. Another store not in Kunming was also found and is called “iParty.”We’re still wondering why Apple hasn’t put a stop to this altogether. With a population of 1.34 billion people and only four real Apple stores in China, you’d think Apple would wise up and build some more stores so that all these counterfeit alternatives wouldn’t be popping up all the time.via MicGadgetlast_img read more