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TiVo integrates PayPal for instant inad purchases

first_imgFor the most part TV advertising is something that I for one try to ignore. That’s mainly down to the adverts repeating too often and the stuff being advertised not actually being targeted towards me. That is sure to change as the set-top boxes we use get smarter and know who is watching (just ask Intel). One day adverts may actually include products you want to purchase immediately.TiVo realizes this and wants to break down the barrier between seeing a desirable product in an advert and the steps required to purchase it. So they’ve done a deal with PayPal that sees the payment service integrated directly into the adverts. That means if you see something you like, you can buy it right then and there using your PayPal account.TiVo is going to make it super simple to buy from adverts instantly by requiring a one-time account setup in order to use PayPal. After that, it looks like you can just tap a button or two on your remote and the product is paid for–no entering your login details each time you buy.PayPal is happy to be on board with this as they will get a cut of every payment made. TiVo should also benefit by negotiating a similar cut of the profits, but also by offering advertisers another way to get consumers to part with their cash (instantly).Any company taking part will have to come up with new adverts to fill a 30 second slot that highlights the ability to instant purchase. Hopefully TiVo has thought of the “kid factor” and built-in some way of stopping a child watching the TV from purchasing every toy they see in adverts.What will be interesting to see is what types of products get the instant buy treatment. Would a car manufacturer attempt to sell you a new vehicle? You could pay that first monthly installment with the click of your remote, and have a new car delivered a few days later. Scary stuff.last_img read more