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Brazil Celebrates its First Female General Officer

first_img I confess that, although I, many times have had the curiosity to know the result of some interviews, I’m discouraged with the questions made, most of the time they are idiotic, empty and repetitive and, as a consequence, the answers have the same nature. What happened this time was exactly the opposite. Objective and pertinent questions were made, and the answers were up to them. In conclusion, in the referred interview, there were intelligent questions and equally intelligent answers. Congratulations for the interviewer and for the interviewed. Congratulations to Rear Admiral Doctor Dalva, Your Excellency represents the Brazilian Women drive and competence. I took a test for the Brazilian Navy in 1992, I was approved but not classified. Time passed by and I did the CAEPE from ESG in 1994 through Uff/IBGE (I was released). Destiny allowed my sister Lieutenant Colonel R1 Nurse Heloisa Alves da Silva to be on the First Group of Officer Women of FAB (HCA), very close to the Naval Polyclinic. We’ve been at CAB Washington, the White House, the Brazilian Embassy, Annapolis Naval Base, when I went to the 27th IGC to defend the SAr for the Amazon (1992). I treasure when I go to DHN on the Cartographer Day, and when I can honor the Brazilian Navy in my work, as well as IBGE and our ESG. As Tijucanas we are all very proud of you!!! www.amiranet.com.br(since 2001),www.ufmg.rededemuseus.br/…/crch/…/SILVA_ELIANE_ALVES_2pdf Interview with Rear Admiral Dalva Maria Carvalho Mendes Rear Admiral Dalva: The career of an officer in the Brazilian Navy ends at captain, and after that it becomes optional. When I was selected, I too had made my choice. Therefore, this is basically a marriage, or a renewal of vows at a wedding, because of such great loyalty that one must have for the job. Rear Admiral Dalva Maria Carvalho Mendes: Any time that something is done for the first time it results in a change of paradigm, and it forces people to understand that paradigms are here to be changed, since this is indeed a positive thing, it may bring improvements to all. Prejudices must be eliminated regardless of what they are. Rear Admiral Dalva: Because, just like for the males, this is a career. When women began to join the Brazilian Navy, they were not assigned to the same positions as males. An organizational chart just for women was created so we had to prove we were capable. From the moment the authorities noticed that we were capable of doing the same things as men in the professions for which we were selected, we were put into the same organizational chart as men. But that did not happen until 1997, when women actually began to perform the same duties as men, and to fight for the same jobs. It takes approximately 30 years before a man can be considered for admiral, and the only reason why it changed for women is because, like I said, it was a change in paradigm, but the length of time was no longer than that required for a man to reach the rank of admiral. Diálogo: What is the significance of being the first Brazilian woman to reach the rank of general? Diálogo: You became rear admiral by having entered the Navy as a doctor. Do you think that one day the same will be possible for women who graduated from the Naval Academy? Diálogo: What is your opinion on allowing women to fight in combat for the Brazilian Army? Diálogo: What are the main challenges that you expect in the new role? Rear Admiral Dalva: I think this is a sign of the times. Perhaps 50 years ago we could not even think about it. After the wars, when women were effectively recruited, and they proved that they could resolve issues and command – after all, we have always been in the command of our homes and families – this move out of the house is simply a sign of the times. Of course, our president is an icon in this direction. She is one of the strong women who know what they want. Diálogo: Do you think that your promotion opens doors for other women, including women from other forces? Diálogo: Do you think the fact that the Brazilian president is a woman influenced the possibility of this promotion? What is your opinion regarding other women in key-positions in Brazil? Dalva Maria Carvalho Mendes is a widowed mother of two who always wanted to become a doctor, even against the wish of her mother, who wanted her daughter to become a teacher. Dalva realized her dream and, in 1981, she joined the Brazilian Navy. In December 2012, Dalva left her administrative position at the Policlínica Naval Nossa Senhora da Glória hospital in Rio de Janeiro to accept a position at the Escola Superior de Guerra war college, as a result of her promotion to rear admiral. This means she also became the first female general officer of all the armed forces in Brazil. Diálogo: Why did you decide to join the Brazilian Navy Women’s Auxiliary Corps? Diálogo: When you were promoted, you stated that you felt “as if you were renewing the vows with the Navy and your country.” Why? Rear Admiral Dalva: I am part of the first graduating class and I consider this an opportunity that must not be wasted. I always say we must grab the opportunities upfront, even if later on we find it was not the best choice, but if we don’t try, we will never accomplish things. Therefore, when this opportunity opened up for me, I grabbed it. It has been a very good experience ever since, very important. Rear Admiral Dalva: The main challenge really is to prove that the choice was correct. The rest are the normal challenges of this career. I do not believe that there is anything different than what we are already accustomed to. To celebrate International Women’s Day, herewith is Diálogo’s interview with Rear Admiral Dalva. Rear Admiral Dalva: Absolutely. This is a career. Besides doctors, only engineers can become admirals. By the time women are admitted in the Naval Academy it will be a part of their career. This is a natural evolution. Rear Admiral: I cannot say whether it will open doors, but it certainly will make people think more seriously about it. The first thing needed for any job, position or anything for that matter, is to believe in ourselves. We must keep trying. If we stop trying we will be failing ourselves. The worst enemy we have is ourselves. Diálogo: Why do you think it took so long for a woman to be promoted to the rank of general in Brazil? Rear Admiral Dalva: I believe that having the aptitude, the desire to join the Navy, the Army, or the Air Force, is more than simply a gender choice, it is a personal choice. The person must have the aptitude regardless of the gender. By Dialogo March 08, 2013last_img read more

I am grateful to BiH citizens for their Support!

first_imgAdnan Catic aka Felix Sturm won on Saturday in Oberhausen in the match against Fedor Chudinov and won the title of world champion by the WBA version in the middleweight category for the 5th time.In front of 12,000 spectators in a very difficult match after the decision of judges (115-113, 115-113, 114-114) defeated the Russian and took revenge for the defeat in May of last year, and climbed to the world throne again. Catic delighted fans in BiH with his performance, as well as all present in the König-Pilsener Arena.“I am thankful to BiH citizens for the support, it means a lot to me. My phone does not stop ringing, everyone want to congratulate me. I’m glad that I managed to delight the nation,” said Catic.World champion announced after the match that there is a possibility that he will do one more fight, and his great desire is for it to be in Sarajevo.To recall, Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo Elmedin Konakovic congratulated Catic on regaining the title, and added that the costs of the organization of the spectacle in the capital of BiH will take Canton Sarajevo.According to Konakovic, Catic “only needs to choose the date and opponents”, and everything else to leave to Canton Sarajevo.(Source: Edin Isanovic/Klix.ba)last_img read more


first_imgMore than 200 runners took part in the annual Danny McDaid 15K in Letterkenny today.Danny McDaidChris McGuinness from Foyle Valley AC was the winner in an excellent time of 51.42 followed by Adam Speer of Finn Valley AC in 53.28.Natasha Adams of Letterkenny AC was the first female athlete and third overall in a super time of 53.33. The following is a list of runners and their times.1 80 Chris Mc Guinness m SM Foyle Valley AC 0:51:422 256 Adam Speer m SM Finn Valley A.C. 0:53:283 415 Natasha Adams w SW Letterkenny A.C. 0:53:334 201 Ciaran McGonagle m SM Rosses AC 0:53:435 58 Gavin Crawford m SM 24/7 Triathlon 0:53:526 95 Paul Mc Glinchey m SM Letterkenny A.C. 0:53:577 109 Paul Ward m M45 Tir Chonaill AC 0:53:588 434 Danny Mooney m SM Letterkenny A.C. 0:54:499 1 Michael Black m SM Finn Valley A.C. 0:55:3910 255 Kevin McGee m M40 Rosses AC 0:55:5411 38 Shane Mc Nulty m SM Finn Valley A.C. 0:56:2312 151 Kieran Crawford m SM Letterkenny A.C. 0:56:4613 20 Darren Price m SM Letterkenny A.C. 0:56:5214 110 Paul Doherty m SM 24/7 Triathlon 0:57:0915 113 Kevin Wallace m SM 0:57:2016 237 Simon Ward m SM 0:57:3117 166 Michael Logue m M40 Rosses AC 0:57:4018 30 Bill Duncan m M45 Lifford A.C. 0:57:5219 200 Clint Doherty m SM Finn Valley A.C. 0:57:5420 145 Ciaran Toner m SM 0:58:0321 227 Paul Cullen m SM 24/7 Triathlon 0:58:2922 55 Gerard Bogle m M50 Finn Valley AC 0:58:4123 100 Dara Mc Nulty m M40 0:58:4524 136 Paul Russell m SM 0:58:5125 202 Martin Devenney m SM 24/7 Triathlon 0:59:3926 48 Shaun Boyce m SM 0:59:4227 167 Sean McLaughlin m SM 1:00:3428 56 Brian Rodgers m M40 Dunshaughlin AC 1:00:4929 130 Paul Dillon m SM Newtowncunningham 1:01:1430 67 Marcus McClintock m M40 Letterkenny A.C. 1:01:5131 210 Martin Dunleavy m M45 Foyle Valley 1:01:5532 250 John Daly m M40 24/7 Triathlon 1:03:1133 65 Brendan Boyle m M50 Killybegs 1:03:2334 254 Johnny Lane m SM Craughwell AC 1:03:4435 156 Joe Gallagher m M40 Milford A.C. 1:04:0036 213 Fergus Callaghan m SM Milford A.C. 1:04:1537 49 Darren Wallace m SM 1:04:1538 163 Willie MacGiolla Bhride m SM 1:04:4139 2 Garvin Boyce m M40 Finn Valley A.C. 1:04:4740 221 Seamus Mc Callion m M50 Foyle Valley 1:04:5041 32 Michael Duncan m M50 Lifford A.C. 1:04:5642 114 John McClafferty m SM 1:05:0043 63 Noel McGarvey m M40 1:05:0844 165 Barry Coyle m SM 1:05:1645 133 Paul Cosgrove m M45 Letterkenny A.C. 1:05:2146 40 Gemma Mc Ginty w SW Foyle Valley 1:05:2247 41 Frankie Bradley m SM Foyle Valley AC 1:05:2348 224 Aron Cole m M40 Foyle Valley 1:05:2349 101 Mark Mc Fadden m M40 1:05:2450 226 John McFadden m SM 1:06:1351 423 Sheila Regan w W40 Letterkenny A.C. 1:06:1652 241 Pauric Kelly m M40 Letterkenny A.C. 1:06:3853 242 Margaret Kelly w W40 Letterkenny A.C. 1:06:3854 29 Brendan Meenan m M45 1:06:5155 86 John Paul Wilson m SM Rosses AC 1:07:0956 206 Patrick Trimble m M40 1:07:2157 115 Marie Boyle w SW Letterkenny A.C. 1:07:2758 16 Barry Mackey m M50 Letterkenny A.C. 1:07:3159 3 Gerard Campbell m M50 Lifford A.C. 1:07:3460 248 Eoghan O’Colla m SM Rosses AC 1:07:3661 161 Denis Boner m M40 Rosses AC 1:07:3762 139 Gabriel O’leary m SM Finn Valley AC 1:08:0763 251 Donal Mulholland m M40 1:08:2064 135 Philip Browne m M40 1:08:2165 160 John McCarron m M45 24/7 Triathlon 1:08:4066 217 James Whoriskey m SM Milford A.C. 1:08:5567 128 Damian Murphy m SM Raphoe Road runners 1:09:0068 59 Damian Patton m SM 1:09:0869 140 Sabrina Mackey w W40 1:09:0970 88 Tony Grant m M50 Foyle Valley 1:09:2571 142 Catherine Dooher w SW Finn Valley AC 1:09:2572 93 Ton Bangert m M60 Lifford A.C. 1:09:3073 236 Sinead Peoples w SW Letterkenny A.C. 1:09:3374 11 Daniel Hewett m SM Milford A.C. 1:09:4575 61 Trisha Nulty w W45 Milford A.C. 1:09:4676 150 Pat Doherty m SM 1:10:0077 15 Andy Leighton m M45 Convoy A.C. 1:10:0378 112 Martin McCready m M45 Mallusk Harriers 1:10:0379 33 Paula McNamee m M50 Lifford A.C. 1:10:0780 91 Michael Rodger m M50 Rosses AC 1:10:0981 144 Gary Neely m M40 Swanlings 1:10:2282 85 Owen Coyle m M50 Rosses AC 1:10:2483 220 Liam Tinny m SM 24/7 Triathlon 1:10:3384 64 Clara Quigley w SW 24/7 Triathlon 1:10:4085 120 Mark Lafferty m SM 1:10:4686 228 Paddy Hannoigan m M50 1:10:4987 215 John Hughes m M50 Letterkenny A.C. 1:11:0588 90 Michael McClelland m M40 1:11:0989 69 Seamus Ferry m M40 Rosses AC 1:11:2390 121 Niall Griffin m M45 Rosses AC 1:11:2591 212 Benny Barber m M50 1:11:2592 26 Pauric Keenaghan m M40 Tir Conaill 1:11:2693 8 Kevin Greenan m M50 Letterkenny A.C. 1:11:3294 21 Josephine Donaghey w SW Convoy A.C. 1:11:3395 219 Kenneth Moore m M45 Milford A.C. 1:11:3696 102 Edward Wilson m SM 1:11:4297 257 Colin O’Donnell m M40 Letterkenny A.C. 1:11:4398 53 Paul Sweeney m M40 Letterkenny A.C. 1:11:4399 155 Paddy Mc Cambridge m M50 North Belfast Harriers 1:11:48100 107 Ben Holmes m SM Inishowen AC 1:11:59101 214 Hugh Gallagher m M60 Letterkenny A.C. 1:12:07102 45 Claire Flood w W45 Tir Chonaill AC 1:12:39103 223 P. J. Lyons m M40 1:12:45104 238 Martin O’Donnell m M45 1:12:49105 39 Liam Mc Ginty m M45 Finn Valley A.C. 1:12:50106 75 Mary Hippsley w W45 Finn Valley AC 1:12:50107 76 Sean O’ Leary m M50 Finn Valley AC 1:12:52108 74 Martin Anderson m M45 Finn Valley AC 1:12:52109 87 Veronica Caampbell w W45 Foyle Valley 1:12:58110 84 Mark McGinley m M40 Foyle Valley 1:13:01111 164 Brendan Goyvaerts m SM Run LK 1:13:12112 207 Chris Nee m M40 1:13:15113 24 Caroline Spratt w W45 Tir Conaill 1:13:47114 137 Alaistair Hetherington m M40 Speer Performance 1:13:55115 258 Stephen Cunningham m SM 1:13:56116 152 Ita Mc Cambridge w W50 North Belfast Harriers 1:13:58117 153 Conal Mc Cambridge m SM North Belfast Harriers 1:13:58118 244 Damien Daly m SM 1:14:00119 229 Ita McGettigan w W45 Milford A.C. 1:14:07120 148 John Mc Elwaine m SM Lifford AC 1:14:21121 82 Rooney Lindsay m SM 1:14:25122 243 Damian McGoohan m SM 24/7 Triathlon 1:14:26123 54 Barrie Cox m SM 1:14:26124 46 Eilis Mc Clafferty w SW Letterkenny A.C. 1:14:29125 141 Gerard Mc Condall m SM Swanlings 1:14:33126 234 Des Goyvaerts m SM Convoy A.C. 1:14:39127 77 Paddy Gildea m SM Convoy AC 1:14:39128 259 Patrick O’Neill m M40 Star Running Club Derry 1:14:47129 235 Ciaran Liddy m SM Letterkenny A.C. 1:15:02130 119 Pauric McNern m SM Bruckless Road Runners 1:15:07131 246 Pauric Mitchell m M50 24/7 Triathlon 1:15:10132 260 Naoishe Enright m M40 Letterkenny A.C. 1:15:11133 162 Phil Boyle m M45 Letterkenny A.C. 1:15:14134 35 Padraig Mac Phadain m SM 1:15:20135 146 Ian Alexander m M45 1:15:44136 216 Paula Donaghey w SW Convoy A.C. 1:15:45137 253 Philip Nicholson m SM 1:15:57138 116 Chris Ashmore m M50 Run for Fun 1:15:58139 51 Louise Mc Keague w SW 1:16:14140 52 Matt Horner m SM 1:16:15141 247 Packie Boner m M45 1:16:28142 209 Evelyn Boyle m M50 1:16:33143 208 Jack Brennan m SM 24/7 Triathlon 1:16:48144 68 Caroline McNulty w SW Finn Valley A.C. 1:16:50145 143 Hugh Doyle m SM Creeslough Runners 1:16:53146 70 Barry Coleman m SM Swanlings 1:16:54147 222 Lester Dobson m M45 Letterkenny A.C. 1:16:58148 5 Gloria Donaghey w W55 Finn Valley A.C. 1:17:09149 232 Eoghan Gleeson m SM Run for Fun 1:17:28150 252 Stephen McCrory m M40 Lone Wolfe 1:17:30151 134 Joanne Campbell w W45 Finn Valley AC 1:17:34152 79 Carol Mc Guinness w W40 Bolt 1:17:37153 203 Loretta Cullen w W45 Tir Conaill 1:18:23154 47 Thomas Cullen m SM 1:18:24155 73 Anne Mc Gettigan w W45 1:18:29156 23 Martina Coughlin w W40 Tir Conaill 1:18:29157 72 Caroline Mc Guire w W45 Finn Valley AC 1:18:33158 211 Rory Murray m SM KILLYBEGS 1:18:48159 7 Paddy Joe Gallagher m SM 1:18:52160 108 Eileen Ward w W40 Tir Chonaill AC 1:19:16161 83 Andy Griffin m M50 Bolt 1:19:26162 62 Brian Doherty m M40 Swanlings 1:19:26163 249 Michaela Gillespie w W45 Letterkenny A.C. 1:19:35164 117 Jane Murphy w W45 Trim Ac 1:19:37165 27 Bernadette McNeely w W55 Tir Conaill 1:19:43166 34 Eamonn Diver m M45 1:19:48167 105 Bridgeen Doherty w W40 Run For Fun 1:19:56168 233 Siobhan Barrett-Doherty w W40 Milford A.C. 1:20:01169 92 John Cover m M45 1:20:03170 97 Seamus Nallen m SM 1:20:07171 96 Orla Nallen w W40 1:20:08172 230 Bernie Gallagher w SW Milford A.C. 1:20:19173 126 James Gibbons m M50 Milford A.C. 1:20:21174 98 Teresa Winston w SW Milford 1:20:21175 94 Marjan Bangert w W55 Lifford Fit for Life 1:20:23176 36 Philip Connolly m M60 Letterkenny A.C. 1:20:24177 127 Noel Boyd m M40 Rosses AC 1:20:32178 239 Hugo Blake m M50 1:20:37179 430 Yvonne O’Donnell w W40 1:20:55180 99 Fiona Grier w SW Milford 1:20:56181 122 Kathleen Griffin w W40 Rosses AC 1:21:07182 124 Aoife McGill w SW 1:21:25183 125 Mark Hunter m SM 1:21:25184 71 Shaun O’donnell m M50 Swanlings 1:21:28185 78 Kieran Kelly m M45 Finn Valley AC 1:21:34186 118 Lisa McCrudden w SW Bruckless Road Runners 1:21:47187 231 Kieran Murray m SM Milford A.C. 1:21:54188 138 Aine Whoriskey w SW Milford 1:21:54189 66 Daniel McDaid m M40 Rise Running Club 1:21:57190 37 Noreen Lynch w SW Run for Fun 1:23:24191 240 Kevin Blake m M45 1:23:26192 225 Sarah Doherty w SW Convoy A.C. 1:24:41193 13 Paula Jansen w SW Finn Valley A.C. 1:25:10194 147 Wendy Goudie w SW Swanlings 1:25:25195 22 Mary Doherty w SW Convoy A.C. 1:25:52196 18 Stella Mc Cole w SW 1:27:08197 25 Eiane Parke w SW Convoy A.C. 1:27:22198 104 Mary Hegarty-Brogan w W40 Run For Fun 1:27:41199 103 Fidelma Mullaney w SW Run For Fun 1:27:49200 158 Emer Alexander w SW Castlefin running 1:27:58201 245 Noreen Wheelan w SW KCR 1:27:58202 131 Goretti Sheridan w W40 Run For Fun 1:28:10203 44 Annette Sheehy w W40 Milford A.C. 1:28:26204 106 Dessie Kearney m SM Inishowen AC 1:28:49205 204 Wendy Scanlon w SW 1:29:30206 205 Laura Crane w SW KCR 1:30:18207 132 Rosemary Parkinson w W45 Convoy AC 1:30:28208 123 Billy Broderick m M50 Killybegs Swanlings 1:30:35209 14 Nicola Kee w SW KCR 1:30:39210 60 Eileen Toye w SW 1:31:07211 111 Catherine McNulty w SW 1:31:07212 31 Mary Harper w W45 Convoy A.C. 1:31:11213 10 Tanya Hall w SW Convoy A.C. 1:31:11214 149 Cathy Hannigan w W45 1:31:44215 129 Brid McCaffrey w W45 Convoy A.C. 1:32:17216 50 Sophie Gallagher w W45 1:32:27217 89 Tamara Harvey w SW 1:35:15218 218 Hugh Shields m M45 United Health 1:37:19219 159 Aine Doherty w SW 1:42:54220 157 Teresa Browne w SW 1:43:10MORE THAN 200 TAKE PART IN DANNY McDAID 15K – WHERE DID YOU COME? was last modified: August 2nd, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:danny mcdaid 15kdonegallast_img read more