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first_imgWhat started as a festival celebrating Chinese kung fu movies and Japanese monster spectaculars, has transformed to become an important industry event for producers of Asian genre films and other cult cinema. The schedule is always packed with surprises and the enthusiastic audiences are part of the experience.https://fantasiafestival.com/en/CINEMANIA (NOVEMBER 7-17, 2019 – MONTREAL, QUEBEC)Despite an abundance of French-language films available to watch in Montreal, few English-speaking Montrealers seek them out. Maidy Teitelbaum thought that was a shame so she created Cinemania to bring them an amazing selection of English-subtitled French movies, not just from Quebec, but from across la francophonie. As an added bonus, many of the movies are screened in Montreal’s majestic Imperial Cinema.https://www.festivalcinemania.com/enOTTAWA INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL (SEPTEMBER 25-29 – OTTAWA, ONTARIO)If you think cartoons are just for kids, you haven’t been watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network or Teletoon at Night, both of which give a taste of some of the brilliant animated television shows that are aimed at grown-ups. Since 1976, OIAF has been welcoming animators from around the world and screening animated shorts and features that push the envelope of the medium.https://www.animationfestival.caHOT DOCS (APRIL 25-MAY 5, 2019 – TORONTO, ONTARIO)Toronto’s other great film festival is Hot Docs, and unlike the Hollywood fare that dominates TIFF, this festival shines a light on incredible documentaries that elicit strong emotions from audiences because they know they are watching something real. Many of the festival winners go on to be nominated for the documentary categories of the Academy Awards.http://www.hotdocs.ca/CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL (FEBRUARY 7-9, 2019 – WINNIPEG, MANITOBA)Plenty of jokes are made about winter in Winnipeg, so it’s only fitting that the city is home to a film festival every February that features nothing but comedies. The festival recently underwent a name change after a long-time sponsor dropped out, but they keep coming back, vowing to be funnier than the year before. It’s the perfect festival for people who don’t like crying during movies, unless it’s crying from laughter.https://www.cicff.ca/DREAMSPEAKERS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (APRIL 27-MAY 1, 2019 – EDMONTON, ALBERTA)Aboriginal filmmakers from Canada and around the world come to Edmonton to share their stories with Canadian audiences thanks to the efforts of the Dreamspeakers Festival Society a non-profit organization that aims to supports Aboriginal creators and educate the public about aboriginal culture, art and heritage.https://dreamspeakers.org/WHISTLER FILM FESTIVAL (DECEMBER 4-8, 2019 – WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA)Billed as Canada’s coolest film festival, this five-day gathering in the beautiful mountain resort town of Whistler is an important event for Canadian movie-makers who come together each year to exhibit their latest creations and meet at the “Whistler Summit” to discuss the state of Canadian cinema. For movie fans, it’s a chance to see some fantastic Canadian movies that are crowded out of the local movie theatre by a constant stream of Hollywood blockbusters.https://whistlerfilmfestival.com/BY MARK STACHIEW ~ CALGARY HERALD Twitter Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment There’s no denying that the Toronto International Film Festival is one of the biggest and most important movie events in the world, but there are dozens of cities and towns across Canada that boast film festivals of their own. From east to west, here are some intriguing film festivals that we think are worth travelling to see:FIN ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (SEPT. 12-19, 2019 – HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA)You probably don’t see a lot of Canadian films in a year, but chances are you see even fewer from Atlantic Canada. Correct that with a visit to Halifax this summer to binge on an amazing collection of feature films, documentaries and shorts produced by creative and talented artists from Atlantic Canada.http://www.finfestival.ca/FANTASIA (JULY 11 – AUGUST 1, 2019 – MONTREAL, QUEBEC) Login/Register With:center_img Advertisement Movie lovers in Canada have an abundance of choices when it comes to film festivals. Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

UN chief to get firsthand look at damage caused by Japanese quake

2 August 2011Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will depart on Saturday for a trip that will take him to Japan, where he will visit Fukushima to see first-hand the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami that struck earlier this year, and to the Republic of Korea. The massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March killed dozens of people and destroyed towns, villages and large swathes of infrastructure. The disaster also caused major damage to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station. Mr. Ban will visit an evacuation centre and speak with students at a high school in Fukushima City, according to his spokesperson. In Tokyo, he will meet with Prime Minister Naoto Kan and Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto. During the visit to his native Republic of Korea, the Secretary-General will launch the Global Model UN Conference in Incheon, as well as address the opening of the Academic Impact forum in the capital, Seoul. This year’s Global Model UN Conference, held from 10 to 14 August, will bring together 600 student delegates – drawn from 53 UN Member States – for debates around the theme of “Sustainable Development: Advancing Human Progress in Harmony with Nature.” While in Seoul, Mr. Ban will meet with President Lee Myung-bak and Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan, among other officials. He will also hold discussions with the speaker of the National Assembly, and the National Assembly’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Working Group, as well as with members of the Global Compact Korea network. read more

Jagmeet Singh wants to defy the odds again on the campaign trail

OTTAWA — Jagmeet Singh is no stranger to beating long odds — which is good, since taking over the Prime Minister’s Office this fall seems the unlikeliest of outcomes for the leader of the federal New Democrats.The energetic former criminal lawyer, who cuts a striking silhouette in his tailored suit, long beard and colourful turban as he rides his collapsible bike around Parliament Hill, captured the country’s imagination in 2017 when he became the first non-Caucasian to lead a Canadian political party — a historic achievement, sure, but one he quickly ascribes to those who came before him.“We as a team were only able to dare to dream of this kind of idea, running to be prime minister, because other people broke barriers,” the 40-year-old said in a recent interview with The Canadian Press.His hope, he said, is that young people will see a turbaned Sikh tearing down walls and be inspired to “dream of overcoming some challenge or barrier.”The challenge Singh faces over the next several weeks will be substantial indeed.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.Just four years removed from the heady pre-campaign days of 2015, when the NDP were within striking distance of forming their first federal government, recent polls have shown Singh and company trailing Elizabeth May’s once-distant Greens, their status as Canada’s third party suddenly in jeopardy.That looming undercard battle may be why Singh declared publicly last month that the NDP wouldn’t support the Conservatives in a minority Parliament — an eyebrow-raiser that was billed as a declaration of disdain for rival Andrew Scheer’s past statements on same-sex marriage, but interpreted by many as an early acknowledgment that the top job was beyond his grasp.To hear him tell it, however, Singh is unconcerned by any Green threats.They’re a “non-factor” in places like Brampton, Ont., he said — a key battleground where Singh is confident his deep connections to the community, forged during his past life as a member of the Ontario legislature, will hold the party in good stead.“They’re not a factor, but I am,” Singh said. “I am a massive factor. People see me as their champion. They’ve seen that I fought for them and they see New Democrats as being on their side.”He also points to groundswells of NDP support in Toronto, Vancouver and in B.C’s lower mainland — all areas where the party’s election campaign is expected to spend the bulk of its effort.Singh — like the party he leads — is no stranger to long odds, said Jennifer Howard, his campaign manager and chief of staff.“You have to have an understanding of what it takes to sometimes overcome the odds, and Jagmeet understands,” Howard said. “He’s also somebody who is more inspired to fight for other people than himself. That comes up time and time again.”Singh’s own path to politics has not been without adversity and trauma. In his autobiography, “Love & Courage,” he described being sexually abused at the hands of a martial arts instructor at age 10 while living in Windsor, Ont.“He tied his perversion to my performance, which was my primary motivation,” Singh writes. “And as the weekend sessions continued on top of my weekly training, I convinced myself that I was improving at taekwondo.”The book also documents the ripple effects of his father’s alcoholism on the family, and how Singh had to become the sole income-earner by working in retail — an experience that informs his political activism on pocketbook issues like poverty and tuition fees.“I got through those struggles because of a lot of help and my family depended on a lot of help,” he said, pointing to time his father spent at a publicly funded rehabilitation centre and help received from strangers when his family had nowhere to live.“I don’t believe that someone’s job status or income level should determine their ability to succeed and do well in life, and that’s why I really passionately believe in social programs and services.”In short, Singh is no stranger to being the underdog, said Howard. He likes to exceed expectations.“I think he has, many times in his life, had to fight to get to where he is,” she said. “He knows how to do that.” read more

Uganda UN agency sends new team to help relocate survivors of refugee

The new staff will reinforce the team already in place and help handle the transfer of more than 20,000 survivors of an attack on the Acholi-Pii camp to a more permanent site at Kyangwali on Lake Albert, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in Geneva. More than 60 Sudanese refugees and many local villagers are now believed to have been massacred in the attack.The transfer of refugees to Kyangwali is scheduled to start early next week and is expected to be completed within six days, spokesman Kris Janowski said. “The six-hour journey will include a stopover near Hoima, the district capital, where the refugees will receive food and water,” he said. “The stopover site could also accommodate them overnight, should the trucks break down.”Meanwhile, preparations at Kyangwali are in full swing, the spokesman added. Four reception centres are being established and the emergency team is surveying land and identifying plots for shelter construction and agricultural production. Blankets and domestic items for up to 4,500 families have arrived in Uganda from the agency’s regional stock in Tanzania and are now on their way to the campsite. read more

UN Assemblys general debate continues delegations to focus on sustainable development

The Debate opened yesterday, 24 September, hearing more than 30 world leaders and high-level officials weigh in on what John Ashe, President of the Assembly’s 68th session, has called “pivotal” talks on setting the parameters of the post-2015 sustainability agenda, which will succeed the Millennium Development Goals – the eight anti-poverty targets that galvanized the world in 2000. Thus far, some 84 heads of State, 41 heads of Government, 11 Deputy Prime Ministers and 65 Foreign Ministers are set to address the Assembly over the course of the Debate on sustainable development, poverty eradication, climate change, human rights, and a range of peace and security issues. The Debate is scheduled to wrap up on 1 October. read more

Curbing youth violence through the power of games

James Mandigo, shown here with a takraw ball, has boosted physical education in violence-ridden El Salvador.He’s not often there to see it. It carries on without him on schoolyards and soccer fields. But on an average school day somewhere in El Salvador, the work of James Mandigo is in action.The co-director of Brock’s Centre for Healthy Development is a key party responsible for a program that has brought structured physical education to the impoverished central American nation. Before Mandigo worked with the country’s Ministry of Education and the University of Pedagogica, there were no graduates of post-secondary physical education programs there.Mandigo helped develop a new undergraduate program that trains future teachers to use sport and games to teach kids life skills that will veer them away from the country’s extreme youth violence. When they graduate, the new teachers lead kids in games that teach them skills like co-operation, self-esteem, problem solving, and mutual respect.It’s an invaluable lesson in a country that has one of the highest youth murder rates in the world.“Kids are naturally competitive there,” said Mandigo, an associate professor of Physical Education and Kinesiology. “They have to compete for every little resource they have. We wanted to teach them how to work together as opposed to always fighting against each other. Through physical education, we teach them healthy life skills.”‘The game becomes a metaphor’The road to El Salvador began in 2005, the United Nations International Year of Sport and Physical Education. Mandigo travelled to the Caribbean with a University of Toronto colleague and a group of Brock students.The students branched out at schools there, teaching children games that foster skills like co-operation, fair play and critical thinking. The trip culminated in a one-day national event called the Unity Games.Mandigo then travelled to El Salvador, where he helped develop the undergraduate program with the Ministry of Education, University of Pedagogica, the Canadian Embassy and Scotiabank.In 2007, the first year of the undergraduate program, there was a 50-student cohort. The second year, 75 students were accepted. There are 220 students in this year’s cohort.Mandigo has a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant to track those first 50 graduates, who are now working at schools in El Salvador. He hopes to find out if violence is actually lower in those schools, and if the teacher training has had a real impact on the communities.The games and exercises in El Salvador are simple and inclusive. One game, for example, sees students holding the edges of a blanket and working together to keep a ball in the air. This teaches them co-operation and teamwork, traits they can use in every aspect of their lives, Mandigo said.“The game becomes a metaphor to teach the skills kids need to make healthy choices,” he said.Mandigo’s methods are now being used closer to home. Last year, 18 Brock students held the first Niagara Unity Games, engaging 110 local children. The event was held in partnership with the United Way, RAFT, YMCA and Brock’s Student Life and Community Experience. Mandigo is also consulting with the team writing new health and physical education curriculum in Ontario.Mandigo’s ultimate goal is to make El Salvador’s schools a safe haven for its children. He’d like them to be safe enough that he can visit them with his own children.Universities are in a position to help, he said.“These programs have got to be locally driven and sustainable, and that’s where universities can play a huge role,” he said. “Universities are being used to create social change.”Mandigo is the president of the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association and the 2009 recipient of a Brock University Distinguished Teaching Award.• Past research profilesGet The Brock News delivered to your email. read more

Ohio State set to take on Michigan with spot in Big Ten

Junior forward LaQuinton Ross attempts a shot over a Nebraska defender during the Big Ten Tournament March 14 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. OSU won, 71-67.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorINDIANAPOLIS — With a chance to play in their sixth straight Big Ten Conference Tournament Championship Game, all Ohio State has to do is get past its biggest rival.After clawing back from the bowels of an 18-point deficit Friday to defeat the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 71-67, the No. 5-seeded Buckeyes (25-8, 12-8) — powered by a career-high 26 points from junior forward LaQuinton Ross — now find top-seeded Michigan waiting for them in the semifinals.The Wolverines (24-7, 16-3), survived a scare from Illinois in the quarterfinals, holding on to win 64-63 after the Fighting Illini’s last second shot fell helplessly to the Bankers Life Fieldhouse court.In the lone regular season meeting between OSU and Michigan, the Wolverines came to Columbus Feb. 11 and slid by the Buckeyes, 70-60.“This is a big time rivalry. Since I’ve been here that was the first time that’s happened, us only playing Michigan once and they beat us on our home court so it’s going to be a good game (Saturday),” Ross said after OSU’s victory against Nebraska. “Michigan’s a good team.”In the matchup last month — Michigan’s first win in Columbus in 11 years — OSU led by as many as eight in the second half, before Wolverine leading scorer and sophomore guard Nik Stauskas capitalized on an offensive dry spell by the Buckeyes take the lead for good. Stauskas led Michigan with 15 points, and freshman guard Derrick Walton Jr. scored 13 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.OSU has won six of eight games since the loss, but senior guard Aaron Craft said the rivalry takes a bigger leap Saturday because it’s at the Big Ten Tournament.“I think it’s going to mean a lot. You never want to go out losing to them. Obviously it’s a big rivalry for us and we only have to play them once,” Craft said. “You miss being able to go up there and play in front of their fans. Luckily we get them again. Not that it makes it any easier or anything like that, but it’s going to be a big game and hopefully we come ready to play.”Michigan shot 10-30 from beyond the arc in its win Friday against Illinois, its first game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse after earning a bye in the first round. OSU ranks third in the nation in defending the 3-pointer, as its opponents are shooting just 28.5 percent from there so far this season. Keeping the Wolverines’ shooters in check is going to be a team effort, Craft said.“Obviously they’re shooting the ball well. You’d think, first game coming in they’re not going to shoot that well with not that much time in the gym but they came out firing today,” Craft said. “It’s a team defensive game.”The game Saturday is set to be OSU’s third in three days, and after exerting plenty of energy while applying full court pressure to get back and eventually win the game against Nebraska, the Buckeyes could be feeling the effects.Don’t tell that to sophomore guard Amedeo Della Valle, though.“I don’t think we’re tired at all. Our last week of practice being very intense, we did a lot of conditioning to get ready for the tournament,” Della Valle, who came off the bench to score 12 points against the Cornhuskers, said. “But we gotta be ready to stop their offense because they’re very good offensively, guys like Stauskas and (sophomore guard Caris) Levert. They can shoot threes, and we gotta play physical.”OSU is now 21-5 all-time the Big Ten Tournament, and the matchup with the Wolverines will be its 34th game this season. With that in mind, OSU coach Thad Matta said the Buckeyes are getting to what they’ve been working for all year.“I think that you hope, at this point of the season, all the work you’ve done dating back this year, Sept. 28, it can come to fruition,” Matta said.With their biggest rivals standing in the way of fighting once again for Big Ten supremacy, getting up to play shouldn’t be a problem, Craft said.“If you have to be begged to play (Saturday) than I don’t know if you should be here,” Craft said.Tipoff is set for 1:40 p.m. Saturday at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. read more

Thousands of British drivers are being pursued by foreign police forces over

Previously it was estimated that up to half a million UK drivers went unpunished for speeding each year in France alone, because they thought once they were back home they were untouchable. Now any driver suspected of a range of safety based offences, including speeding, drink driving, not… But a new system called Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA), which the UK signed up to two years ago, which means it is much easier for drivers from one country to be prosecuted by the authorities in another. British drivers heading to the continent this summer are being warned not to ignore speed limits and other rules of the road amid a sharp rise in the number of motorists being pursued by foreign police forces. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

The 5 at 5 Friday

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, TheJournal.ie brings you the five stories you need to know before you head out the door.1.#WATER: The spending of €50 million by Irish Water on consultancy fees was today branded ‘a national scandal’ by Sinn Féin’s Brian Stanley. Gerald Nash of Labour called the sum “breath-taking” as calls were made to bring the heads of the company before the Public Accounts Committee. The Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan said that the money is “required”.2.#KILLING: Gardaí are appealing for information after the body of a 25-year-old man was found in Tramore last night. The victim has been named as Kilkenny man Michael O’Dwyer. A 32-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the killing.3.#PAISLEY: A BBC documentary due to air on Monday will feature former unionist leader Ian Paisley saying that he was “angered” by the events of Bloody Sunday. However, his tone was not all conciliatory: he also says that the Dublin and Monaghan bombings were down to the Irish government’s “ridiculous attitude” to the North. That notion was disputed by the North’s leaders, however.4.#LONDON: Police in the UK have launched an investigation after the bodies of a mother and her two children were found yesterday evening. The boys were aged five and seven months. Police say they are not looking for anyone else in relation to deaths.5.#BAILOUT: The governor of the Central Bank of Ireland has said that the EU-IMF bailout “did what it said on the tin”. Patrick Honohan said that the crisis will have a “lasting unfavourable legacy” and did “no more or no less” to cushion Ireland from the loss of market confidence.last_img read more

Poll Is it impolite to refuse a cup of tea when offered

first_img May 1st 2017, 12:45 PM Poll Results: Image: Channel 4 34 Comments No, don’t be ridiculousMaybe on the first oneYes! Just take the cup!Vote 26,313 Views By TheJournal.ie Team http://jrnl.ie/3363373 Image: Channel 4 Poll: Is it impolite to refuse a cup of tea when offered? Your daily bite-sized ballot break.center_img WE HOPE YOU’VE had a chance to catch up with some friends and family this bank holiday weekend. And if you did go visiting, we imagine you were offered the usual Irish conversation-opener of a cup of hot tea or coffee.The thing is – and whisper this – we’re not always in the mood for a cup of tea/coffee.Is it impolite to refuse a cuppa when offered? Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Monday 1 May 2017, 12:45 PM Yes! Just take the cup! (3149) Share Tweet Email1 Short URL Maybe on the first one (1383) No, don’t be ridiculous (10539)last_img read more

ALIV Partners with Abaco Chamber of Commerce

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, May 30, 2017 – Nassau  – ALIV, The Bahamas’ newest telecommunications company, is pleased to announce today that it has signed on to become the official telecommunications partner for the Abaco Chamber of Commerce over the next three years“We are excited and pleased to be able to work with ALIV for the benefit of the Abaco Chamber of Commerce and its membership,” said Abaco Chamber President, Vado Bottle.  “During the three year agreement, we will be working with ALIV to introduce new programs and benefits specifically for Chamber members with a view to making their businesses more competitive and cost effective as it relates to their communications needs.ALIV Chief Officer, Damian Blackburn is excited about the partnership and hopes it fosters more corporate relationships not only on the island of Abaco but throughout the country.“ALIV is happy that the Abaco Chamber of Commerce is committed to delivering value for the Bahamian business community as we are fully committed to corporate diversity,” Mr. Blackburn said.  “This will also allow us to offer the chambers’ members the latest technology as well as providing support for businesses in Abaco.”The Abaco Chamber of Commerce will be announcing the new benefits at a special ‘ALIV Chamber Mix n’ Mingle’ to be held on June 16 in front of the ALIV office in the Abaco Shopping Centre from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.For more information on the Abaco Chamber of Commerce, visit http://www.abacochamber.org/PHOTO CAPTION: L to R: Ken Hutton Chamber Director, Shara Aliv Rep, Greta Pintard Chamber Director and Vado Bootle Sr. President of the Abaco Chamber. Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

EAT rules in favour of firefighters appeal in pensions age discrimination case

first_imgThe Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled in favour of firefighters who appealed an Employment Tribunal (ET) decision which found that a government move to justify changes to firefighters’ pension arrangements was not age discriminatory.The case, Ms R Sargeant and others v London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority and others, regards firefighters who brought age discrimination claims following the introduction of the 2015 Firefighters’ Pension Scheme (FPS). On 1 April 2015, the FPS changed from a final salary arrangement to a career average revalued earnings (Care) scheme.The firefighters’ argument centres around transitional provisions which permitted active members of the FPS who were born on or before 1 April 1967 to remain in the scheme and receive full protection. Active members born between 1 April 1967 and 2 April 1971 were entitled to tapered protection under the transitional provisions, which allowed them to remain in the FPS for an extra 53 days for each month by which their age on 1 April 2012 was over 41, while active members born after 1 April 1971 were not entitled to transitional provisions, but are transferred to the new pension scheme, unless they decide to opt out of pensionable service. The firefighters claimed that this discriminates against younger employees on the grounds of age, as the new pension arrangement is less advantageous than the previous provision.During the tribunal proceedings, the government stated that it is legitimate to provide protection for members who are closer to retirement age.The ET concluded that the introduction of the new pension scheme was a social policy aim of the government.EAT has granted the firefighters’ appeal regarding equal pay and indirect discrimination on the basis that the ET did not apply proper scrutiny to the assertions of proportionality. Although the ET applied decisions made by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) when making its decision, the EAT found that the ruling ET employment judge did not apply the level of scrutiny described in domestic case lawEAT agreed with the ET in respect that the government was pursuing legitimate aims in devising and implementing the transitional arrangements for the new pension scheme, even though these had a discriminatory impact on the grounds of age. The court emphasised that it was not the pension scheme changes that were being brought under question, but the transitional provisions.The EAT will refer the case back to a tribunal.Sir Alan Wilkie, who ruled over the proceedings, stated in the court documents: “In my judgement, the employment judge’s decision on the issue of legitimate aims was correct, did not contain any error of law so the appeals on those grounds fail. She did, however, err in law in her consideration of the question of whether the means were proportionate for achieving the legitimate aims and, accordingly, the appellants’ appeal must be upheld in that respect.”last_img read more

Pentagon to Outline Response to Any Move by EPA to Set Enforceable

first_imgConferees negotiating a compromise version of the fiscal 2019 defense authorization bill added language requiring the Defense Department to outline its plans for cleaning up on- and off-base drinking water supplies contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) after the Environmental Protection Agency establishes a regulatory standard for that class of chemicals. Within six months after EPA sets legally enforceable limits — or maximum contaminant levels — for PFAS exposure under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the department would be required to submit a report to Congress containing a plan to:assess any contamination at DOD installations and surrounding communities stemming from the department’s past use of agents containing PFAS;identify any remediation actions it plans to carry out using the maximum contaminant level established by EPA;provide an estimate of the cost and a schedule for completing planned cleanup activities; andprovide an assessment of past expenditures by local water authorities to address contamination before EPA established a maximum contaminant level, and an estimate of the cost to reimburse communities that performed cleanups to a level that did not exceed the new EPA standard.EPA has begun investigating the possibility of setting legally enforceable limits for PFOA and PFOS exposure as one of the steps it is taking to respond to nationwide concern over the presence of PFAS in water supplies. The agency, though, has not said how long it will take to set exposure limits for those chemicals, assuming the process reaches that point. At the Defense Communities National Summit in June, Jennifer McLain, acting deputy director of EPA’s office of ground water and drinking water, said there is no established timeline under the Safe Drinking Water Act for completing the regulatory determination process. The agency has started the preliminary phase of the process and officials still are discussing a possible timeframe, she said at the time.That effort is critical as a regulatory standard for the chemicals is needed for the Pentagon to implement appropriate cleanup actions.The same provision of the conference report to the authorization bill, section 315, also directs the department to transfer funds to the Health and Human Services Department to conduct a study of the effects of PFAS exposure to humans.The Senate will vote to adopt the conference report Thursday, according to a statement Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) made on the chamber floor on Tuesday. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Cardi B Cancels Summer Tour Dates Due To Pregnancy

first_imgNews Email Cardi B Cancels Summer Tour Dates Due To Pregnancy This weekend’s appearance at Broccoli City Festival in Washington, D.C., will be her last until SeptemberNate HertweckGRAMMYs Apr 26, 2018 – 7:19 am Earlier this month, Cardi B made her debut appearance as musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” extra memorable when she revealed that she is expecting. Now the GRAMMY-nominated rapper has announced the cancellation of some of her upcoming tour dates due to her pregnancy.With Cardi reportedly due this July, she’s canceled shows in Texas, Florida, Norway, Ireland, and New York’s Panorama Festival. But fans won’t have to wait too long as Cardi is planning on returning in September to support Bruno Mars on the 24K Magic Tour.Cardi’s debut album, Invasion Of Privacy, dropped earlier this month, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. She also delivered electrifying performances on back-to-back weekends at Coachella and is expected to go big for her set this weekend at Broccoli City.For a full list of where you can catch Cardi with Mars on the 24K Magic tour dates starting in September, visit LiveNation’s website.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs” Twitter Facebook Cardi B Cancels Tour Dates Due To Pregnancy cardi-b-cancels-summer-tour-dates-due-pregnancylast_img read more

Pakistan Taliban chief killed

first_imgA US drone strike in northeastern Kunar province killed Pakistan Taliban chief Mullah Fazlullah, the insurgent leader who ordered the assassination ofNobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, an Afghan defense ministry spokesman said Friday.In a telephone interview, Mohammad Radmanish said Fazlullah and two other insurgents were killed early Thursday morning, just hours before Afghanistan’s Taliban began a three-day cease fire to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. The three-day holiday follows the end of Islam’s holy month of Ramadan when devout adherents fast from sunrise to sunset.However, Sakhi Mashwani, a Parliamentarian from Kunar province told the Associated Press that Fazlullah, along with five other insurgents, died when the strike slammed into the vehicle in which they were driving.Mashwani said dozens of people, including Fazlullah’s brother, Moheen Dada, gathered Friday in the Ghaziabad district of Kunar province, to offer prayers for the dead Taliban leader.According to a statement attributed to US Forces-Afghanistan spokesman Lt Col Martin O’Donnell, the US carried out a “counterterrorism strike” Thursday in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan targeting “a senior leader of a designated terrorist organization.”The statement did not say whether the strike had killed anyone and did not identify Fazlullah as the target. However, the statement did note that the drone attack did not violate a cease-fire announcement made 7 June by Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. The Taliban’s promise of a temporary truce came on Monday.Radmanish said the drone attack took place in Marawara district, near the border.Pakistan’s military refused to comment on the report of Fazlullah’s death saying any information would have to come from Washington. Yet Fazlullah’s death would be welcome news in Pakistan, where the government has repeatedly complained that Fazlullah and his Tehrik-e-Taliban had found safe havens across the border in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Kabul and Washington both complain that Pakistan has for years allowed Afghanistan’s Taliban free movement as well as medical treatment for battlefield wounds.Still, the recent cease-fire announcement by Afghanistan’s Taliban is being at least partially credited to Pakistan, which some observers say has been pressing the leadership to accept President Ghani’s recent peace overtures.In his Eid greeting this week, Afghan Taliban chief Haibatullah Akhunzada repeated the Taliban demand for direct talks with the United States before opening negotiations with the Afghan government. Until now, Washington has refused.It was Yousafzai’s open call for girls’ education and criticism of the Taliban that infuriated Fazlullah. She was just 14 when she survived the assassination attempt in 2012. Her return to her hometown earlier this year seemed a particular triumph as it was also to open a school funded by a charity she established to promote girls education globally.She has often said that Fazlullah’s attempts to silence her backfired and instead he amplified her voice around the world.A ruthless leader, Fazlullah ordered the bombing and beheadings of dozens of opponents when his band of insurgents controlled Pakistan’s picturesque Swat Valley from 2007 until a massive military operation routed them in 2009.In Yousafzai’s hometown of Mingora in the Swat Valley, residents welcomed reports of Fazlullah’s death with one resident saying many feared he would return one day to re-impose his violent rule.”We witnessed the brutality of the Taliban in Swat when Fazlullah and his men were present here and we are happy to know that he has gone to hell,” said Idrees Khan, a member of a local elders peace committee. “People in Swat will feel safer after the killing of Fazlullah.”His insurgent group, the Tehrik-e-Taliban, also took responsibility for the brutal attack on an Army Public School in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar in December 2014 when more than 140 children and their teachers were slaughtered.Survivors of the attack told of insurgents roaming through the school shooting their victims, some as young as six years old, in the head.Mohammad Akhtar, whose 12-year-old son Fahad Khan died in the 2014 massacre, said he had been waiting for confirmation of “terrorist Fazlullah’s” death.”Thank God, he is dead,” he said after returning from a visit to his son’s grave.Fazlullah rose to prominence through radio broadcasts in Swat demanding the imposition of Islamic law, earning him the nickname “Mullah Radio.” His radio talks also aired the grievances of many in the northwest against the government, such as its slow-moving justice system. He also reached out to women, promising to address their complaints about not getting a fair share of their inheritance.His brutality often included public beheadings, often of police officers. His exact age is not known but he was believed to be in his late 30s.last_img read more

Texas To Launch Massive YouthAthlete Concussion Study

first_imgBy Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator via Wikimedia CommonsA diagram of the forces on the brain in concussion.Texas is about to launch what state officials believe is the nation’s largest effort to track brain injuries among middle and high school athletes.The governing body for public high school sports in Texas is partnering with the O’Donnell Brain Institute at UT Southwestern Medical Center to track to track the brain injuries.Researchers say they hope to use the data to gauge whether rules or equipment changes are improving player safety, as well as what more can be done to protect athletes.Medical officials also hope that a state as large as Texas, which has more than 800,000 public high school athletes, would be a key step in developing a national database of brain injuries in young athletes.Click here to read more about this story.  Sharelast_img read more

Tour de Cookie to Benefit Tree House Child Assessment Center

first_imgJoin cyclists of all ages at the second annual Tree House Tour de Cookie, a 12- or 40-mile bicycle ride on May 3 to benefit the Tree House Child Assessment Center. The Tree House Tour de Cookie is hosted by the Universities at Shady Grove. A public-private partnership, the Tree House Child Assessment Center is dedicated to reducing trauma and promoting healing for child victims of physical and sexual abuse, and neglect.The ride begins at 9 a.m. at the Universities of Shady Grove in Rockville. Participants will ride between cookie stands hosted by local clubs and organizations and collect and enjoy cookies and other sweet treats along the way. Riders will receive a collectible long sleeve t-shirt and a custom medal.Awards will go to the best cookie stand.In addition to the ride, a community expo will be held with exhibits and activities for children and families. There will be food for purchase and a raffle with prizes including autographed Washington Nationals memorabilia and gift cards from local businesses.For more information or to register, go to www.treehousetourdecookie.com .last_img read more

Rick and Morty Season One ranked from worst to best

first_img Episode Eleven: Ricksy Business1/11Beth and Jerry are going out of town on a Titanic (the movie) themed evening. Rick and Summer decide to throw a party against Morty’s objections.The season goes out with it’s weakest episode, but “Ricksy Business” is entirely bad. This episode is the introduction of both Squanchy and Bird Person, with solid gags and lore-building. Other jokes are more funny as a concept than execution, like Rick’s failed attempt to make a morally balanced individual by mixing Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler. Conceptually, Abradolf Lincler’s emotional duality is hilarious, but the name is the funniest part of the execution of the bit. The Titanic date night is a fun B-plot with Jerry and Beth facing disappointment when the ship fails to sink. Everyone gets free James Cameroinon Rings, Jerry is upset the fourth wall is broken, and Beth wants to finish the novel she’s reading. Then, it turns out Jerry’s female janitor companion is a crazy attempted rapist, a sudden dark turn on a plot that was about Jerry getting disappointed.<><> Adult Swim’s website has the first five episodes of Rick and Morty season one streaming for subscribers.Subscribers can  stream all eleven episodes on Hulu or buy Rick and Morty season one on DVD and Blu Ray. Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty was conceived when Community creator Dan Harmon asked writer/animator Justin Roiland if he wanted to collaborate. The two resurrected a dirty-minded short Roiland had made for Harmon’s Channel 101 short video collective. The cartoon was called “The Adventures of Doc and Mharti” and was a spoof of Back to the Future’s core relationship between a super scientist and a teenager. They changed the names to avoid copyright problems and made Rick Marty’s grandpa so the premise would seem less creepy, and Rick and Morty was born.Rick and Morty works so well because of its constant contrast between silly, sitcom-like premises for conflict and the sort of bafflingly absurd sci-fi and fantasy imagined by Harmon and Roiland. The Venture Bros. could be the closest comparison, with both cartoons depicting petty, human families dealing with the implications of wild, over-the-top situations against a thematic backdrop of existential regret. Rick and Morty manages to turn darker faster and harder when it’s at its best, though, providing the kind of mood whiplash that only comes from mixing comedy, fantasy, and death in a single pot.Like all television shows, not all the first season episodes were great.  It took time for Rick and Morty to perfect its dissonant madness that juxtaposes mundane disappointment with fantastic, world-hopping super-science. Here’s the entire first season, ranked from worst to best.last_img read more

Geek Pick Juku 3Doodler Create Is A 3D Printing Pen Set

first_img A couple years ago we wrote about the 3Doodler, a really nifty gadget that made 3D printing as easy as using a pen. The model we reviewed (and by “we” I mean the daughter of PCMag’s analyst and Cool Dad Sascha Segan) was themed around making your own Powerpuff Girls characters. But the pen could be used as creatively as you’d want. And that’s fortunately still the case with the newest model the Juku 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen Set. Stay on target Geek Pick: Ikea Sonos Symfonisk Is A WiFi Bookshelf SpeakerGeek Pick: Fi Smart Dog Collar Sniffs Out Your Pet Really, the fundamentals of pen-based 3D printing remain the same. 3Doodler works by heating up strips of colorful plastic into a soft and sticky form you can manipulate into your desired shape. The plastic then dries in this new position. Once you get the hang of it, 3Doodler can be anything from a really expressive toy to a potentially professionally useful tool for making 3D objects without the need of a cumbersome printer.AdChoices广告However, you do need to get the hang of it. As you might expect, “drawing” in 3D space with the pen requires more complex coordination than in 2D. You need to get a sense for how the plastic physically behaves, how much you can bend it, how long it takes to dry, how much plastic you can get from a single strand before it’s time to refill. It takes patience and practice. Different types of plastic also require different temperature settings, an easy detail to miss. And even if you feel like you’ve mastered the 3Doodler, the device can only be but so precise.But learning curve aside a 3D-printing device in the palm of your hand is just too cool an opportunity to pass up. For more on the Juku 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen check out the extensive review on our sister site PCMag.com. For more on 3D printing check out these new and improved 3D printing techniques as well as how 3D printing could help both the military and Chinese sexbots.More on Geek.com: Geek Pick: HP Sprocket 2 Is a Perfect Portable Photo PrinterGeek Pick: Apple AirPods 2 Let You Take Your Beats On The GoGeek Pick: Dell XPS 13 Leads Dell’s Computex 2019 Lineuplast_img read more