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What’s in My Bag: One-Man Band Video Gear for Documentaries

first_imgSound: Rode VideoMic ProWhen I’m not shooting dialogue or an interview, the VideoMic Pro lives on my camera as well. It’s the smallest shotgun microphone I’ve owned so far and fits perfectly into my backpack build. The sound quality is great and it’s quite durable.Sound: Rode RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker SystemIf someone’s talking, they’re wearing this. A super easy, fast to set up wireless system that goes straight into the camera. You can get seriously far from the receiver and still get clean audio. Support: Benro Aero 4 TripodIts ability to fold up smaller than almost all video tripods on the market right now, paired with its light weight made the Aero 4 an easy choice. It gets the job done without being too much to haul around.Support: P&C Prime Video Shoulder RigNothing beats a good shoulder rig. This can be broken down and fit in the top portion of my backpack when I’m not using it. When I am using it, I keep it small and compact to draw as little attention to myself as possible. It’s kind of hard with the flashy colors — but I’ve got to admit that’s part of the reason I got it in the first place.Note: I do not carry the tripod and shoulder rig on flights, but they both fit on my back when in the field. Lenses: Canon 24-105mm f/4.0LAlong with an EF to E lens adapter, this lens practically lives on my camera. Its wide range allows me to work quickly and run around without switching out lenses. The f4 minimum aperture is not as fast as I’d like, but paired with the a7s, it works in almost any lighting environment. Not to mention it’s super sharp and can create some great depth of field when all the way in to 105mm.Lenses: Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 ZE Planar T*This is probably my favorite lens that I’ve ever owned. I shoot all of my interviews with it, and in situations where I have control over the environment. It definitely doesn’t get used enough, but it’s built like a tank and creates a beautiful image. When traveling the globe as a one-man band, one of the greatest challenges you’ll face is packing light while still bringing everything the job requires.Top image via ShutterstockMy job requires me to travel across the world and shoot documentary footage by myself, only using what I can fit in my backpack. As a single shooter, this doesn’t leave me with a lot of options on what gear I can bring, especially when I carry on everything. It’s taken about three years of experimenting to get to this point, but here is what I consider my (almost) perfect one man setup.Backpack: Mountainsmith Spectrum Camera BagIt all starts with the bag — and this is the bag for me. Half of the bag is dedicated to camera storage, and the other half functions as a regular backpack. When it comes to traveling, I’m easily able to fit a hoodie, snacks, phone charger, laptop charger, and all of my camera gear. The best part of all is that it does’t scream, “Please steal me! I am obviously a camera backpack!”Camera: Sony a7sWhen it comes to size, this thing is perfect. It’s small, has all the video features I need, and can pretty much shoot in the dark. Other than its poor battery life, in my mind it’s the perfect travel camera. Miscellaneous: Macbook Pro 13” RetinaImage via MacworldIt’s light, reliable, and completely capable of handling an edit if I have to throw something together. Not to mention the battery life is pretty great.Miscellaneous: 2TB Portable Hard DriveAt the end of the day, everything I shoot ends up getting dumped here. Out of all the expensive equipment on this list, my hard drive becomes the most looked-after piece of gear on a trip.Miscellaneous: BatteriesSo many batteries. Every kind of battery. Bring more batteries.ConclusionMy rig might not be perfect for everyone, but it works well for me. That’s all that matters — finding a set up that works for your needs. If your gear is getting in the way of you telling a great story, then you might need to look over everything again. And on a final note, if you ever see me at the airport, please do not rob me just because you know exactly what’s in my backpack.What’s YOUR light loadout? Got any travel tips for filmmakers and videographers? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more

Emergence of talent from outside traditional cricket strongholds reflects hinterland grit

first_imgS. S. DasIf you pay close attention to directions it is easy to find Srirampur. It is 90 km from Ahmadnagar, 30 km from Shirdi and about 60 km from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Or maybe that’s 60 km from Ahmadnagar, 30 km from…Anyhow, it is one of those towns that,S. S. DasIf you pay close attention to directions it is easy to find Srirampur. It is 90 km from Ahmadnagar, 30 km from Shirdi and about 60 km from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Or maybe that’s 60 km from Ahmadnagar, 30 km from…Anyhow, it is one of those towns that flash past the mainstream in a blur, names in train timetables, dots on a map, places with faded pasts and hardly a handle on the future. City slickers call them the boondocks, the hick towns, and use them as settings for witty post-colonial Indo-Anglian novels.S.S. Das22  BhubaneswarThe promising opener’s home state has only one turf wicket India’s newest opener learnt how to bat on the wicket in this picture. Das’ home club, Pragati Cricket Club, boasts a battered matting wicket and a bumpy outfield. Orissa has just one turf wicket, 25 km away in Cuttack, where practice is allowed only before tournaments, which are few and far between. But the retired schoolmaster’s son chooses to count his blessings. “The high and uneven bounce of this pitch has made me a better player off the backfoot.” Backfoot play is the opener’s stock-in-trade and Das plies it with great confidence for India.”This wicket has made me a better player.”One bunch of hillbillies has had enough and is not standing around waiting to be laughed at. This lot plays cricket for India. When you can cut Glenn McGrath like an offending, overgrown branch and make Mark Waugh look like he’s got feet of lead, no one, from sophisticate to street urchin, sneers.advertisementThey make idols out of you instead and sometimes even pray to them. The roll call of Indian cricketers now no longer echoes only in the metros or the other traditional centres of Indian cricket like Baroda or Hyderabad. More than half a dozen players in the running for spots on the forthcoming tours to Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and South Africa come from towns way off the Indian cricket landscape, including Srirampur.What is its claim to fame? That’s old stomping ground to left-arm strike bowler Zaheer Khan. Srirampur has a couple of colleges, but no proper cricket ground. Bhubaneswar, the Mecca of Odissi dance rather than opening batsmanship, has, like a gift from a kindly God, produced an old-style frontman in Shiv Sunder Das.Najafgarh, on the fringes of Delhi where life revolves around flour mills and seed production for the villages that skirt it, is home to allrounder Virender Sehwag. That’s the guy who a month ago won a man-of-the-match award in a one-day international against the Australians-with a broken thumb. And then there’s Jalandhar in Punjab’s industrial heartland, where hundreds flooded the station to welcome back Harbhajan “Turbanator” Singh when he had finished off the wizards of Oz.Harbhajan SinghIn the past too, some cricketers have grown from unfashionable roots and were often sneered at for their “lack of cricket culture”. But never before in the history of Indian cricket have so many from these new territories grown to maturity all at the same time. “I’ve seen cricket grow, seen it spreading in the past 10 years. These are the boys who prove that,” says Balvinder Singh Sandhu, head coach at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore.In the 1980s, hardly anyone in World Cup winner Sandhu’s village in Punjab played the game. Today, he finds children using thick wooden laundry sticks as bats. It is an image that tells the remarkable story of cricket’s journey from a sport of colonial heritage and princely patronage to emerge not just as a powerful market force but as a pan-Indian phenomenon that has swept away all the old rules and swept up humdrum hamlet and remote district towns in its undertow.Harbhajan Singh20  JalandharThe turbanator rolled pitches before rolling his arm over His rise to the big league may seem meteoric. But the off-spinner has paid heavy dues. Coach Devinder Arora remembers Harbhajan Singh bowling on the roof of his home and wearing out the ball in two hours. A reluctant schoolboy, Harbhajan would cycle off to the cricket ground three times a day, help his mates push the roller up and down the wicket, put up the nets and begin to bowl. He says, “I knew only cricket could help me achieve something in life.” A prodigy who preferred to practise with seniors, Harbhajan said he learnt early to watch a batsman’s footwork rather than his face. He spent two nights in a gurdwara in Patiala when called for selection trials, and days at an academy in Chandigarh where, homesick, he would “cry over trivial things”. But his bowling – whether to the West Indian tourists or Sachin Tendulkar in the nets in 1996 – was marked out as extraordinary. “It was the first time I felt that getting to the Indian team was within reach,” he says. “I learnt very early that cricket is a game of the mind.””I knew only cricket could help me.”Love it or loathe it, satellite television has been a caravan of this transformation, its virtual footprints reaching distant doorsteps in one long stride.advertisementNow you don’t need to go to a city to watch the Australians steal singles, the South Africans pluck catches out of thin air and Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis bowl reverse swing: at the click of your TV switch, they’ll come to you – close-up, in super-slow motion, with bars charts, graphs and diagrams and, the icing on the cake, an army of teachers.Former Test players on commentary panels give impromptu show-and-tell classes in field positions, foot work and the basics of the modern game. To the young student many miles away from the action and equally removed from a half-decent coach, cricket television was not only razzed-up entertainment but an education.Mohammed KaifWhen Harvinder Singh decided to take up pace bowling, Younis was his first coach – through the television. Harvinder would imitate the Pakistani player’s run-up and action in front of a full-length mirror and then replicate it on the field.Dilip Vengsarkar runs an academy in Mumbai which draws most of its trainees from the northern suburbs. They arrive – age 10 and above – armed with raw talent and loads of technical questions stemming from television shows like Boycs’ and Sunny’s Master Class.The quality and quantity of cricket on television has liberated small-town India from its limitations. Cricket writer and historian Ramachandra Guha says, “If by the age of seven or eight you know the basics, and if you do have real talent, you do not have to be in Bangalore or Mumbai to ‘make it’. You do not have to be somewhere where you will be taught by trained coaches at a relatively early stage.”Mohammed Kaif20  AllahabadLeft home at age 12 to join a sports hostel Never mind the infamous power cuts in Uttar Pradesh. Keetgang Mohalla in Allahabad now has its own street light. Even as Junior India captain and middle-order batsman Mohammed Kaif tries to find his way in international cricket, he has already raised the bar for his state players a little higher. “I sometimes take it to heart too much-that I must do well for Uttar Pradesh cricket,” he says. The youngest of three sons born to Uttar Pradesh Ranji Trophy player Mohammed Tarif, Kaif left home at age 12 for a sports hostel in Kanpur where he spent eight years. The coaching there was far from modern and his predecessors were easily satisfied after playing Ranji Trophy. “I tried to spend as much time on the field as I could and make the most of every opportunity.” Today the fittest cricketer in the Indian side, Kaif has grabbed every piece of advice he could get. Allahabad’s cricket is still divided by a faction fight amongst officials. The town does not have a single professional cricket coach, there is no infrastructure for coaching or a proper net. What they do have though is an ambitious young man called Mohammed Kaif and for some it’s a good enough place to start. Kaif says, “I used to wonder what we lack in Uttar Pradesh but now attitudes among youngsters are changing. They know how playing good cricket can get you respect in life.””I must do well for cricket in UP.”What distinguishes these cricketers is not their all-consuming love for their sport, which they share with their peers. Love can, equally easily, be over-valued or undermined but the men from the fringes have used it to carry them to the furthest reaches of their inner and outer worlds.advertisementTo find their way in “big cricket” they have been ready to move mountains, one boulder at a time.Khan loved pace bowling so much that when he heard he had missed out on an under-19 selection trial in the district because a friend forgot to tell him in time, he cried as though he would never stop. After he had finished devastating local batting line-ups in tennis-ball cricket, he begged his father Bakhtiyar Khan to take him to Mumbai.One summer they came to the big city looking for a guru. Every morning, father and son went from club to club and maidan to maidan until they ran into former Test player Sudhir Naik. Naik took one look at the stringy 17-year-old’s pace and said, “Don’t touch that tennis ball again.”Virender SehwagMohammed Kaif left home in genteel, never-changing Allahabad as a 12-year-old and spent eight years in a sports hostel in Kanpur. He was the youngest of three cricket-playing brothers who had to learn to do household chores and eat institutional food.Harvinder, who comes from Chheharta, an ailing industrial suburb of Amritsar, was once told that rustics could never play cricket and made to stand behind the nets. “It hit me like a bullet and since then I have always wanted to prove that somebody from the villages can also play cricket.”When he played for India in the Sahara Cup in 1997, Chheharta kept its shops open way past midnight so that even people without televisions could watch the match live from Toronto. As a precocious teenager, Harbhajan practised landing the ball until his fingers bled, asking friends to switch on scooter headlights at sundown so that he could practise some more.Virender Sehwag22  NajafgarhTravelled 84 km by bus every day for cricket Najafgarh Ka Tendulkar. It’s a presumptuous nickname bestowed upon Virender Sehwag by Delhi’s club cricket maniacs but today he is his locality’s calling card for the rest of the country. Old men stop him in the street to give him their ashirwad for making Najafgarh known as more than just an area on the fringe of Delhi where rural gangsters seek shelter. Allrounder Sehwag, son of a flour-mill owner, was known as the boy always ready to play cricket matches against any opposition. He switched schools at the age of 15 for cricket. The school coach A.K. Sharma taught him the rudiments of the game: the copybook cover drive, how to tackle a regular cricket ball. In college, he travelled 42 km by bus – one way – to Jamia Millia Islamia University as it would help him leapfrog into inter-varsity tournaments and from there into the India under-19 and the Delhi teams. After Shoaib Akhtar cleaned him up one time, he cranked bowling machines as high as they would go (160 kmph) so he could be ready for fast bowling. Before any match, for club, state or country he prepares himself mentally, sorting out the bowling in his mind – whom to respect, whom to rip apart. “I have never doubted myself. Everyone I met told me I could be a good player-whether my coach or my teammates in Delhi or India. They believe in me and I play to justify their confidence.””I have never doubted myself.”Every coach who runs into a talented cricketer spots desire as easily as a naturally correct technique. Bangalore’s V. Jagannath, who has helped cricketers from outside the city (including Sunil Joshi) find their feet for over four decades, says, “These boys have an abundance of natural talent but they’re also physically fitter than the city boys, incredibly focused and willing to work harder.”In the smaller towns, says Harbhajan, “there are no distractions like money or glamour as in the cities”. Coaches like Sandhu and Naik say that the talent pool in the heart of cities, equally attracted to the computer and the television screen, cannot quite keep up with the intensity that the players from smaller towns bring with them.Andhra’s first Test player M.S.K. Prasad, born to a chemist’s family in Guntur, believes only when grit and skill weigh in equally can a cricketer from a background with no formal system of coaching or organised facilities aspire for the highest level. While skill helps the cricketer climb the ladder, grit helps him keep his balance in a new world where social rules assault his shyness and inhibitions.Zaheer KhanSome worry about their lack of fluency in English. Others, like a group in the first batch of the NCA last year, have to deal with advice on how to eat with forks and knives and to use toilet paper. But these are survivors who quickly pick up every thing that helps them stay competitive, so what if they mix regional accents with a global slang.Harvinder, whose roots are in rural Punjab, had a bewildering first stint at the MRF Pace Foundation a few years ago, when Dennis Lillee’s bowling tips were lost in an incomprehensible stream of English – with an Aussie accent.Harbhajan has done his sums about the value of vocabulary and says with a flourish, “Now I let my cricket speak for itself.” When he works on his batting at his home ground now, he dangles a little carrot before the net bowlers – get him out and he will give you the shirt off his back. They cannot stop coming at him with everything.Zaheer Khan22  SrirampurBowled with a tennis ball till the age of 17 When left-arm paceman Zaheer Khan runs in for India, it’s easy to forget that five years ago he lived in a town deep in the Maharashtra heartland, had never bowled with a leather ball and wanted to study instrumentation engineering. But cricket always came first. “I would watch matches on TV and always wanted to play for India.” A fortuitous meeting with coach Sudhir Naik in Mumbai and Zaheer’s photographer father had committed a year of his son’s life to cricket. A completely unpolished but gifted bowler, Zaheer learnt fast bowling in stages, first with the old ball, then came the new and only after he had some control was he given the ball used by first-class players. Baroda signed him up, the MRF Pace Foundation polished his skills some more. And then one day in Nairobi, Saurav Ganguly tossed the ball over and asked him to open the bowling for India.”I always wanted to play for India.”The knock-on effect of small-town success is a powerful thing: Das knows that in his case it sparked off a revolution in his mind. When Debashis Mohanty became the first cricketer from Orissa to play for India, a “mental barrier was broken”.Says Das: “He made us believe that if we were good we could also be playing for India.” When Orissa reeled under a cyclone, Mohanty put out the word that he was organising a benefit match for a relief fund and was overwhelmed by the response.The two Oriyas are already Indian cricket’s mavericks. Sujit Mukherjee, ex-Ranji player and author of Autobiography of the Unknown Indian Cricketer, believes Mohanty and Das have “disproved every theory about small town players”.Players from weak states have always left home and switched loyalties to further their cricket and their livelihoods. But not these two. Das captains Orissa and Mohanty still steams in for his state. Last season, the two engineered an amazing maiden victory over the zonal big boy Bengal, a side which included Saurav Ganguly. Not only did Orissa go on to win the East Zone Ranji league for the first time, it also managed to reach the semi-finals of the national championships.Harvinder SinghThe more enlightened coaches today know that cricket’s growing democracy can do for the Indian game what the discovery of oil did for the Gulf. They are moving into the oilfields at a greater speed than ever before.The first floor of Jagannath’s house is always reserved for what he charmingly calls “mofussil players”. Sandhu held a week-long seminar for 60 coaches from Maharashtra districts last winter with lectures not only on technique but fitness, sports medicine and mental preparation.Last season, the Cricket Association of Bengal sent out 20 senior coaches to the Bengal hinterland to hold clinics and spot talent. Raju Mukherjee, a former Ranji player from Bengal who now coaches juniors in Kolkata, says, “Don’t wait for the child to come to you – you go to the child.”Harvinder Singh23  ChhehartaPaceman did 2,00o sit-ups a day to get tough Harvinder Singh’s hometown belongs to a slice of Punjab countryside both famous for producing Dara Singh and Asian Games medallist Praveen Kumar and once notorious for supplying local youth to terrorists. A junior at national handball, when Harvinder was chosen for under-16 district cricket, he was grateful: “I thought Amritsar’s cricket ground was meant only for rich players.” A fitness freak who once did 2,000 sit-ups a day, he has modified an Australian fitness regime to get stronger. Wickets for Punjab took him to a national camp in Bangalore in 1996. “When Sachin Tendulkar sat next to me in the bus, I was so nervous and speechless.” And then surprised to discover that in hotels where the Indian team stayed dal makhni could actually cost Rs 350!”I sat speechless next to Sachin.”The children from anonymous villages and towns will still keep coming. Jagannath reckons that today more than 60 per cent of Karnataka’s junior players are from the districts. There are a couple of fast bowlers from Kerala, a state which has never produced a national player, now training at the MRF Pace Academy in Chennai. Ranji Trophy finalist Railways off-spinner Kulamani Parida is the son of an Orissa fisherman and is, it is said, an old hand with nets of both kinds.Every day, Bakhtiyar Khan of Srirampur gets letters from as far away as Assam, with parents asking for addresses and advice on how to make India players out of their sons. Boys land up at “Viru Bhaiya’s” door in Najafgarh asking him to recommend their names to coaches of the lush, promise-laden grounds in the capital.This is a young India pushing its way through barriers of class, culture and convention, aspiring for distinction and singularity, ready to eat rusted nails and walk on water if asked to. Its latest leader Harbhajan Singh belongs to a community of hard-working artisans called the Ramgarhias, about whom there is a joke: show a Ramgarhia a spare part of a Mercedes-Benz and he can chisel out the same on his lathe.Show this new generation of Indian cricketers a glimpse of what they can be and they will carve out their destinies from the stuff of their dreams.- with Ruben Banerjee, Subhash Mishra and Amarnath K. Menonlast_img read more

It’s a different ballgame

first_imgThe alarm bells rang early: India were not even a credible threat to New Zealand in their first warm-up match of the World Cup, and groans of there we go again’ followed swiftly.After 50-odd days of belting the ball on flat pitches under the blazing sun of the Indian Premier,The alarm bells rang early: India were not even a credible threat to New Zealand in their first warm-up match of the World Cup, and groans of there we go again’ followed swiftly.After 50-odd days of belting the ball on flat pitches under the blazing sun of the Indian Premier League, India encountered a green pitch, some canny swing and seam bowlers and once the top three had been accounted for, it began to look like a procession from the dressing room to the middle and back.Sure there are mitigating factors to consider: it was a practice game, after all, which may have been the only reason Kohli chose to bat first in those conditions. Second, even a cursory look at scores in 50-over internationals in the recent past will tell you that the surfaces are likely to be far more docile when the actual tournament begins. Even as he was leaving India, Kohli underplayed the role conditions might play: White-ball cricket, playing in England, playing an ICC tournament, the conditions are not that different, or that difficult, I’d say, compared to Test cricket, Kohli said, adding that pressure is the most important thing in the World Cup, not the conditions.As for pressure, this is likely to be India’s easiest route to the semi-finals, unless things go remarkably pear-shaped. For the first time since 1992, each team plays every other team in a round-robin league format, which means there are just two do-or-die matches in the tournament. India will know that they can afford to drop two, perhaps even three, matches in the first round and still comfortably make the final four.advertisementTeam India head coach Ravi Shastri, who played in that 1992 World Cup, struck a balance between resting easy and getting overanxious: This format is very challenging. If you look at 2015 and 2019, the gap between teams is much narrower now, said Shastri. Compare Afghanistan in 2015 with how they are now. Or Bangladesh. The good thing, though, is there are nine games (to decide the top four teams) rather than just three or four games where you have to be on the ball from the outset.If managing pressure, as captain Kohli puts it, is really what the key challenge is, then finding your groove early can release some of that pressure. What must the team do to click early on? India, it has been said and repeated often, are heavily reliant on their top three batsmenMessrs (Virat) Kohli, (Shikhar) Dhawan and (Rohit) Sharma. And the weather in England is famously fickle and the conditions are often overcast, which assist seam and swing bowling. India have an untestedif not wobblymiddle order, and if the Top Three go cheaply, the batting begins to look vulnerable.W.V. Raman, former India opener and current coach of the Indian women’s team, explains what quality batsmen do in these conditions: It’s about delaying your response just a touch, he says. When the ball is released, you’ll gauge line and length, but it helps to delay your response a fraction. If the ball does something in the air or off the seam, you can cover for it.Explaining a key difference between sub-continental and English conditions, Raman says: When there is no resistance in the air, or off the pitch, you can strike the ball early… you can play in front of your pad. But in England, where the ball wobbles a bit and can deviate even after pitching, you want to make sure the impact zone is no more than six inches from your body.Coaching manuals emphasise the importance of getting in line with the ball. Raman offers a tweak: Get your body/ leg beside the line of the ball; if you get in line, you’ll lose the leeway to play in certain areas. Should the Indian team want to look at videos to get a clearer picture, and watch men who made this adjustment well, or naturally had it as a part of their game, Raman has a few recommendations: V.V.S. Laxman, A.B. de Villiers, Mark Waugh, Mohammad Azharuddin, Virender Sehwag they could always make proper contact with the ball even if it was moving in the air or off the pitch. That is because of the way they positioned themselves and allowed their arms freedom.India’s current crop of batsmen do enjoy their freedom. If they set themselves up well, they will be good for many more runsand hopefully gift themselves an English summer to remember. ladvertisementlast_img read more

Can Auba & Mkhi play for Arsenal in Europe?

first_imgArsenal Will Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan be eligible for Arsenal in the Europa League? Ronan Murphy 00:13 1/31/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Henrikh Mkhitaryan Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Split Getty/Goal Arsenal Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Swansea City Premier League UEFA Europa League Transfers UEFA’s rules prevent players featuring in the same competition for different clubs, but what about the duo who have lined out in the Champions League? With Arsenal well behind leaders Manchester City in the race for the Premier League and out of the FA Cup, the Carabao Cup and Europa League provide the best chances of silverware for Arsene Wenger’s side in 2017-18.Arsenal will face City in the Carabao Cup final on February 25 at Wembley, and resume their Europa League campaign against Swedish side Ostersund on February 15 with the second leg taking place at the Emirates exactly a week later.Alexis Sanchez played once for the Gunners in the Europa League, scoring in the 3-1 win against Koln, but has been traded to Manchester United for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, leaving an open spot in Arsenal’s 25 man European squad. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is set to move to the Premier League before the end of the transfer window, having played for Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, scoring four goals in six group games.Mkhitaryan also featured for United in the same competition, but is eligible for inclusion in Wenger’s squad for the resumption of the Europa League. However, Dortmund’s failure to get out of a group containing Tottenham and Real Madrid means they now drop to the Europa League, ruling Aubameyang out of Arsenal’s European campaign.UEFA rule 43.01 states that “For all matches from the start of the round of 32, a club may register a maximum of three new eligible players for the remaining matches in the current competition. Such registration must be completed by 1 February 2018 (24.00CET) at the latest. This deadline cannot be extended.”The next point in the rulebook goes on to discuss which players are eligible and which are not, with Mkhitaryan able to play due to the fact that he has not already played in the Europa League and that the club he represented in Europe are also not in the same competition as his new club.Aubameyang meets the first requirement, but is ineligible because of the second. Borrusia Dortmund are now in the Europa League and could possibly meet Arsenal in the knockout stages. Due to this rule, Wenger cannot choose him in his 25-man squad as he is cup-tied for both Champions League and Europa League for the remainder of 2017-18.Arsenal’s other winter signing, Kostas Mavropanos is eligible for inclusion as his former club PAS Giannina did not play in Europe this season. With Theo Walcott leaving the club, Wenger will have another spot to fill ahead of Thursday’s squad deadline and the Greek defender may be included.last_img read more

India vs New Zealand Live Streaming: Where and How to Watch IND vs NZ cricket match

first_imgIndia vs New Zealand Live Streaming: Where and How to Watch IND vs NZ cricket matchIndia vs New Zealand (IND vs NZ) 1st T20I Live Streaming: India have played 37 internationals across South Africa, England, Australia and New Zealand since the start of 2018. They have won 6 series in those countries. Can India add another series win to their kitty and show the world why they are the best travellers in the world?advertisement India Today Web Desk WellingtonFebruary 5, 2019UPDATED: February 5, 2019 19:58 IST India vs New Zealand Live Streaming, 1st One Day International Match (AP Photo)In the T20Is, India comprehensively outplayed the hosts to clinch the series 4-1. India looked out of sorts only in Hamilton but they bounced back in style in the last match and will aim to carry the momentum to the shortest format with some more promising players joining the squad.”We would be looking to win the series and carry the momentum back home for the Australia series,” Shikhar Dhawan told reporters on Tuesday.This T20I series will also be a good opportunity for youngsters like Krunal Pandya, Rishabh Pant, Siddarth Kaul, Khaleel Ahmed, Shubman Gill to rise to the occasion and stake a claim for a World Cup spot.Veteran India wicketkeeper-batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni also returned to the T20I squad after a long hiatus. The Ranchi stumper last featured in a T20 match in July.In the absence of regular skipper Virat Kohli who has been rested, Rohit Sharma will lead the squad and will be aiming to repeat the result of the T20I series.Apart from that, India’s batting seemed settled with the likes of opener Shikhar Dhawan, swashbuckling batsman Rishabh Pant, Dinesh Karthik, Kedar Jadhav and Dhoni in the squad.In the bowling department, India will miss the services of pacer Jasprit Bumrah, who has also been rested.Pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar will lead the pace attack which comprises of Mohammad Siraj, Siddarth Kaul, Khaleel Ahmed and all-rounder Hardik Pandya.What time does the 1st T20I between India vs New Zealand start?advertisementThe first T20I between India and New Zealand starts at 12.00 PM IST on February 6, Wednesday at Westpac Stadium, Wellington.What TV channel and live stream is the 1st T20I between India and New Zealand Live Streaming on?Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 1 HD in English commentary and Star Sports 3 and Star Sports 3 HD in Hindi Commentary. Hotstar, JioTV and Airtel TV will live stream India vs New Zealand match.Where will the 1st T20I between India and New Zealand be played?The 1st T20I between India and New Zealand will be played at Westpac Stadium in Wellington from 12.00 PM IST.Where can I watch India vs New Zealand 1st T20I live?The match will be shown in Star Sports network and can also be streamed on hotstar.com.Where can I check the online live updates of the India vs New Zealand 1st T20I?You can follow our ball-by-ball-updates of the match between India vs New Zealand from our live blog on indiatoday.in/sports.What are the squads for the 1st T20I between India and New Zealand?India: Rohit Sharma(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant, Dinesh Karthik, Kedar Jadhav, M.S. Dhoni, Krunal Pandya, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siddarth Kaul, Khaleel Ahmed, Shubman Gill, Vijay Shankar, Hardik Pandya, Mohammad Siraj.New Zealand: Kane Williamson (c), Doug Bracewell, Colin de Grandhomme, Lockie Ferguson, Scott Kuggeleijn, Colin Munro, Daryl Mitchell, Mitchell Santner, Tim Seifert, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Blair Tickner, James Neesham.For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to indiatoday.in/sports. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byrohan sen Tags :Follow India vs New Zealand Live streamingFollow India vs New ZealandFollow India vs New Zealand LiveFollow Where to Watch India vs New Zealand MatchFollow How to Watch India vs New Zealand Matchlast_img read more

LG W10 launch date in India revealed to be June 26 as per leaked invite

first_img Sanket Vijayasarathy New DelhiJune 22, 2019UPDATED: June 24, 2019 11:46 IST HIGHLIGHTSLG W10 will likely launch in India on June 26 as per leaked invite.The LG W10 will come with triple cameras, unique colours and customisable notch.It is also rumoured to pack a 4,000mAh battery and 6.2-inch display.LG will announce a brand new W series in India soon. We already know that the first phone in this new series will be called the LG W10. We also know that Amazon will sell the device after it goes official. The e-commerce platform has already revealed several key details about the LG W10 such as its triple camera setup and colour options. Now, we also know that LG plans to launch the W10 in India on Wednesday, June 26.An image of what looks to be the official invite for the LG W series event has made its way online, revealing the launch date as June 26. The event is expected to begin at 11:30am in New Delhi. LG may live stream the launch event, but there is no word on that just yet.LG W series smartphone(s) launching on June 26.#lg #LGW10 pic.twitter.com/z8q6nXBpKeMukul Sharma (@stufflistings) June 21, 2019The LG W10, from what we know so far, will be an affordable smartphone that will pack a few notable features such as a triple camera setup that will include a wide-angle lens and possible dedicated night mode for low-light photography, unique gradient colours and the option to customise the display notch.It is also rumoured that the LG W10 will pack a hefty 4,000mAh battery and will ship with Android 9 Pie. However, it is unclear whether it will be a stock Android interface or customised UI. The LG W10 will also come with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and will be offered in three colours – green, black and blue.advertisementThe LG W10 could either get a MediaTek Helio P60 chipset or a Snapdragon 439 SoC, as per past rumours. The handset is said to sport a 6.2-inch display and will be offered with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage as per its listing on the Android Enterprise website.ALSO READ | LG W10 specs leaked ahead of India launchGet real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySanket Vijayasarathy Tags :Follow LGFollow LG W10 LG W10 launch date in India revealed to be June 26 as per leaked inviteAn image of what looks to be the official invite for the LG W series event has been leaked, revealing the launch date of the W10 in India as June 26. The LG W10 will come with a triple camera setup and customisable notch.advertisementlast_img read more

Albert Pujols Supports ToysRUs Toy Guide For DifferentlyAbled Kids

first_imgToys”R”Us has announced the release of its 20th Anniversary edition of the ToysRUs Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids, an easy-to-use toy selection resource for those who know, love and shop for children with special needs.ALBERT PUJOLS SUPPORTs THE 2014 TOYSRUS TOY GUIDE FOR DIFFERENTLY-ABLED KIDSNow in its second decade of annual publication, the complimentary shopping guide is a go-to for families, friends and caregivers involved in the special needs community, and is available in Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us stores nationwide, as well as online at Toysrus.com/DifferentlyAbled in both English and Spanish.This year, Toys”R”Us is teaming up with baseball World Champion, proud father and special needs advocate, Albert Pujols, who appears on the cover alongside Cameron Withers, a 5-year-old boy from Southern California.While Pujols is known for his passion on the diamond, his dedication to the special needs community is even greater. As a parent to a daughter with Down syndrome, Pujols serves as a vocal advocate for children with special needs through the Pujols Family Foundation. Since 2005, the Pujols Family Foundation has worked diligently to provide children and families living with Down syndrome with the tools they need to thrive. As part of the launch of this year’s Guide, Pujols will bring that same devotion to his partnership with Toys”R”Us in helping to reach its customers nationwide and raise awareness of this one-of-a-kind resource.“As a proud dad to my beautiful daughter, Bella, who lives with Down syndrome, I understand how important it is to have resources like the Toys”R”Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids to help in making informed choices to support a child’s development. And, as a professional athlete, I truly value the importance of play and recognize the impact it has in the lives of children who face everyday challenges – for these kids, playtime is not just about fun, it’s an opportunity to explore their strengths and experience success in reaching each new milestone,” said nine-time All-Star baseball player, Albert Pujols. “I have a tremendous amount of passion for this cause, and I’m excited to partner with Toys”R”Us to make it easier for gift-givers to find toys for the special needs children in their lives that will inspire their imagination, encourage inclusive play and help them develop new skills.”Serving as a trusted resource for family, friends and caregivers of children with special needs, the Guide is packed with everyday playthings selected for their unique ability to help kids build critical skills, such as creativity, fine and gross motor and self-esteem, during playtime. Each of the toys featured in the 63-page buying guide has been vetted in partnership with the National Lekotek Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making play accessible for children of all abilities.“For two decades, the Toys”R”Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids has been a valuable resource for parents looking to find toys that help build specific skills for their children,” said Kathleen Waugh, Chairman, Toys”R”Us Children’s Fund. “We’re honored to partner with Albert Pujols in our goal to bring joy to children of all abilities. Toys”R”Us has a long-standing commitment to ensuring tools like the Guide are accessible and available for parents and children everywhere.”Through the Toys”R”Us Children’s Fund, Toys”R”Us, Inc. has long supported the special needs community via organizations such as: American Society for Deaf Children, Autism Speaks, the Pujols Family Foundation, HollyRod Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, National Down Syndrome Society, National Lekotek Center, National Organization of Parents of Blind Children, National Center for Learning Disabilities, Special Olympics, Spina Bifida Association and United Cerebral Palsy. For more information, please visit www.toysrusinc.com/charitable-giving/.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

China demands US drop Huawei extradition request with Canada

BEIJING — China is demanding the U.S. drop a request that Canada extradite a top executive of the tech giant Huawei.Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Tuesday that Meng Wanzhou’s case was out of the ordinary and Canada’s extradition treaty with the U.S. infringed on the “safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.”Hua said China demands that the U.S. withdraw the arrest warrant against Meng and “not make a formal extradition request to the Canadian side.”Hua’s Tuesday remarks come after More than 100 academics and former diplomats signed a letter calling on China to release two Canadians detained in apparent retaliation for Meng’s arrest.The letter says the arrests of the two send a worrisome signal to those who work in policy and research in China.The Associated Press read more

Caterpillar 4Q Earnings Snapshot

DEERFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) on Monday reported fourth-quarter net income of $1.05 billion, after reporting a loss in the same period a year earlier.The Deerfield, Illinois-based company said it had profit of $1.78 per share. Earnings, adjusted for one-time gains and costs, were $2.55 per share.The results did not meet Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of nine analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for earnings of $2.98 per share.The construction equipment company posted revenue of $14.34 billion in the period, which also missed Street forecasts. Six analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $14.37 billion.Caterpillar expects full-year earnings to be $11.75 to $12.75 per share.Caterpillar shares have increased roughly 8 per cent since the beginning of the year, while the Standard & Poor’s 500 index has climbed slightly more than 6 per cent. The stock has declined 18 per cent in the last 12 months._____This story was generated by Automated Insights (http://automatedinsights.com/ap) using data from Zacks Investment Research. Access a Zacks stock report on CAT at https://www.zacks.com/ap/CATThe Associated Press read more

EU to Give Morocco €70 Million to Stem Undocumented Migration

Rabat – The EU will give Morocco and Spain €140 million “in the short term” to control migration at the Moroccan-Spanish border.Spanish news outlet El Pais wrote on Monday that the EU’s favorable answer to Morocco’s request followed pressure from Spain to provide “significant support to the Mediterranean neighbor.”Morocco and Spain will receive the aid by the end of the year. The funds are to be used “mainly for the purchase of border control equipment.” The news outlet believes that the funds are “still modest and significantly lower than those destined for other countries.”A source in the Spanish government told El Pais that half of the €140 million will go to Morocco. The source also said that Rabat is satisfied with the budget.Morocco’s Minister of Interior Abdelouafi Laftit met his Spanish counterpart Fernando Grande-Marlaska on Friday, October 19, in Madrid to discuss migration.The Spanish official said that Morocco must remain a privileged partner of Spain.Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has been pressuring the EU to meet Morocco’s demands for money.During the Summit of EU Heads of State and Government held in Brussels on October 17-18, Sanchez renewed his call, proposing an EU support plan for Morocco to manage migration flows. read more

Darfur abducted UNAfrican Union blue helmets released unharmed

17 August 2010Two Jordanian police advisers serving with the joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur, who were abducted on Saturday, were freed today in the south of the war-ravaged Sudanese region. The two officers had been walking to a transport dispatch point 100 metres from their residence in the Almatar area of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur state, when they were seized by unidentified armed men. After being released in the city of Kass today, they were immediately transported to the hospital of the mission, known as UNAMID, in Nyala, where they underwent a medical examination. The police advisers appeared to be unharmed and in good health. “We are thankful to have our colleagues back with us,” said Mohamed B. Yonis, UNAMID’s Deputy Joint Special Representative. “They appear to be in good spirits and I commend the courage they have shown during this ordeal.” The peacekeepers’ release comes on the heels of meetings held yesterday between Mr. Yonis and a joint Government-UNAMID task force created to resolve the issue. “We are very appreciative of the Government’s support in securing their freedom,” the UNAMID official said. Authorities today pledged to press ahead with efforts to capture the perpetrators and bring them to justice. This incident is the latest in a series of attacks against UNAMID personnel in recent months, including the ambush last month of peacekeepers on patrol in West Darfur that resulted in injuries to seven blue helmets, as well as another ambush in June in the same region that killed three soldiers and seriously wounded a fourth. Yesterday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed his continued concern over the string of incidents that have contributed to the deterioration of the situation in Darfur, where nearly seven years of fighting has killed at least 300,000 people and driven 2.7 million others from their homes. “Continued attacks on UNAMID peacekeepers and abductions and mistreatment of UN staff and humanitarian workers will only aggravate the situation,” Mr. Ban said in a statement issued by his spokesperson. The abduction also comes amid recent violence and ongoing tensions at the Kalma camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in South Darfur following the latest round of peace talks in the Qatari capital, Doha, aimed at bringing an end to the Darfur conflict. In his statement yesterday, the Secretary-General called on the Sudanese Government to “apprehend and bring to justice those who attack UN staff and humanitarian workers and to take all possible measures to ensure that humanitarian access to all Sudanese remains open and humanitarian space protected.”He also voiced appreciation for the restoration of some humanitarian access to Kalma.The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has reported that an inter-agency assessment team visited the camp yesterday, reporting that Kalma residents have confirmed that the security situation has improved overall and are thankful to peacekeepers for increased patrols and other measures to protect civilians.Also yesterday, a humanitarian team delivered urgently-needed medicines and enough fuel to operate pumps and meet water needs in the camp.However, relief access was denied today, affecting plans to assess additional humanitarian needs to determine what kind of assistance is necessary. read more

Ninja out Gaming megastar leaves Twitch for Mixer

Fortnite superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has left Twitch and is taking his video game live streams to Microsoft’s Mixer platform, a stunning switch that could have wide-ranging consequences for the rapidly growing industry.Blevins announced his move Thursday , ending a hugely profitable partnership with Twitch, a live streaming giant owned by Amazon.“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities Twitch has provided me,” Blevins told The Associated Press. “But as I looked at the next step in my career, I wanted to be somewhere that empowered me to push the boundaries of gaming and achieve bigger goals within the industry. Mixer provides me with more ways to connect with my community.”Blevins has earned millions broadcasting himself playing Fortnite and other video games on Twitch and YouTube. He has over 14 million followers on Twitch, and the platform has hosted many of his pioneering esports moments, including a Fortnite event in March 2018 featuring rappers Drake and Travis Scott and football player JuJu Smith-Schuster that propelled the game into a full-blown cultural phenomenon.Blevins will host his first Mixer live stream Friday from Lollapalooza, a four-day music festival in Chicago. The 28-year-old has publicly invited Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf — the 16-year-old who earned $3 million Sunday for winning the inaugural Fortnite World Cup — to join him. Blevins said he will not actively recruit other gamers to leave their current platform, but if more streamers follow him to Mixer, it could become a legitimate competitor in a market dominated by Twitch.“I want my friends to make their own decisions for what platforms they choose to play on,” Blevins said. “With that being said, I will welcome anyone with open arms who wants to join me.”Mixer launched in 2016 but hasn’t nearly matched Twitch’s popularity — Microsoft reported 10 million monthly users last year, compared to well over 100 million for Twitch, which launched in 2011. Mixer has been praised for its interface and its management of toxic players, though, and Blevins said he expects to connect to fans with “more interactivity and variety than before” because of Mixer’s technological abilities — for example, streamers can share their controller with fans, and the chat function has a greater array of features. Blevins also anticipates the deal with Mixer will free him up to do more live events and other non-streaming content.“I love what I do and will still be actively streaming and continuing to interact with my fans,” he said. “With Mixer, I get to further engage with the tools on the platform, which I am excited about.”Blevins first emerged in the streaming community eight years ago while playing Halo. After some competitive success with battle royale games H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, he broke into the mainstream as the face of Fortnite last year. He’s the most followed gamer on Twitch, although his popularity has slowed. He ranked fourth in hours watched on the platform in June, about 6 million hours behind Turner “Tfue” Tenney, according to StreamElements.Blevins routinely broadcasts with other pro gamers, including friends Ben “DrLupo” Lupo, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop and Tim “TimtheTatman” Betar. He’s been criticized for not inviting more female players into his streams, and that intensified when he told Polygon last year that his concern was “if there’s a hint of flirting, that is going to be taken and going to be put on every single video and be clickbait forever.” Blevins married in 2017.Blevins said that at Mixer, “I will do my part to ensure I am helping to create a fun and welcoming community,” and that includes playing with female gamers.“I will play with any gamer who loves gaming as much as I do,” he said.Blevins has famously had his wife, Jessica, manage his business during his gaming career, but he’s expanded the operation by adding Loaded management group and law firm Loeb & Loeb. That team is banking that Blevins’ immense fan base will follow him to a new platform. Mixer streams online and also via Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, and Fortnite is popular on the Xbox, which should help. Loaded CEO Brandon Freytag believes Blevins’ clout will bring fans to Mixer, calling him “the Michael Jordan of gaming.”“We are working toward Tyler being synonymous in every household, so if you know gaming, you know Tyler,” Freytag said.The move to Mixer is one of a few changes for Blevins this year. He’s also attempting to branch beyond the digital space, starting by authoring three books that will be published later this year, including a how-to on streaming video games and a graphic novel.“It is the ability to achieve bigger goals in gaming and further expand my own personal brand within the industry,” Blevins said.___Follow Jake Seiner: https://twitter.com/Jake_Seiner___More AP Esports: https://apnews.com/Esports and https://twitter.com/AP_SportsJake Seiner, The Associated Press read more

Quarterly survey pegs unemployment rate at 12 youth unemployment at 216

The unemployment rate during the period of July to September of 2017 was at 12 per cent with youth unemployment (ages 15 to 24) being 21.6 per cent, according to a quarterly report of the Guyana Labour Force Survey.The findings were revealed on Thursday at the Marriott HotelOf the unemployment figure amongst youth, females account for 28 per cent.The survey further detailed that unemployment among women was 15.3 per cent and 9.9 per cent among men.The total employed population during the period of the survey was 271, 068, with males accounting for 166, 873 and females 104, 195. Urban workers totalled 188, 774 while the rural area had 82, 294 workers.It was found during the surveyed quarter that the average salary per month for employed workers is $82,636 while self employed workers earn $67,064.Meanwhile, the average weekly hours of work for all workers was 46.8 hours, with males working more at an average of 50.6 hours.The quarterly survey was the first of its kind and was done by the Bureau of Statistics with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).The findings were revealed this morning at the Marriott Hotel. A similar survey was done for the period of October to December 2017, and regular quarterly reports are expected going forward. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedLabour Survey welcomed but conclusions worrisome, says FITUGMarch 20, 2018In “Business”GCCI’s AGM: State Minister pleads with business owners to employ more GuyaneseMarch 29, 2018In “Business”ILO says unemployment in the Caribbean dipped slightly in 2018December 20, 2018In “Regional” read more

Important Chuquicamata Underground ore transportation order for TAKRAF

first_imgTAKRAF, the integrated solutions provider to the global mining, material handling and minerals processing industries, has recently been awarded the supply of the principal ore transportation system for the Chuquicamata Underground Mine Project by Codelco.Chuquicamata is the second deepest open-pit mine in the world and is located 1,650 km north of Santiago, Chile. The Underground Mine Project is being developed to access the ore body situated beneath the present open-pit mine and aims to extend mining operations for a further 40 years. The new mine is scheduled to be in operation in 2019.TAKRAF’s innovative belt conveyor system will overcome a number of technical challenges including significant elevation change from the underground mine to the surface, and will comprise a variety of uphill tunnel conveyors that transport copper ore from underground storage bins. The system will also include a number of feeder conveyors as well as an overland conveyor feeding into the existing conveying system.The conveyor system will be installed with advanced gearless drive technology with the uphill tunnel conveyors boasting the highest drive power ever to be installed on a belt conveyor. In fact, total installed drive power for the entire system will be around 55 MW. Gearless drives eliminate the need for a gearbox, hereby significantly reducing the number of main wear parts. This results in increased efficiency and reliability, as well as less maintenance being required. Further advantages include a considerable reduction in the drive system’s footprint and the amount of instrumentation required.Safety, as well as the ease and speed of maintenance are critical success factors for a project of this nature. TAKRAF’s innovative chute maintenance solution will allow for all regular chute maintenance to be conducted from outside the chute, with no person having to enter the chute. This is a particularly important safety point, especially in underground environments.Another significant achievement will be the installation of a newly developed steel cord belt, ST10000, on the uphill tunnel conveyors. This will mark the world’s very first conveyor system to employ this premier steel cord belt technology. The conveyor system will boast a design capacity of more than 10,000 t/h and, in order to manage and dissipate intense heat generated by the system, a complex cooling system has been included in the project scope, which requires that no heat be dissipated to the underground environment. TAKRAF´s total scope includes a variety of engineering disciplines as well as various components’ supply and extensive site assistance.“This order is another significant milestone for TAKRAF in the Chilean copper industry and we look forward to supporting CODELCO in their aim of being the world’s leading supplier of copper. Our industry-leading conveying technology and proprietary material handling equipment are widely used by customers around the world. Our customers are increasingly demanding innovative and cost-effective solutions to global issues as ore reserves are depleted and mines are required to dig deeper”, says Dr Frank Hubrich, TAKRAF’s CEO.last_img read more

The NAMA advisors who work for free cost €23000 last year

first_imgMEMBERS OF THE National Asset Management Agency’s advisory group ran up a €23,000 tab for hotel, travel and subsistence costs last year, according to recently-released figures.The figures were disclosed in a parliamentary question answered by Finance Minister Michael Noonan last week. He has also revealed that he has met with the group five times since it was set up in 2012.The Minister said the Department of Finance budgeted for costs in the region of €40,000 which means the group, which works on a pro-bono basis, came in under budget.The advisory group was set up last year to advise the Minister on NAMA’s strategy and capacity to deliver its aim of disposing of the significant amount of property loans it acquired during the financial crisis.The state’s so-called bad-bank acquired €75 billion of bad property loans from banks in an attempt to eventually sell them off and recoup some of the money that was put into the banks to prevent their collapse in 2008.The advisory group is chaired by former HSBC boss Michael Geoghegan with current NAMA chairman Frank Daly and businessman Denis Rooney also serving on the group.Noonan met with the group, which operates on an informal basis and reports directly to him, on four occasions last year and once so far this year.“The group’s advice to me primarily relates to the strategy of NAMA as proposed by the board of NAMA; the remuneration of the senior executives of NAMA and any further advice that I may seek on any matter relating to NAMA,” Noonan said.He said that any issue raised by the  group is discussed with senior officials in the Department of Finance and said that he was satisfied that the group is working effectively.Noonan added: “However it is important to note that this group is not a shadow Board nor is it intended to provide a route for me as Minister to get involved in the day to day running of the Agency.”Read: No more consultations on salary waivers for NAMA/NTMA staff on over €200kRead: NTMA paid PR company €630,000 to “keep taxpayers in the dark”last_img read more

Do you have any ideas on how the Government should spend its

first_imgThis review is underway and the results of the process will be published alongside the Budget Estimates in October, 2014. “This will be a focused review, largely building on existing analysis carried out by Departments and the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform since 2011.“While the Government continues to plan for the future to ensure our economic recovery is maintained, we are aware that there are areas where challenges remain and further progress needs to be made.”More information is available on the Department’s website here.Read: “Less cutbacks, less tax increases” needed for Budget 2015 — Noonan>Read: Mary Coughlan: A lot of people would like me to go back into politics – but I’m not sure> MINISTER HOWLIN IS looking for the public’s opinion on ways to save money across Government spending.The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform today launched a public consultation process on the second Comprehensive Review of Expenditure (CRE) exercise.The CRE will form the basis for setting out Ministerial expenditure ceilings from 2014 to 2017.Howlin said: “I would like to give an opportunity to all members of the public and interested parties to present constructive comments and suggestions in relation to public expenditure and reform so that they can be considered in the context of the review.”The public can submit proposals here.History The first Comprehensive Review of Expenditure was carried out in 2011 and was published in December 2011 in conjunction with Budget 2012 as the Comprehensive Expenditure Report 2012 – 2014.Minister Howlin said: “I announced my intention to conduct a second CRE in my Budget speech on 15 October, 2013.last_img read more

States Comcast suit clears hurdle

first_imgState Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s $100 million lawsuit against cable giant Comcast cleared a legal hurdle when King County Superior Court Judge Timothy A. Bradshaw ruled on Dec. 23 that the suit may move forward.“The court correctly rejected Comcast’s attempt to evade responsibility for deceiving its customers,” Ferguson said. “Washington consumers deserve their day in court.”The suit, filed Aug. 1, accuses Comcast of more than 1.8 million violations of the state’s Consumer Protection Act, including misrepresenting the scope of its service protection plan, charging customers improper service call fees and improper credit screening practices. The lawsuit accuses Comcast of violating the Consumer Protection Act to all of its nearly 1.2 million Washington subscribers due to its deceptive “Comcast Guarantee.”Ferguson claims Comcast’s own documents reveal a pattern of illegally deceiving their customers to “pad their bottom line by tens of millions of dollars.”The trial is set for July 31.The lawsuit is the first of its kind in the nation –though the service protection plan is a nationwide program. The Attorney General’s Office brought these issues to Comcast more than a year ago, but the company didn’t make changes until recently.The lawsuit seeks over $73 million in restitution to pay back service protection plan subscriber payments; full restitution for all service calls that applied an improper resolution code; removing improper credit checks from the credit reports of more than 6,000 customers; up to $2,000 per violation of the Consumer Protection Act; and broad injunctive relief, including requiring to clearly disclose the limitations of service protection plan in advertising and through representatives, correct improper service codes and implement a compliance procedure for improper customer credit checks.last_img read more

Woman who accused Woodland cop of stalking her settles case

first_imgLONGVIEW — A former Woodland woman who accused a now-retired Woodland police officer of abusing his power to stalk, threaten and improperly investigate her has settled her lawsuit against him for $275,000.But Jody Wattier called it a painful victory.“The money is not going to make it any better. I struggle every day,” she said.Wattier said she lost custody of her children, ages 9 and 10, and had to rebuild her life because former Officer Brad Gillaspie orchestrated a campaign of intimidation and slander against her while she was divorcing her husband, who was Gillaspie’s friend.The settlement concludes a federal civil rights lawsuit Wattier filed two years ago in U.S. District Court in Tacoma. Wattier and her Portland attorney, Sean Riddell, accused Gillaspie and current Officer Brent Murray of maliciously investigating her. She also accused the city and former Mayor Grover Laseke of failing to intervene to stop Gillaspie’s actions.“No one would listen to me so I looked crazy,” she said Tuesday. “I (still) have to make a decision at this point in my life (whether) to go see my kids at school, or not have anxiety. I literally can’t go into Woodland, because I’m afraid of running into Murray or Gillaspie. … It was like a death to me. I grieved my career. And then I grieved my house, my safety. And then I grieved for my kids. What else do you take from someone?”Woodland City Manager Peter Boyce confirmed that the city’s insurer will pay the settlement reached in September. He said the city itself had no role in the settlement and was not held liable. He lauded the city’s current policing.last_img read more


first_imgThe Authority has considered the worrying political situation in The Gambia arising from the decision of His Excellency President Yahya Jammeh to reject the results of the presidential election of 1st December 2016 which had resulted in the election of Mr Adama Barrow as the president-elect of The Gambia.The Authority notes that His Excellency President Yahya Jammeh had initially accepted the results announced by the Independent Electoral Commission on 2 December 2016 and congratulated the new President-elect before changing his mind based on corrections to the initial results by the Electoral Commission which however did not alter the outcome of the election.It commends H. E. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia and Chairperson of the Authority of Heads of State and Government for the efficiency with which she managed the situation in The Gambia and the firm position taken on behalf of the Authority.The Authority lauds the initiative that fielded a high-level mission of Heads of State comprising Her Excellency Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia and Chairperson of the Authority, H.E. Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria, H.E. Ernest Koroma, President of Sierra Leone, and H.E. John Dramani Mahama, President of Ghana, to Banjul on 13 December 2016 to review the political situation with all stakeholders.The Authority calls on President Yahya Jammeh to accept the result of the polls and refrain from any action likely to compromise the transition and peaceful transfer of power to President-elect.The Heads of State and Government further agreed on the following:a) To uphold the result of 1st December 2016 election in the Republic of The Gambia.b) Guarantee the Safety and protection of President-elect Mr. Adama Barrow.c) That all Head of States will attend the inauguration of the President-elect Adama Barrow who must be sworn in on 19th January 2017 in conformity with the Gambian Constitution.d) Call on the Government and the Coalition Parties to show restraint in order to preserve national unity.e) To respect the will of the Gambian people as expressed by the Presidential election results of 1st December 2016;f) That His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari, President and Commander in chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will serve as the Mediator in the Gambia and His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama, President of the Republic of Ghana as the Co-chair. The mediation process shall be conducted on the basis of terms agreed by the Authority of Heads of State and Government;g) Requests the endorsement of the AU and the UN on all decisions taken on the matter of The Gambia and also requests their support for the mediation efforts of ECOWAS including the provision of technical assistance where required;h) The Authority shall take all necessary actions to enforce the results of 1st December 2016 elections;The Authority encourages all stakeholders, within and outside The Gambia, to exercise restraint, respect the rule of law and ensure the peaceful transfer of power. It calls on the Gambian defence and security forces to perform their role in a nationalistic manner and protect lives and property.last_img read more

Changes to come for two General Election laws

first_img Recommended for you Related Items:elections ordinance, general elections Jamaicans Urged To Follow Guidelines In Voting Process Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 22 Jan 2016 – There could be changes in two General Election related ordinances because of 24 proposed amendments which are due to debut on the floor of the House of Assembly. Parliament opens today for the first time for 2016, and the next three days are devoted to the first reading of amendments to the Elections Ordinance and the Political Activities Ordinance; as well as second and third readings for the Trust Bill, the Trust Companies Bill and the Trafficking of Persons Prevention Bill. HOA convenes in Grand Turk at the NJS Francis building at 10am. TCI Elections may be in 2017; Premier flaunts prerogative Midnight cut off for Voter Registration; Elections Office hopes for 2,000last_img read more