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Webmaster attention so that the money is not enough to make Google

today to see the news on the Donews – Google want to ban AdSense and AdWords cross profit groups, can not find the night back. Had to paste the Sohu website.
        according to foreign media quoted industry sources reported in May 20th, the U.S. search engine company Google has recently started to ban some malicious advertisers and publishers rely on AdSense and AdWords cross profit.

According to

, cross – profit behavior has been around for many years. These people are the basic way to make money, while buying Google keyword advertising, and placed in their own site Google AdSense union advertising. Rely on AdWords, they get a lot of traffic. read more

Community convenience stores and small business owners forum win win

has been doing webmaster, are dealing with the virtual world, have been done by the station traffic Hang advertisement to make money selling advertising a little way, and the reality of intersection, this is because of their marriage, because the teeth began to buy a house, let yourself do stand experience first and the reality the collision, more groping to find a webmaster can refer to the reference path of entrepreneurship, today by the A5 platform to write to share with you, after all, the market is large enough, many webmaster can reference and practice. read more

Mobile nternet entrepreneurs look 5 factors affect the vertical market capacity

any one of the mobile Internet business is always in a vertical market, in a vertical market, it can accommodate several platforms to survive, whether the entrant provides opportunity, this is a very interesting question, because it determines the strategic choice of the mobile Internet platform service provider. After research, we believe that the capacity of a vertical market is closely related to the following factors.

first, the user’s transfer costs.

user transfer costs include the user’s immersion in the use of Internet applications, the time and cost of the conversion and the cost of the use of tools. In general, the larger the user’s transfer costs in the market, the less the number of platforms required. read more

Talk about the blog and the website several profit model

Hello everyone, today and we talk about a controversial issue over the years: blog and website who make money". The problem is that a lot of people think that the station do make money, some people think that the blog to make money, some people think that no one who makes money, the key to personal execution and operation, to be honest, I do not say in blogs and websites, who make more money. Here we come together to blog and blog profit model

list, a analysis of Web sites and blogs who make more money…… first blog way of making money, in fact better than money blogging website, you just didn’t dig. If you don’t say more now to analyze it… read more

The most cattle entrepreneurial class 13 students when the boss leader can earn 100 thousand tea

Wang Guosong looking at his shop reporter Xu Chang / photo

"I’m going to open a company specializing in the operation of Pu’er tea, 100 thousand yuan of registered capital is ready, the money is over the past year or so I have been selling tea made on Taobao." Recently, the school of economics and management, cloud Normal University Junior Wang Guosong is busy planning their own wholly-owned. And he was in the class, there are 1/3 students start their own business as a small boss, the campus is known as the most cattle class". read more

Not only the domain name space how to make money sleight of hand

Speaker: leaves (670851)

Lecture Notes:

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  and then turn into exile; ¨   br < /> … (670851) 20:39> read more

Three years experience in Wangzhuan experience on how to make money online experience

online business is a tempting vocabulary, no wind, no rain, and free time, these are the benefits of making money online business. After graduating from college, I have been in the temple of earth, when it comes to stall, not only to maintain a vigilant heart, is the urban guerrilla war, but also to pay some of the so-called "stall fee", half down, although earned some money, all money is hard, but mostly at night, not hard with that, then, in the process of Liantan, saw a primary school classmate, he told me that the shop is very money in Taobao, and Taobao as simple as a shop. read more

The character editor Zhang Yue borrowed millions of fans from the micro signal into the badminton sp

Turn off the

chopsticks travel founder Zhu Shuiwang their valuation of 200 million yuan of the company, and the "people" magazine editor Zhang Yue, micro signal operations master Liu Yongguo gathered in sports field of entrepreneurship, the establishment of sports match. They cut from the badminton market, is setting up a new sports media matrix and a new brand market. Their angel round financing of $10 million, 50 million of the A round of financing is also nearing completion.

Project Profile: founded in October 2015. The company’s operations through WeChat sports public number to gather the user, through the interactive sports marketing and new media to create its own brand of sports equipment and other forms of mining user value, has launched its own brand of badminton. read more

nk weather CEO Kim plow venture to think that you must succeed


technology news May 10th morning news, jointly organized by the partners, it real fund, K2VC Chuang conference held in Beijing Lafayette castle.

ink weather the founder and CEO of golden pear in an interview said, Sina Technology, ink weather launched dressing assistant, is the user experience, can access what to wear, where to play, whether the car and a series of O2O services, or push based on position, such as limit line today, it is easy to push the car, which can enhance user stickiness. read more

Since the media fellow uncle 200 million yuan founder sold 178 million yuan in cash

[TechWeb] News reported in December 8th, A shares of listed companies Legg Mason culture yesterday evening announced that its controlling shareholder holding Mason to 217 million yuan, the acquisition of a 72.5% stake in fellow culture. My uncle’s original author Cai Yuedong through the transaction cash 178 million yuan.


announcement shows that holding to 217 million yuan to Cai Yuedong Mason, Beijing Sequoia Sindh equity investment center (limited partnership), Jiangxi Province Oriental Science and Technology Venture Investment Center (limited partnership), Shenzhen Oriental Fucheng equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership), Ningbo Mingqiao Cci Capital Ltd acquired its holdings of Shenzhen City Cultural fellow uncle Communication Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the fellow Culture) 72.5% stake. read more

The VC analysis report that the capital is so short winter

Abstract: although in 2016 to reduce the number of VC fund investment is two times in 2015, but to fill vacancies in the market of corporate venture capital (CVC) it is exactly the opposite: more than 50% of the enterprise risk investors said they planned to invest more in 2017.

just over a year ago, many venture capitalists were predicting the coming winter of venture capital". To be fair, the author is one of the best. But when we entered in 2017 of February, VC investment market is booming: Snap has applied for IPO, AppDynamics was also Cisco to $3 billion 700 million acquisition. You seem to be skiing in California in January after the rain and snow to see the winter. read more

Talk about how to win over traditional education online education from the education opportunity cos

education is a kind of resources, for the enjoyment of educational resources in the Internet era, users can receive education resources through two ways, one is the line of education, the other way is by virtue of the Internet online education, online education is popular to say. At present, many educational institutions are active in the layout of the Internet channel, however, many educational institutions or venture capital companies active layout online education is the original can get high returns, the education business, then, for education this huge market, for users who intend to learn some skills, will willingly and gladly abandon the line education, choice read more

Less than two and a half years to complete the 5 round of financing valuation of over 1 billion Uni

Miss young pig, graduate degree is high and cold space physics, in the first group purchase fire fighting…… These are the labels Liu Chuanjun had, but now he’s the biggest challenge is how to control the smooth beauty of the winter network.

U.S. Food Network founder and CEO Liu Chuanjun. Source: Vision China

how long does it take from 0 to unicorn, Liu Chuanjun’s answer is two years.


has been in autumn, he exposed skin or sun flushed face, and small arms in peeling. As a beauty dish network founder and CEO, he is often found in the fields, a few days before the interview, he made a trip to Shandong on the back of vegetable origin, sunburn. read more

Ma Huateng suggested Entrepreneurs the most innovative opportunities in the field of cross border in

[Abstract] at the launching ceremony, Ma Huateng combined his own entrepreneurial experience with Tencent, and made a number of recommendations for entrepreneurs and service providers.

Tencent Francisco Tencent board chairman and chief executive officer Ma Huateng (micro-blog) on Tuesday to young entrepreneurs in Hongkong, on two cross industry part, "because an industry has been done for a long time, is already one of the Red Sea, we now see with the new technology in the two cross industry often is most likely the birth of opportunities for innovation, it is a blue ocean". read more

Look at these people you see entrepreneurship as early as possible

Abstract: the young team used their own unique characteristics and temperament to play the leading role in a new world. Due to the field of Internet users age and other reasons, the Internet and mobile Internet and other emerging areas, younger entrepreneurship has become the norm.

although many people believe that the young entrepreneurial team has no experience, do not fly. Young people should have more experience in the workplace, a green hand have some unrealistic fantasies, and some of Cheng Fangyuan’s style is difficult to grasp the market economy amidst the winds of change. read more

At the age of 24 into millionaires now worth billions of dollars he was known as the first China web

Abstract: hao123, looking for a web site, ip138, query IP or domain name address… These sites have common characteristics: focus on a single function at a glance, and in line with the needs of the public. It is these characteristics, achievements belong to the legend of Li Xingping.

in the Internet created legend,

Bill Gates has such an early drop out of business, do not take the unusual way of genius;

graduated from Robin Li, the country’s top institutions, but also to go abroad for further study, "turtle" elite; read more

China Partner Conference Chinese most people also need a partner when the boss

Han Emperor Liu Bang as China history China truly unified people, which, with a thoughtful look far ahead from a high plane, a commoner to beat a strong opponent, so just under the Qin Dynasty II perish, created a Chinese more than and 400 years of inheritance, Han Gao Zucheng hegemony behind except for historical reasons, less Zhang Liang, Han Xin and Xiao He can’t help Liangchen hero. This is also in today’s society, Liu Bang as the best model of entrepreneurship recognized by enterprises more and more, so that a lot of person Liu Bang is the world’s most people can become the boss. read more

Analysis on the core competitive advantage of China’s top 10 beauty salons

analysis of the core competitive advantage of China’s top 10 beauty salons


industry quanmei as one of the earliest to enter the market China beauty salons of private enterprises, in 2013 Chinese sales reached 9 billion 970 million yuan, 9 years composite growth rate reached 17.2%. 2005 – 2011 maintained 2 digit growth, but the growth rate of decline in the year of 2012 – 2013, which also reflects the plight of the majority of private enterprises in China’s beauty salon market to a certain extent. read more

The next ten years the most profitable of the top 16 industries here cloud computing virtual realit

Abstract: ten years ago, the world’s top 10 market capitalization is mainly concentrated in energy, finance and other traditional industries. Now, with the Internet has been high-tech enterprises occupy half of the country.

review the history of the long river, the development of the global economy has been driven by the interaction between productivity and production relations. From the invention of the steam engine, generator, computer, and then to the wide application of the Internet, the new wave of technology has dominated the adjustment of productive forces and production relations, and the emerging new industries, promoting social progress. Ten years ago, the world’s top 10 market capitalization is mainly concentrated in energy, finance and other traditional industries. Now, with the Internet has been high-tech enterprises occupy half of the country. read more

Fresh delivery O2O system a comprehensive solution to open up the nternet business

for the O2O electricity supplier, fresh O2O last mile of the distribution link is a crucial part of its closed-loop operation, because this link to the user’s direct experience. As for fruit, fresh, FMCG O2O electricity supplier, this part is more important, if the time you can not in the most intense fruit, fresh consumer desire in service, so customers will choose next time to meet the needs of its consumer business. But now, the river science and technology has been a perfect solution to the problem of fresh fruit delivery. read more