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Police Interview Of Accused Arsonist Led To Arrest, Complaint Revealed

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Image via Falconer Fire Department / Facebook.ELLICOTT – Statements from the man accused of setting a weekend house fire in Falconer contributed to his arrest, according to a criminal complaint obtained by WNYNewsNow.Cody A. Dustin, 24, is charged with third-degree arson, a Class C felony, in connection with the fire at 217 E. Pearl St. Dustin was arrested Wednesday and released with an appearance ticket.Authorities said statements were also gathered from a witness, as well as from a report constructed by Chautauqua County Fire Investigators.In addition, Ellicott Police previously stated that the fire was ruled as “incendiary.” The criminal complaint, however, did not provide specifics on how the fire was started or the instruments used. Specifics of the statements from Dustin and the witness were also not provided.Police say no one was in the residence at the time of the fire.A court clerk told WNYNewsNow that Dustin will be arraigned on Mar. 25 at 4 p.m. at Town of Ellicott Court.last_img read more

Hamish Linklater, Lily Rabe & More Cymbeline Stars Gets Squigs Treatment

first_imgThe Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Cymbeline officially opens at the Delacorte Theatre on August 10. The production, directed by Daniel Sullivan, stars real-life couple Hamish Linklater and Lily Rabe. To celebrate the show’s big night, Broadway.com resident artist Justin “Squigs” Robertson penned this portrait of the crew.In addition to Rabe as Imogen and Linklater as both Posthumus Leonatus and Cloten, the sketch features Page as the titular king, Burton as Queen and Belarius (look for the beard,) Raúl Esparza as Iachimo, Steven Skybell as Pisanio, Jacob Ming-Trent as Arviragus, David Furr as Guiderius and Teagle F. Bougere as Caius Lucius.Happy opening to the cast of Cymbeline! Now, about that “Raúl Esparza Sings Shakespeare” album… About the Artist: With a desire to celebrate the magic of live theater and those who create it, and with a deep reverence for such touchstones as the work of Al Hirschfeld and the wall at Sardi’s, Squigs is happy and grateful to be among those carrying on the traditions where theater and caricature meet. He was born and raised in Oregon, lived in Los Angeles for quite a long time and now calls New York City his home. View Commentslast_img read more

FAB Takes Delivery of New Search and Rescue Aircraft

first_imgBy Taciana Moury/Diálogo July 11, 2017 The search and rescue arm of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB, per its Portuguese acronym) has received reinforcements. The Search and Rescue (SAR) version of the new Airbus C-295 aircraft called the SC-105 Amazonas SAR, will be operated by the Second Squadron of the Tenth Aviation Group – Pelican Squadron (2º/10º GAV), based in Campo Grande in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the mid-western region of Brazil. Before commencing operations in Brazil, the aircraft will take part in a series of demonstrations in Asia and North America. FAB has purchased two C-295 SAR aircraft for approximately $170 million. The purchasing agreement also includes personnel training in equipment and maintenance, replacement parts and SAR equipment, as well as technology transfer. According to Air Force Major Valdir Machado da Costa Júnior, a member of the CL-X2 project in the Combat Aircraft Program Coordinating Committee, the SC-105 Amazonas SAR will be the most efficient among all the aircraft employed in search and rescue in Brazil. “This aircraft can undertake simultaneous visual and electronic area sweeps,” he explained. Maj. Machado added that the thermal and close-up imaging capabilities of the aircraft will provide confirmation of any sightings within seconds. The search precision is attributed to the Elta EL/M-2022A(V) Model 3 radar system. Capable of tracking 640 targets simultaneously over a 200-nautical-mile radius (approximately 340 kilometers), the radar enables small moving targets to be detected and tracked on the surface. Maj. Machado also highlighted the FLIR Star Safire III infrared electro-optical system fitted to the aircraft that allows for both day and night missions. “With this system, it is possible to obtain color images amplified 18 times, thus enabling it to operate in low-light conditions where sensors detect thermal contrasts that can be amplified up to 71 times,” he added. According to Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Marcelo Martins da Silva, the commanding officer of the 2º/10º GAV, the new aircraft constitutes a significant operational asset for the fulfillment of its mission. “The larger number of observation windows, compared to the currently operated SC-105 Amazonas, increases the probability of sighting its objectives,” he said. “Crews will be able to operate with night-vision goggles, launch life rafts and sea markers, and drop parachutists and supplies.” According to Lt. Col. Martins, in addition to visual search, its electronic search capacity is another advantage to this new aircraft. “The color images it produces can be analyzed by operators manning stations in the aircraft cabin, known as Fully Integrated Tactical System or FITS, or by specialists in the Mission Support Center located at the Pelican Squadron base, who will be equipped with computers receiving data from HF (High Frequency) radio transmissions or by real-time satellite signals from the SC-105 SAR,” he explained. Crew training In order to operate the new aircraft, several crew members have undergone training in Seville, Spain. Lt. Col. Martins explained that the course gave pilots and operators their first contact with the aircraft. “The course was conducted in two phases. First, six pilots and six electronic, electrical, and communications specialists spent two months in Seville receiving theoretical training and taking part in airborne activities. Subsequently, in an extension of the theoretical training, six more specialists also spent two months in Spain.” According to Lt. Col. Martins, the 2º/10º GAV has been operating C-295 aircraft since 2009, so the pilots and graduates chosen to undergo training are instructors and operational crews of the aircraft. “Training is focused on the difference between the two models, especially with regard to their onboard mission equipment.” Training is being conducted in three phases – two in Seville and one in Brazil, within the squadron itself. According to Communications Technical Sergeant Pedro Henrique de Castro Antunes, who took the Mission System Operation course in Seville, the greatest barrier was the language. “The dynamics of the course required us to pay a great deal of attention to each explanation given by the instructors. But we had already gotten used to it by the second week. At the end of the training modules in the last week of the course, we had flight training, where we were able to put the knowledge we had acquired in the classroom to the test.” The third phase of the training is to be provided by Airbus instructors on the Pelican Squadron base, after delivery of the first aircraft. According to Lt. Col. Martins, the course is expected to start in early August. “This last phase will include theoretical training of another six pilots and six specialists, as well as supplementation of the aerial instruction of the personnel who started their training in Seville.” The third phase will be concluded with maintenance training in the new systems for all the specialists who took part in the three phases of the program. “By October of this year, all crew members will be fully trained,” Lt. Col. Martins said. Sixty years of operations The 2º/10º GAV, one of FAB’s oldest air units, will celebrate its 60th year of operation in December. The Pelican Squadron is responsible for search and rescue, combat search and rescue, aeromedical evacuation, aerial logistics and transportation, in-flight emergency assistance and aerial infiltration and exfiltration. Its area of responsibility is approximately 22 million square kilometers. The unit operates with 120 airborne personnel, including pilots, mechanics, special equipment operators, radio operators, medics, nurses, rescue parachutists and SAR observers. It operates H-1H and SC-105 Amazonas aircraft, which will begin to be replaced by the H-36 Caracal and the SC-105 Amazonas SAR, respectively in the second half of 2017. According to the Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Martins, the 2º/10º GAV is the gold standard in the provision of search and rescue services. “When it turns 60, the 2º/10º GAV will be operating the latest in aviation technology worldwide, with H-36 Caracal helicopters and the SC-105 Amazonas SAR, which will enable us to enhance our probabilities of finding our search objectives, either visually or electronically, and to perform rescues at any time, or in any weather conditions.” The officer explained that the squadron will gain greater reach in the fulfillment of its mission. “The H-36 will have in-flight refueling capability. While we know find ourselves at the same level with the best air forces in the world in terms of our doctrine, these new assets will place FAB alongside countries such as the United States, Canada, France, and England in the provision of search and rescue services.”last_img read more

Eight travel-related trends in 2018 according to Booking.com

first_imgExperts from Booking.com, a global leader in connecting travelers to the world’s largest selection of amazing accommodations with more than 1.500.000 overnight stays each day, combined highly important data from more than 128 million actual guest reviews with a survey that involved 19.000 passengers from 26 different countries and discover the most significant travel trends in 2018.”As technology advances, so do our travels. Technology allows us to plan the perfect vacation and helps us explore in more detail and safely, bringing us more flexibility and options than ever before. At Booking.com, we build and design everything according to our users and fulfill their wishes and needs when it comes to researching, booking and enjoying the trip. As their expectations evolve and new trends emerge, we are excited to see how advanced technology can continue to help people have the best experience of 2018.Said Pepijn Rijvers, Marketing Director at Booking.com.Interestingly, according to research, global travelers consider Croatia the most popular location from television series they want to visit in 2018. We are transmitting the collected data from Boking.com for travelers from Croatia and eight trends related to their travels in 2018.1. New technological solutionsDuring 2018, innovative technological solutions will be even more useful for travelers when getting to know a destination or accommodation before booking. Artificial intelligence and digital technology help users when it comes to smartly collecting destination information, changing the way we explore, book and experience travel. Almost a fifth (18%) of passengers from Croatia claim that they do not mind that the computer plans an upcoming trip based on data from previous trips, and half (50%) do not care whether they communicate with a real person or a computer provided they receive answers to questions that interest them. More than half (52%) of travelers from Croatia would like to try everything first with the help of virtual reality, while 58% believe that personalized recommendations for destinations and activities encourage them to book. Technology allows us to make decisions easier, and in 2018 it will certainly continue to help us on the way to unforgettable stays and experiences.2 ..From dream to reality2018 is the year of dreams come true since 61% of travelers from Croatia have a list of destinations they want to visit during their lifetime, and the majority (86%) will try to visit one or more destinations from their list as early as next year. The desire for new experiences is more important than material goods and continues to be the main driver of unforgettable travels. Passengers in 2018 will have less patience and higher expectations, and will use technology to ensure the desired enjoyment of the moment.The list of plans and wishes of travelers from Croatia will most often include some of the tropical islands, since almost half of the passengers (40%) plan to visit some of the paradise islands in 2018. More than a third (36%) want to see some of the wonders of the world, 34% want to treat their palates to some local delicacy, and 29% want to learn some new skill on the trip. Other most popular activities you must try in 2018, according to travelers from Croatia, include a visit to one of the famous theme and amusement parks (27%), a visit to health-oriented destinations (27%) and a unique cultural event (25%).3. Back to childhoodJust like new experiences, travelers will return to their favorite childhood memories in 2018. By merging the future with the past, travelers will be inspired next year to return to once-favorite destinations to explore in a whole new way. In 16, 2018% of travelers from Croatia will consider visiting the location where they spent their vacation in childhood.The popularity of travel involving a return to the past stems from the sense of nostalgia and happiness that these destinations evoke. Travelers say that the destinations of former family vacations are the most beautiful memories, even more than childhood love or a family pet. Millennials seem to be even more sentimental with 28% of young travelers from Croatia between the ages of 18 and 34 planning to return to their favorite destinations for former family vacations. 59% of passengers from Croatia in 2018 intend to post on social networks every day, so we can expect that all these nostalgic places will return to the future and be immortalized on social networks for future generations.4. Icons of pop cultureWith the whole world at our fingertips, we are increasingly relying on a variety of sources as inspiration for new destinations. In 2018, television series, movies, sports and social media are increasingly influencing the booking decision as travelers seek more and more pop culture in search of inspiration. Reading blogs or watching Youtube recommendations will encourage ideas for 29% of travelers from Croatia, and locations from television, movies or music videos will be crucial for 20% of travelers from Croatia in the coming year. Almost a quarter (24%) of passengers will be inspired by a trip to a major sporting event, of which 43% of the world’s passengers will be thinking about a football summer in Russia.The most popular locations from TV series that global travelers want to visit in 2018 include Croatia, Spain and Iceland inspired by Game of Thrones (29%), London as we watch in the series Sherlock and The Crown, (21% and 13%), New York and Manhattan from the Billions series (13%) and Los Angeles as we can see in the Entourage series (10%).5. Find your way to prosperity The trend of wellness travel does not abate in 2018, with almost twice as many passengers from Croatia planning to travel with an emphasis on health and well-being in 2018 compared to 2017 (from 12% of respondents in 2017 to 21% in 2018) . Travel that includes walking will be especially emphasized. Hiking – the perfect way to enjoy the local landscape – will be the perfect way to explore next year. That is why 64% of passengers from Croatia stated that in 2018 they want to go on hiking or mountaineering trips. A new generation of walkers put on their walking shoes.Other activities inspired by health and wellness that are among the first on the schedule of travelers from Croatia in 2018 include going to a spa or enjoying beauty treatments (40%), cycling (36%), water sports (27%), rest with full body detoxification (33%), going to yoga (16%), going to the gym (23%). Enjoying such activities is popular with travelers from Croatia – 61% say that their vacation is more important than material things, and almost half of travelers (48%) say that for them going on vacation is a moment when they can look back on the past. period and make better lifestyle decisions – decisions that are easier to make by going on a trip with an emphasis on health and wellness.6. Economic awarenessTravelers are becoming more experienced every year, especially when it comes to finding ways to make the best use of their money. Many of them base their travel decisions on finances. And in 2018, passengers will become even more financially aware, with 45% of passengers from Croatia considering the economic climate in the destination before making a travel decision, and 37% when considering travel during the year will take into account exchange rates. 22% of passengers from Croatia will go on vacation with the goal of buying products that are cheaper at the destination they are going to than in Croatia, and 22% plan to make more purchases in duty free shops at the airport in 2018.As they gain more and more confidence to follow their own intuition, travelers from Croatia feel less and less pressured to follow others. More than half of them (59%) want to travel more independently in 2018, so increasing value is placed on personal endeavors, seeking the best deals and composing their own arrangements – all with the help of applications and technology. Almost half of Croatian travelers (44%) will use more travel applications in 2018 – with the continuous development of stress-free travel technology in 2018. This includes technology for determining geographical locations, which gives the traveler directions to accommodation in the app), or planning activities during the holidays in just a few simple steps on your smartphone – which 33% of Croatian travelers expect to work in 2018.7. A short break with friendsIt seems that 2018 will be the year of group travel. When asked who will keep them company on trips in 2018, the answer that experienced the largest increase compared to 2017 was traveling with a group of friends – an increase from 23% to 30% of passengers from Croatia.Since experience seems to be the most important thing in 2018, people are, along with the destination, equally important for creating memories. Traveling with friends is the best escape from everyday worries, reducing stress and bringing you closer to friends. The world is just a click away and it has never been easier to find the ideal accommodation and look for new adventures with a large group of friends in every corner of the world.Traveling with friends also has a financial advantage, as 4 out of 10 (42%) travelers from Croatia claim that holidays with friends allow them to stay together in accommodation facilities that they could not afford on their own.8. Live like locals, no s to themIn 2018, private accommodation will be especially popular – not only for travelers who want to stay in this type of accommodation, but also for owners who are considering renting their home to others. Almost half of Croatian travelers (49%) claim that they would rather stay in private accommodation (cottage or apartment) than in a hotel, and three out of ten (27%) would consider renting their own home on the accommodation booking page.When it comes to the role of the host, passengers say that it is not necessary for the hosts to always be present. In 2018, it will be important for travelers from Croatia that the host is available to them, but not too aggressive (54%), and 18% want a host with whom they do not have to communicate at all. Only 2% of travelers from Croatia think that it is important that the host has a lot of knowledge and advice about local specialties and sights of the location.last_img read more

Indonesia’s confirmed COVID-19 cases may spike in upcoming days, govt warns

first_imgThe government has warned that the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Indonesia may spike in the upcoming days as they are set to receive more results from 12 laboratories across the country that were recently authorized to conduct COVID-19 tests.“We acknowledge that there might be a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases since we have been very active in conducting [contact] tracing and people have become more aware about the disease,” Health Ministry disease control and prevention director general Achmad Yurianto said on Tuesday.He said authorities would continue to trace other people who may have been exposed to the disease more thoroughly.The government had so far tested more than 2,300 samples from patients suspected of being infected by the coronavirus, Yurianto claimed.Previously, the COVID-19 tests were only supposed to be performed by the Jakarta-based Health Research and Development Agency, since it was the only laboratory that had been authorized by the government.However, as of Tuesday the tests can be carried out in 12 laboratories as stipulated in Health Ministerial decree No. 01/2020.Read also: COVID-19: Indonesia suspends visa-free policy, expands ban for people from worst-hit countriesAs of Tuesday afternoon, he said, the government had already received specimens of six confirmed cases from Airlangga University, Surabaya, East Java, adding that the laboratory had performed its task very well.Yurianto also hoped that other authorized laboratories, such as the Eijkman Institute for Microbiology in Jakarta and the Health Ministry’s Environmental Health and Disease Control Centers in 10 cities across Indonesia, would also send their results to the government immediately.“We will also shorten the procedure for delivering specimens from hospitals to laboratories,” he said, without elaborating further about the current procedure.Yurianto also urged the public to promptly visit hospitals if they had been in contact with COVID-19 patients, and went on to advise people not to panic when the government announced a staggering increase of confirmed cases of the disease in the upcoming days.On Tuesday afternoon, Indonesia announced 38 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of confirmed infections in the country to 172. The death toll remains at five while nine have recovered from the disease, according to the government’s data. (glh)Topics :last_img read more

Iran hits out at US as virus death toll passes 3,000

first_imgIran’s death toll from the coronavirus has passed 3,000, the health ministry said on Wednesday, as President Hassan Rouhani accused Washington of missing a “historic opportunity” to lift sanctions.Tensions between the arch-foes have soared since President Donald Trump abandoned a landmark nuclear agreement in 2018 and reimposed sweeping sanctions.Tehran has repeatedly called on Washington to reverse its policy, which has been opposed by US allies, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said the coronavirus death toll in Iran now stood at 3,036 following 138 new fatalities in the past 24 hours.He added that 2,987 new cases had been confirmed, bringing the total to 47,593, with 15,473 of those hospitalized having recovered and been discharged.”This was the best, historic opportunity for the Americans to reverse their wrong path and for once, tell their nation they are not against the Iranian people,” Rouhani said in televised comments at a cabinet meeting.They “did not learn their lesson even during this difficult global situation,” he said. “This was a humanitarian issue. No one would have blamed them for retreating.”Medicines and medical equipment are technically exempt from the US sanctions but purchases are frequently blocked by the unwillingness of banks to process purchases for fear of incurring large penalties in the United States.Countries including Azerbaijan, Britain, China, France, Germany, Japan, Qatar, Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates have all sent shipments of medical aid to Iran.European nations have also delivered medical goods to Iran in the first transaction under the Instex financing mechanism set up to get round US sanctions, Germany said on Tuesday.It is more than a year since Britain, France and Germany announced the creation of Instex, a delay that has prompted Iran to question European governments’ commitment to seeing it through in defiance of the Trump administration.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Aaron Ramsey returns to Arsenal for treatment on thigh injury

first_imgRamsey has returned early from international duty (Picture: Getty)‘He gave it a try yesterday and it just wasn’t settling down as quickly as we thought but it was just too short a turnaround really.‘We made sure that we had a plan B and we’ve been working on that during the week. We had two options.‘Of course you’re going to miss someone like Aaron but we prepared for if he didn’t make it as well.’More: FootballBruno Fernandes responds to Man Utd bust-up rumours with Ole Gunnar SolskjaerNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesGareth Bale admitted that Ramsey’s absence comes as a major blow to Wales ahead of the Euro 2020 qualifier with Slovakia.‘Obviously it’s a big blow for us, he’s a big player for us and we’ll obviously miss him,’ Bale said.‘But it gives someone else a chance to step in, do a good job and hopefully help the team to get a win.’MORE: Raphael Varane speaks out on Real Madrid future after Manchester United link Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 23 Mar 2019 2:23 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link158Shares Advertisement Aaron Ramsey has been sent back to Arsenal for further treatment (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey has returned from international duty with Wales due to a niggling thigh injury.Ramsey, 28, played no part as Wales defeated Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 in Wrexham on Wednesday night after picking up the knock but Ryan Giggs was initially confident the midfielder would return in time to face Slovakia this weekend.However, the Arsenal man’s attempts to train proved unsuccessful and he has been ruled out of Sunday’s Euro 2020 qualifying match following the setback.Arsenal boss Unai Emery will be hoping that Ramsey returns to full fitness for the side’s Premier League clash with Newcastle after the international break.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityWales manager Giggs confirmed that Ramsey had been sent back to north London for further treatment on his thigh.‘Aaron’s gone back to Arsenal. He won’t be available tomorrow,’ said Giggs.‘His injury didn’t clear up in time so it’s obviously a blow. Especially with the form that he’s been on and with the quality that he’s got. He’s not made it but that gives someone else a chance. Comment Advertisement Aaron Ramsey returns to Arsenal for treatment on thigh injurylast_img read more

LGIM backs call for IOSCO to foster harmonised climate risk reporting

first_imgIOSCO is the international body bringing together securities regulators.LGIM’s Omi was writing in a foreword to a report by three non-profit organisations calling for other investors to encourage IOSCO to act to harmonise climate risk reporting.“IOSCO occupies the most favourable position for action at a global scale, and should be a key target of investor-led initiatives seeking to ensure harmonised climate risk reporting,” said the report.“IOSCO has remained silent on this issue since the release of the recommendations – but investors have a strong basis for demanding action either through activating national securities regulators to engage with IOSCO on their behalf, or through engaging IOSCO directly.”The report was produced by activist law firm ClientEarth, think tank CarbonTracker, and conservation campaign group WWF.According to the authors, there was a risk that reporting in line with the TCFD recommendations would be an “EU phenomenon”, which could lead to regulatory divergence with other regions in terms of climate risk disclosure and corporate governance practices. This, in turn, would make it difficult for investors with a global portfolio to accurately assess risk and allocate capital, they argued.The report identified different ways in which IOSCO could promote harmonised climate risk reporting and widespread implementation of the TCFD recommendations, and how investors could push for such action from the body. One of the world’s largest asset managers has backed calls for global standard setter IOSCO to play its role in ensuring the usefulness of climate risk reporting for global investors.The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) was “ideally placed” to accelerate progress on climate risk reporting, according to Meryam Omi, head of sustainability and responsible investment strategy at €1.1trn Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM).Despite “undeniable” momentum behind support for the work of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the usefulness of climate reporting depended on expanding harmonisation and standardisation across different jurisdictions, she said.“As a major global investor, we would like to call on IOSCO to acknowledge the TCFD recommendations and encourage their incorporation into international listing standards,” added Omi.last_img read more

EPL: Brighton promise 1,000 tickets to healthcare staff

first_img With football in England postponed until April 30 at the earliest, Watford are set to open up the ground for a range of NHS purposes. “We need to forget football right now and concentrate on doing all we can to support the NHS and, in particular, Watford General Hospital,” Watford chairman and chief executive Scott Duxbury said in a joint statement announcing the move. Vicarage Road is now set to host NHS staff inductions, offer space for urgent meetings, childcare facilities and warehouse space. Read Also: Messi gifts €1m to hospitals to combat coronavirus Christine Allen, the chief executive of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, praised Watford for their support. “Right now, we are doing all we can to make sure we can focus on caring for our sickest patients. We have found ourselves needing extra space very quickly,” she said. “For example, we are running refresher training to our clinical staff so that they can care for patients with breathing difficulties.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted ContentMysterious Astrological Discoveries That Left Scientists Baffled8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthTop 10 Enemies Turned Friends in TVWorld’s Most Delicious Foods8 Ways Drones Will Automate Our FutureYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of Anime7 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Vegan8 Shows You Didn’t Want To Watch At The EndWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo6 TV Characters Whose Departures Have Made The Shows BetterCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way Loading… center_img Brighton have kicked off a club-to-club “baton” system for donating match tickets to frontline healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic as Watford offered the use of their stadium to a local hospital. Premier League strugglers Brighton announced they had decided to donate 1,000 tickets to workers battling the crisis and have invited others in the Premier League, English Football League, Scotland and Northern Ireland to do the same when football resumes. Brighton are donating match tickets to healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic “We are working on a range of things across all areas of the community and I hope this will just be the start,” said chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber. “We fully appreciate football is the last thing on anyone’s minds at this moment, but we feel this is a small way in which we can show our gratitude for those NHS (National Health Service) staff on the frontline who are fighting the battle on behalf of all of us and give them something to look forward to.” Barber suggested a club-to-club baton system and nominated south-coast rivals Bournemouth as the next in line. Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn was keen to rise to the challenge, saying: “We are absolutely delighted to match Brighton’s gesture and commit to 1,000 tickets.” Fellow Premier League side Watford have offered the use of their Vicarage Road stadium to Watford General Hospital.last_img read more

Final quarter Honor Awardees recognized

first_imgBatesville, In. — The Staff and faculty of St. Louis Catholic School have released recipients of the final quarter Honor Awards:Grade 4First Honors:  Felicity Brelage, Leo Canessa, Ben Greiwe, Sophia Hohenstein, Ashley Hunter, Jaiden Kuria, Bridget Lohmueller, Olivia Meer, Tyler Reder, Meg Ritter, Rachel Suttmann, Paige Watters, Brady Wonnell, Donovan WesselerSecond Honors:  Jack Freeland, Amaia Fullenkamp, Aiden Greiwe, Isabel Imel, Brycen Miller, Cate Reidy, Cora Roth, Matthew Schrand, Karsyn WatsonThird Honors:  Thomas Deal, Caleb Mohr, Katelyn Rahe Grade 5First Honors:  Lucy Abplanalp, Max Amberger, Ryan Duerstock, Veronica King, Sully HIll, Isabel Raab, Santiago Schutte, Henry WanstrathSecond Honors:  Libby Boedicker, Sam Laloge, Adam Meer, AInsley SIpples, Carlee SteinkampThird Honors:  Anna Moore, Emily Schebler, Maria Voegele Grade 8First Honors:  Ava Allen, Amelia Austin, Elizabeth Cornett, Regina Gerstbauer, Elizabeth Gigrich, Sophie HIrt, Caleb Lehman, Benjamin Moster, Olivia Raab, Abe Streator, Faith Tekulve, Kate Voegele, Alyssa Wanstrath, Emma WeberdingSecond Honors:  Adam Laloge, Spencer Mack, Cody Mohr, Ellie Moorman, Cayden Pohlman, Chelsea Robertson, Joseph Suttmann, Lilly WonnellThird Honors:  Nicole Amberger, Lucas Anderson, CJ Grote, Thomas Raver, Ryan Reder, Ben Ruter, Quinn Steinkamp, Shelby Weiler Grade 6First Honors:  Megan Batta, Maggie Beiser, Sady Hirt, Thomas Lohmueller, Paul Meer, Connor Miles, Ella Moster, Claire Saner, Lilly Schebler, Sadie Wachsmann, Madison Wanstrath, Kate WeberSecond Honors:  Marco Canessa, Lea Cossentino, Evan Flaspohler, Rhea Miller, Isabel Price, Hank Ritter, Cole Rudolf, Catherine Streator, Ingrid Tuveson, Eli Weiler, Hanna Wells, Isabelle Wonnell, Abigail WuestefeldThird Honors:  Wes Hollins Grade 7First Honors:  Audrey Beiser, Aiden Geers, Mary Hunter, Emma Livers, Luke Meer, Luke Meyer, Katie Nobbe, Ryanna Phillips, Megan Raab, Cael Rahe, Summer Ratcliffe, Betsy Riedy, Charlie Schebler, Maddie Schrand, Ella Smith, Jalyn Stenger, Noah Tuveson, Wilson Walmsley, Jackson Wanstrath, Teresa WanstrathSecond Honors:  Megan Bauer, Alec Bunselmeier, Peyton Ditmer, Sylvia Eckstein, Conner Ertel, Olivia Freeland, Haley Geisen, Matthew MIller, Amanda Narwold, Jaden Peters, Nathan Reder, Evelyn Storms, Nate Vankirk, Mimi WilderThird Honors:  Kara Bischoff, Ben Fulton, Abe Hollins, Jack Hollins, Allie Savagelast_img read more