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Enabling the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow

first_imgThe often discussed work/life balance has never been something I really was able to grasp. For me, it’s always been more about work/life blend, and it seems I’m not alone these days.The generations coming behind me see even less boundary between their work and their personal lives. Technology makes that possible for us, and it has become something the workforce can’t live without.Forty-two percent of millennial workers say they would quit a job with substandard technology, and 82 percent say workplace technology influences the job they will take. A big part of that means no longer being tethered.So it was great to hear during the Workforce Transformation session at Dell EMC World this week that Dell is taking mobility one step further with the industry’s first wireless charging solution.First announced at CES in January, the Dell Latitude 7000 2-in-1 goes for sale in the US on June 1 with optional wireless charging pad and dock which wirelessly connects you to power and your display for a first-of-its kind wireless desktop experience.“The trick is in the keyboard,” notes The Verge. “The Latitude 7285 is a 2-in-1 hybrid. That means 100 percent of its components fit inside the tablet display, which can be attached to one of three accompanying keyboards to create a clamshell laptop. One of these keyboards communicates with Dell’s new wireless charging pad. So when you place the 7285 down on the mat with the keyboard attached, the power bypasses the keyboard and goes straight to the computer.”It’s just one of our many PCs on display in the Solutions Expo at Dell EMC World this week, where we’re showcasing products designed for the many ways that people work today.And Dell is also thinking about the way people will work in the future.Fifteen years from now we’ll have another 1000 times the power, speed, efficiency and capacity that we have today. Next generation PCs will marry the traditional keyboard and mouse to speech recognition, gesture, predictive tools and services to create more natural ways of working and improve collaboration.We will have richer, more immersive experiences with Augmented and Virtual Reality – once a fantasy concept for gamers – soon to transform how work gets done in manufacturing, construction, training and other business processes.The digitization of everything will be here – more than 20 billion connected devices by 2020; more than one trillion by 2050 – will increase productivity, speed up decision making while improving outcomes.Of course, with all of these fast, untethered workhorses in the hands of billions of people, security has become even more critical. Did you know that 95 percent of breaches originate with the end user? So protecting the datacenter starts with protecting the device.That means more than creating strong passwords. But, that’s ok, because listening to our customers has enabled us to build solutions that can help do this. Dell is ready to make a work/life blend possible for the workers that power the companies that understand and embrace the changing way we work.They will be the leaders in the digital transformation. They will be the ones who unlock the power of their people; free up IT to manage change not technology; and invest in strategic priorities and innovate for the future.last_img read more

UN experts fault Italy in drownings of over 200 migrants

first_imgGENEVA (AP) — Independent human rights experts who work with the United Nations say Italy failed to protect the “right to life” of over 200 migrants who died when the boat they were on sank in the Mediterranean Sea in October 2013. The Human Rights Committee also called on Italian authorities to “proceed with an independent and timely investigation and to prosecute those responsible” for the deaths. The boat departed carrying some 400 people, mostly Syrians. In a decision published Wednesday, the committee said Italy “failed to respond promptly” to distress calls after the vessel was shot “by a boat flying a Berber flag in international waters” some 113 kilometers south of the Italian island of Lampedusa.last_img read more

Student government election results in runoff between Ingal-Galbenski and Patidar-Patrick

first_imgErin Fennessy | The Observer Junior and student body presidential candidate Connor Whittle speaks with attendees at the Judicial Council’s announcement of the results of the primary election for student body president. Whittle was eliminated from the race, as the ticket of Rachel Ingal and Sarah Galbenski will take on Noble Patidar and Connor Patrick in the second round next Wednesday.Although none of the tickets — Bates-Henry, Dugan-Pozas, Ingal-Galbenski, Patidar-Patrick and Whittle-Rotolo — received the required 50% of votes to win the election — campaigning will be suspended through Junior Parents Weekend and will be permitted beginning Tuesday at midnight and ending Wednesday at 8 p.m, Judicial Council president Halena Hadi said.The Ingal-Galbenski ticket received 1213 votes and the Patidar-Patrick ticket received 781 votes. The Dugan-Pozas Garza ticket received the third-largest number of votes, with 678 votes. 410 students voted for the Whittle-Rotolo ticket and 265 voters chose the Bates-Henry ticket. 128 students voted to abstain. A total of 254 votes were invalidated due to sanctions against the Dugan-Pozas Garza ticket, and the Mercugliano-Lund ticket, which was forced to forfeit its candidacy.Juniors Rachel Ingal and Sarah Galbenski said they would like to thank their teams for informing their platform and providing encouragement throughout the process. “I think overall we’re feeling immensely grateful for everyone who supported us and walked with us in this entire journey, I couldn’t feel more blessed in this moment,” Ingal said.Junior presidential candidate Noble Patidar said he was proud of their ticket regardless of the results, and he sees their team simply as friends running together. “We came into this with the mentality of having fun,” Patidar said. “Win or lose we’re going to impact the student body positively, whether we’re student body president and VP or not.”Patidar’s running mate, freshman Connor Patrick, said he met Patidar the first week of classes at the University, and he’s particularly thankful for his friendship with Patidar and the campaign they have undergone together.“I just feel so grateful for our team, for Noble and for everyone who supported us because we’re here and we’re not backing down,” Patrick said. “We’re going to keep fighting for a better Notre Dame.”While the Whittle-Rotolo ticket will not move on to the runoff election, junior Connor Whittle said he wishes the best of luck to the two remaining tickets and believes both would be fantastic options for the student body. Whittle also apologized for the issues surrounding the election which included an allegation hearing and sanction appeals.“On behalf of our entire campus we’re sorry for how this process has gone at times, there have been controversies at certain turns and we’re sorry to see that and sorry that we couldn’t do better as student leaders to make this a noncontroversial election at every point,” Whittle said. Freshmen Henry Bates and Thomas Henry, who did not receive enough votes to be included in the runoff election, emphasized they only attended the results for one reason.“I would like to tell Notre Dame student government that I’m just here so we don’t get fined,” Bates said.The Dugan-Pozas Garza ticket did not respond to The Observer’s request for comment.The Mercugliano-Lund was required to forfeit their candidacy for violating Section 17.1(i)(1) of the Student Body Constitution, which reads: “The promise of any office or position in the Student Union by any ticket or candidate shall be considered highly unethical behavior, the penalty for which may include a maximum penalty of forfeiture of candidacy.” They could not be immediately reached for comment.Assistant Managing Editor Maria Leontaras contributed to this report.Tags: Ingal-Galbenski, Patidar-Patrick, runoff debate, runoff election, student government elections 2020 The 2020 student government presidential election will continue with a runoff election between the Ingal-Galbenski ticket and the Patidar-Patrick ticket, Judicial Council announced Thursday night. Turnout was 42% of the electorate. The results were supposed to be announced Tuesday night but were delayed following a round of sanctions and appeals.The runoff debate and election are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.last_img read more

Squigs Celebrates School of Rock’s Opening Night on B’way

first_img View Comments Related Shows School of Rock – The Musical About the Artist: With a desire to celebrate the magic of live theater and those who create it, and with a deep reverence for such touchstones as the work of Al Hirschfeld and the wall at Sardi’s, Squigs is happy and grateful to be among those carrying on the traditions where theater and caricature meet. He was born and raised in Oregon, lived in Los Angeles for quite a long time and now calls New York City his home.center_img No one can stop the School of Rock! Directed by Laurence Connor, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical officially begins sticking it to the man at the Great White Way’s Winter Garden Theatre on December 6.To celebrate the world premiere of Lloyd Webber, Glenn Slater and Julian Fellowes’ adaptation of Jack Black’s hit 2003 movie, Broadway.com resident artist Justin “Squigs” Robertson penned this portrait. There’s Alex Brightman as Dewey, Sierra Boggess as Rosalie, Spencer Moses as Ned and Mamie Parris as Patty, along with the crazy-talented kids: Evie Dolan as Katie, Carly Gendell as Marcy, Ethan Khusidman as Mason, Bobbi MacKenzie as Tomika, Dante Melucci as Freddy, Brandon Niederauer as Zack, Luca Padovan as Billy, Jared Parker as Lawrence, Isabella Russo as Summer, Taylor Caldwell as Shonelle, Jersey Sullivan as James, Corrine Wilson as Sophie and Shahadi Wright Joseph as Madison.Broadway.com wishes the School of Rock team a happy opening—we’re ready to pledge allegiance to the band! Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 20, 2019last_img read more

Trespassers Welcome

first_imgYou’re probably familiar with North Carolina’s national forests, state parks, and national parks, but what about the privately-owned conserved lands that are open to the public? The Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy has introduced a hiking challenge to introduce the public to their impressive portfolio of protected lands. Complete eight hikes on lands like Bearwallow Mountain, a bald overlooking Hickory Nut Gorge, and the Foothills Spur Trail in the East Fork Headwaters preserve, and you’ll get a patch and free hiking gear. While most of the properties on the CMLC hiking challenge list are still privately owned, Dupont State Forest is also on the docket. Dupont is now North Carolina’s first state recreational forest, and CMLC was instrumental in bringing the 10,000 acre park into public ownership.See more details about the challenge and the individual hikes here.last_img read more

Man Arrested in Sarah Goode’s Murder

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Dante Taylor (SCPD)A 19-year-old Mastic man has been charged with murder of a Medford woman who was found dead in a wooded area in her hometown last month, Suffolk County police said.Dante Taylor was arrested July 10 in Florida by Suffolk County police detectives and the United States Marshals for an unrelated arrest warrant. He was transferred to Suffolk police headquarters where he was charged on Saturday with second-degree murder, police said.Taylor will be held at the Sixth Precinct until his arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on Saturday.The woman, Sarah Goode, had been reported missing by her sister in early June and was found in a thickly wooded area on June 12. Police were called to the area after a search group of about 45 people found Goode’s body near Camden Court.Goode’s BMW was found about a mile from where her body was discovered.last_img read more

Invest in your credit union’s brand — It’s worth it

first_img 35SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Allison Maertens Allison Maertens oversees all marketing functions at Hawaii State FCU, including advertising, public relations, financial education, online marketing, and member communications and events. Under her leadership, Hawaii State FCU launched … Web: https://www.hawaiistatefcu.com Details A brand is more than a logo, colors, or slogan — it’s the experience you deliver to members each and every day. A strong brand is essential when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Yet investing precious resources into brand development makes many credit union leaders anxious. They wonder how to approach the brand process, how to define clear objectives and how to demonstrate the return on investment in their branding efforts to members and boards.The time and effort it takes to completely overhaul a brand may seem overwhelming and risky, but if done correctly, it can be a rewarding experience for members, employees and credit union leadership. Here are a few tips for credit unions looking to strengthen their brands.Face your weaknessesOne of the most difficult parts of rebranding is coming to terms with the fact that something needs to be fixed. A few years ago, our team at Hawaii State Federal Credit Union (Hawaii State FCU) realized that we had an identity issue. We knew we offered great value to our members, but outside our circle of membership, people didn’t know who we were. Our brand identity wasn’t strong enough to stand out in a sea of local credit unions. We were easily mistaken for our competitors when it came to our logo, the colors we used, and even our name.Oftentimes, organizations that look inward end up uncovering difficult truths. We decided to face ours head on and make the necessary changes to succeed.Identify your key driverWhen we decided to rebrand, our first goal was to create a brand strategy centered on a key driver — the one quality that defined us as an organization. This key driver would have to have the power to rally staff and members around a common cause.Our team began by doing a 360-degree brand assessment, which involved interviewing staff, members, and the community. We focused on engaging and listening to our employees, one of our organization’s greatest assets. A common conviction that came up in focus groups, on surveys, and in conversations is that our employees truly believe in doing what is right for our members.We also spoke with members, uncovering stories of how the credit union had supported them unfailingly throughout the years. It was clear that our competitive advantage lay in our relationships with members.Thus, our motto was born: “Always right by you.”“Always right by you” means that we are always going to be there for our members, through every stage of their lives. It means that we are committed to doing the right thing, treating our members and each other like family. Not only did we define our distinct key driver, we were able to create graphics and collateral that communicated it visually. Live your new brandOnce our leadership team, board of directors, and employees were on board with the new brand and motto, we set out to make it a part of our members’ experience. We created key messages that articulated our brand values clearly and authentically, and used them as a roadmap for creating member-facing communications. Visually, our brand evolved from cool, corporate tones to bold, warm and friendly colors, which were carried through at our branches and in our marketing concepts.Our employees were proud to live our new motto, making member service simpler and more effective. “Always right by you” became a guide that empowered our team to make consistent decisions every day. We wanted our employees to live the “always right by you” motto authentically, bringing it to life so our members could feel it, hear it, and experience it. These positive experiences are the gateway to member satisfaction, referrals, retention and loyalty.The rebrand required a significant initial investment of staff time and capital, but we knew that we would be forgoing short-term gains for long-term success. Four years later, we still see the benefits of the process. Our new brand brought about a cultural shift, and from development to implementation, the entire process instilled pride in our service and our people. From 2013 to 2017, our membership grew 20 percent and employee engagement increased from 85 to 95. Our turnover rate decreased and was consistently lower than the state average.Many credit unions don’t feel there is a need to build their brand or don’t believe it is an urgent issue. But when an organization is ready to come to terms with its weaknesses and embody its strengths, it can make all the difference.last_img read more

CNTB in the French media promotes Croatia as a hit holiday destination

first_imgA show called “The French found their place under the Croatian sun” So far, several million people have visited it, and destinations such as Split, Pakostane, Pag, Krka National Park, Brač, Hvar and Pag are shown, along with a number of useful tips for creating the ideal vacation in Croatia. French media promote Croatia as a hit holiday destination In a show dedicated to Slavonia, French culinary chef Julien Duboue accepted the challenge according to which, after tasting fish stew, he is the host of a local family farm Zoltan Jovic, in less than 48 hours should prepare an identical dish, that is, identify the ingredients of this authentic Slavonian dish, catch fish in the Danube and procure the remaining ingredients. The show shows Ilok landscapes and cellars, vineyards, quality wine, and Slavonia is presented as a region with a rich tourist offer. Also, the prestigious French weekly Le Figaro in its article included the Croatian island of Lopud in the first place of the three Mediterranean paradise islands, along with the Greek Santorini and the Corsican Brando, while the French edition of the lifestyle magazine Grazia in its article called “Europe’s most beautiful island: we bring you a selection of the most beautiful we dream of visiting” published a list that also includes Croatia, more precisely the island of Hvar, which is in the high fifth place of the most beautiful European islands.  In the prime time of the French TV channel TF1 a popular show was shown Cuisine impossible in which they are presented gastronomic charms of Slavonia. This is the result of cooperation between the CNTB and its representative office in France and the Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board. It is a show that represents destinations through the discovery of local products and producers, and a special show about Croatia was organized by the Croatian Tourist Board, the CNTB Representation in France and the Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County.  In the most watched term French national television M6 the show was broadcast Zone interdite, entirely dedicated to Croatian tourism and Croatia, which has been presented as an Adriatic gem and a hit destination for French guests in recent years.  Both the leader among the French motonautical media and the monthly with a 25-year tradition Moteaur Boat, in its issue since August presents Croatia as a nautical paradise, with special emphasis on Vis, which delighted the journalist and camera crew with its beauty and indigenous experience. The article from Slavonia starts from 46.40 min “We are satisfied with the successful realization of this project, through which Croatia once again placed itself on the list of favorite European destinations of the French, who from year to year discover new Croatian regions. We are sure that in the coming period the richness of Slavonia’s tourist offer will attract more and more French people”, Said the director of the CNTB Representation in France, Daniela Mihalić Đurica, adding that many other French media have been reporting on Croatia as a hit destination in recent days. The CNTB also points out that the recording of the popular 90-minute travel show Echappées Belles in Istria and on the islands of Cres and Pag is in progress. The show is watched by almost two million viewers, and the episode about Croatia will be shown in May 2021 in prime time on the national TV channel France 5.last_img read more

A mob out for blood: India’s protests pit Hindus against Muslims

first_imgPersecuted religious minorities including from Hindu, Sikh, or Christian communities are eligible for citizenship, but those from Islam do not enjoy all the same advantages.Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) says the new citizenship law is necessary to protect persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, and denies any bias against India’s Muslims.”They saw I was alone, they saw my cap, beard, shalwar kameez [clothes] and saw me as a Muslim,” Zubair told Reuters. “They just started attacking, shouting slogans. What kind of humanity is this?” A group of men chanting pro-Hindu slogans, beat Mohammad Zubair, 37, who is Muslim, during protests sparked by a new citizenship law in New Delhi, India, February 24, 2020. (REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui)”Everything will be fine”BJP spokesman Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga said his party did not support any kind of violence, including the attack on Zubair. He blamed rival parties for stoking the chaos during US President Donald Trump’s visit in order to damage India’s image.”This was 100 percent pre-planned,” he said of the violence, adding that his party or its policies had nothing to do with the chaos. Reuters has no independent evidence that the protests were planned in advance.Bagga said that the federal government, which controls Delhi police, moved to deploy paramilitary forces in order to bring the situation under control.”I believe within 24 hours everything will be fine,” he added.Delhi police were not immediately available for comment on the attack on Zubair.Since cruising back to power in May, Modi has pursued a Hindu-first agenda that has emboldened his followers and left India’s 180 million Muslims reeling. Hindus account for about 80 percent of the population.Now opponents and supporters of the law, largely divided between Muslims and Hindus, are facing off against each other. Some say the polarization evokes a dark chapter in India’s past.”The violence is now happening in tiny pockets of Delhi and reminds you of the beginning of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots,” said Yogendra Yadav, a political scientist who leads a small political party opposed to the BJP.He was referring to mob attacks on the Sikh minority after members of the community assassinated then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Thousands of Sikhs were killed in cities including Delhi in what Indian investigators said was organized violence.A slingshot and petrol bombs are pictured on the rooftop of a house in a riot affected area following clashes between people demonstrating for and against a new citizenship law in New Delhi, India, February 27, 2020. (REUTERS/Adnan Abidi)Appeal for calm Modi appealed for calm on Wednesday after at least 24 people were killed and hundreds more wounded in some of the worst sectarian violence in New Delhi in decades.The citizenship law behind the unrest is one of several steps taken by Modi’s government since its re-election that have appealed to the Hindu majority.In August, it stripped Kashmir, India’s only Muslim-majority state, of its special status, a move which Modi defended as a way of integrating the region with the rest of the country.In November, the Supreme Court handed Hindu groups control of a contested site in the city of Ayodhya that paves the way for a temple to be built on a site where a mosque once stood. That was a central election promise made by the BJP.Modi’s position as chief minister of Gujarat state during some of the worst riots in India’s independent history that took place there in 2002 has long stoked mistrust among some Muslims.Up to 2,500 people, mostly Muslims, were killed during riots sparked after 59 Hindu pilgrims were burned to death when their train was set alight by suspected Muslims.In the subsequent investigation, Modi was absolved of wrongdoing, even as dozens of people on both sides of the riots were convicted.Security forces patrol in a riot affected area following clashes between people demonstrating for and against a new citizenship law in New Delhi, India, February 27, 2020. (REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri)”Remembering my Allah”Before this week’s clashes in New Delhi, 25 people had been killed in running battles between protesters and police across the country.That number has now nearly doubled after two days of arson, lootings, beatings and shootings in parts of northeastern New Delhi that police forces have struggled to contain.Delhi police said in a statement late on Tuesday that they were making every effort to contain the clashes and urged people to maintain the peace.Witnesses said police and paramilitary forces were patrolling the streets in far greater numbers on Wednesday. Parts of the riot-hit areas were deserted.Several of those killed and injured had been shot, according to two medics at the Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, where many of the victims were taken. Reuters could not determine who had fired on them.Among them, Yatinder Vikal, a 33-year-old Hindu, was brought in with a gunshot wound to his right knee. His brother said Yatinder was driving a scooter when a bullet hit him.Reuters witnesses at a local hospital spoke to both Hindu and Muslim victims who were injured in the violence.An unconscious Zubair was eventually dragged to safety by fellow Muslims who came to his aid after throwing stones to disperse his attackers.The 37-year-old, who makes a living doing odd jobs, was rushed to hospital where he was treated for wounds to his head and released late on Monday. “I was thinking ‘I’m not going to survive this’,” he recalled. “I was remembering my Allah.” Mohammad Zubair was on his way home from a local mosque in northeast New Delhi when he came across a large crowd. He turned towards an underpass to avoid the commotion; it proved to be a mistake.Within seconds, he was cowering on the ground surrounded by more than a dozen young men, who began beating him with wooden sticks and metal rods. Blood flowed from his head, spattering his clothes. The blows intensified. He thought he would die.Zubair provided his version of events at a relative’s home in another part of the capital, his head wrapped in bandages. Topics :center_img The mid-afternoon attack on Monday, captured in a dramatic Reuters photograph, came against a backdrop of tension and violence.Near the area of the Indian capital where it occurred, Muslim and Hindu protesters had been fighting pitched battles for hours across a concrete and metal barrier that divided the main thoroughfare, throwing rocks and primitive petrol bombs.But the sight of a mob screaming pro-Hindu slogans suddenly turning on an unarmed individual, apparently because he was a Muslim, was a sign that growing tensions between members of India’s two dominant religions may be hard to contain.Unrest across India began in December with the passing of a law that makes non-Muslims from some neighboring nations eligible for fast-tracked citizenship – a move many Muslims say is discriminatory and marks a break from India’s secular traditions.last_img read more

Tokyo Games postponement blessing in disguise for Indonesian sports

first_imgAthletes and sports federations look at the postponement of the 2020 Olympics as a blessing in disguise despite having to wrap their heads around revised training programs and budgets, as it gives them another year to hone their skills and prepare for competition on the biggest stage.Veteran weightlifter Eko Yuli Irawan was not discouraged when he heard that the Tokyo Games were postponed to sometime next year, no later than summer 2021. He is still hopeful to come out on top at the sporting event to bring home Olympic gold.“One thing is certain; the preparation time will be much longer,” Eko told The Jakarta Post on Thursday. “It also does not affect me mentally; I will keep adhering to the [training] program.” Having participated in three Olympic games since 2008, the Indonesian has collected one silver and two bronze medals. Silver, which he won in the men’s 61-kilogram category at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, is his highest achievement so far.At the age of 30, which by occupational standards can no longer be considered young, Eko and the Indonesian Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Bodybuilders Association (PABBSI) will now have to design a training program that is suitable for maintaining him at his prime as they push ahead with the year-long preparation for 2021.Indonesia weightlifting team manager Alamsyah Wijaya said the postponement had forced him to review all training programs, but he insisted the association would continue to train athletes who had been preparing for the Tokyo Games.“We will ask the Youth and Sports Ministry not to stop the training program. [With this delay] we will be entering the halfway period of our preparations at the end of this year,” Alamsyah said on Friday. “Like it or not, […] we are entering the performance maintenance period again.” The PABBSI has secured two spots for the Tokyo weightlifting event, one for Eko and the other for youngster Windy Cantika Aisah, who competes in the women’s 49-kg category.The association has received Rp 10 billion (US$616,142) from the ministry for its 2020 training programs, which include preparations for the Olympics. But now that the Summer Games have been moved back to 2021, Alamsyah said the PABBSI would talk to the ministry about shifting some of the funds previously allocated for tryouts and overseas training camps toward keeping the Olympics training program afloat for the remainder of the year.So far, plans to participate in a tryout in Romania and a tournament in Kazakhstan have been scrapped because the events were canceled, while training camps also had to be postponed in light of Japan’s decision to push back the Games over fears of exposing people to a risk of COVID-19 contagion.Based on the team manager’s calculations, the 2020 funds should be enough to cover training until the end of the year, including wages for the athletes and coaches.“Our program mustn’t stop. If it is stopped right now because the government doesn’t have enough funds, for instance, we’ll lose three months’ worth of preparations,” he said, adding that an official letter would be sent to the sports ministry soon to find the best solution.“When we summon athletes back to the training camp, they can’t immediately get back to their usual level of performance. If the government’s budget is limited, we’ll adjust our program – so long as we can continue with training.”Similarly, the Indonesian Shooting Association (Perbakin) said it would also coordinate with the government to ensure it can continue preparations for the deferred Summer Games.The association has had to nix several plans for oversea tryouts, including the Shooting World Cup in India, tournaments in Germany and Azerbaijan and the Olympics test event in Tokyo.“Because there have been a number of canceled events, some of the allocated funds can no longer be accounted for,” Perbakin secretary-general Firtian Judiswandarta said on Friday.“We’ll consult with the Youth and Sports Ministry on how to shift those funds into our training program,” Firtian told the Post. Perbakin received Rp 7.9 billion for its 2020 training fund.On the bright side, the delay also gives the association time to book more places for Tokyo.The Indonesian shooting squad had booked one spot in the Tokyo Games through Vidya Rafika Rahmatan Toyyiba. The 18-year-old secured her spot after finishing 14th overall in the women’s 10-meter air rifle qualifier during the 2019 Asian Shooting Championship in Qatar.Now it could also prepare Vidya for a place in the women’s 50-m rifle three-positions category, and another spot in the 10-m air rifle mixed team category, with fellow shooter Fatur Gustafian, Firtian said.Topics :last_img read more