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Leila: “The goal is to win everything, but we are going to die for the league”

first_imgMartens is a very good player and after the injury she had now she starts to be her. Very happy for his return.-You have two bands that are two daggers with Torrejón and Hansen on one side and you and Martens on the other …-For my Caro she is also a great player, she is very good. They are players who bring us a lot to the team and enjoy it.-After a year blank, do you have that need to raise a degree?-Each year we are maturing more in that aspect. We are aware that we want to continue growing and we have to prove it in the field. We are growing in maturity and wanting to win everything and that is very positive because we grow individually.-The First Iberdrola you have very close already …There is a lot of league, but we have to continue as before and continue with this ambition to want to win everything and make us grow.-Women’s football is having more games every day, do you notice playing twice a week?When you have so many games in a row because you obviously notice it, it’s a workload that you accumulate. For that we train and have the recovery sessions. We are used to playing every three or four days, having a large squad as that also helps. It’s very important.-If you win the Super Cup you will practically not have time to celebrate it, the Queen’s Cup arrives immediately.We are happy that there are so many games, it is something positive for us and that we are doing things well and we are involved in all competitions.-What is the goal of the team this season?The goal is to win everything, but we are going to die for the league. We want to garnar everything possible and we are working on that.-After four years, do you have the thorn of winning the League?-That thorn yes, we want to win everything and we will do our best to get it.-How did you see the atmosphere in El Helmántico?-Thank the people who came, it is not easy during the week, it is a schedule that is not the best, thanks that approached and that follows us from home. It helps us and we are very grateful. We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the game and football. -First title and first final.-First final, the truth that very happy to be in the final.-How do you face it?– With great desire, in the end we train to reach the finals and we are happy to be able to reach the first final of the Super Cup. We are very excited.-After the final of the Copa de la Reina last year where the Real gave the surprises, of course, you go with little confidence …No, none We are aware that the match will be a difficult one. It has a very compact team, they know what they play, they have very fast and high quality players and we know that it will be a very difficult and competitive match.-Although you may find yourself in one of the best moments in history, it seems that there is no one who is winning …-We are in good time. We are well as a team, training is demanding to be in this state where we are.-And a team as competitive as the one you have this season helps …-The good thing we have is that, we have such a competitive staff, you know that anyone can be in the starting eleven and it will bring you. For me it is very important that we have this wide template because we have injured players and thanks to the template we can have many variants and alternatives. Having a wide and competitive staff there are many options for the coach.-And with mental strength, how did you feel when Atlético got ahead on the scoreboard?Yes, there was a lot left. It also happened to us in the league and we also managed to manage it. We know that a match lasts 90 minutes and in the end it is calm. We managed to manage the goal well emotionally and knew how to impose our game and take it to our field.-Another positive reinforcement?-After all the positive results, this helps us to continue believing and trusting ourselves that we are well and we have to continue with this positive dynamic that we carry.– On a personal level, how are you?-I feel very good and happy to help the team. I feel at a good time and you have to enjoy it because football are times and try to keep that dynamic.– Did I miss Martens ahead?last_img read more