Calleja: “The heat has passed me, now, for the Cup”

first_imgCup Centered:Yes. I have missed the heat. Now focused on the Copa del Rey. We want to make the best possible match and pass the round.Toko March:Toko Ekambi has become official. It was seen coming. There was a lot of interest. The player wanted to leave. We lose a scorer, a player who has performed at a very good level. It is past water. He must focus on his new team, the Olympique de Lyon. We must follow ours.Reinforcement:We are working to strengthen that position. We are looking for a player that guarantees good performance. I hope there is an incorporation before the deadline closes.Girona, to trace the flight:The other day in the League, the start of the first part and the second were very bad. That conditioned the whole game. We have to enter the most concentrated matches. We have to go show that we want to take the game from the start to the field. The best match to prove it is against Girona. It is the one we have next. It is a team that plays in Second, but has a First team. We must leave concentrated and attentive so that the other day does not happen.Focus on ourselves:We must focus on us. Not so much in the rival. The other day we played vs the colista and did not show that this situation weighed. To be up and go far by the glass, we must give 100%. If we don’t do it and think more about the rival than us, we make a serious mistake. In his field and a 90 ’tie will not be easy.Variants in attack:We have Bacca as a specific forward. We have other resources. We can play with offensive people in situations that in principle are not so accustomed to doing so. Gerard has to be with the medical services, readjusting to see if he can arrive for the weekend game. For Copa it is not. Evolution will mark if we can count on him for the LaLiga match. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 21, 2020 Medical part:Players with discomfort. Few hours of recovery compared to the league duel, but we do not add more casualties. We recovered Quintillá that was going through a flu process. For this match, we can count on him. Morlanes is better. Enter the call. Let’s see if he plays from the beginning.Temporary:It is an important condition with a split face. It does not stop raining. I don’t know if the field is flooded and in conditions to play the game we like. I hope you can play. We will see tomorrow how the day is to see if you can play or not.The Villarreal that Calleja wants to see:I want an entire match, from start to finish, of attention, intensity, mentality of the winning team. Let’s not look at the rival, Only ourselves. Let us give our best, exploit all our virtues and achieve an important victory to pass the round.Disgusted by the image before Espanyol:I left disgusted and angry at the match against Espanyol. We were aware of the game we were going to meet. A Espanyol facing a vital duel as a final. Every game is vital to get out of your situation. They were more successful at the beginning of both sides. We lacked concentration in those minutes and made mistakes that cost us the game.last_img read more

Birthdays bring Neymar down

first_img2013-2014In his first season with Barcelona, ​​he suffered an ankle injury that kept him away from the playing fields from January 19 to February 9, missing the League matches against Levante, Malaga, Valencia and Seviilla, in addition to the Cup before Levante and Real Sociedad, both double). He recovered just after his birthday and was on leave 32 days.2014-2015During his second year in Spain, he suffered no injuries at the beginning of the year. However, the meeting whose date was closest to the anniversary of his sister did not play by accumulation of yellow cards. It was March 8 and the League was played against Rayo Vallecano. His presence was not necessary, since they won 6-1.2015-2016It was also low the Sunday before Rafaella’s birthday and like the previous year, the reason was the accumulation of yellow cards. Barça won 0-4 at Eibar, so they didn’t miss him too much. He had a big party in Barcelona for his sister.2016-2017The day after his sister’s birthday, Barcelona played against Deportivo in Riazor. That was the only match that was lost throughout the season due to injury, and the Barça team cost 2-1 defeat.2017-2018Already in the PSG, he suffered a fracture in the metatarsal that had him separated from the playing fields about 90 days, that is, three months. He was injured a few days before Rafaella’s birthday and the first games he lost were March 3 against Troyes, 10 against Metz and 14 against Angers. He did not reappear throughout the season. For his own birthday he rode a macro party in Paris, although he had no problems of any kind on those dates.2018-2019The Brazilian suffered from his foot injury last year, leaving 85 days in a row. It was a few days before his birthday, so he was away from football both on his anniversary and his sister’s. On his birthday, he set up another big party, sponsored by Red Bull, in which he could be seen wearing a red suit and crutches, celebrating it in style. 10 Neymar has accustomed us to celebrate parties in style when these dates arrive (February 5 is the birthday of the player and March 11 that of his sister, Rafaella). However, by chance or not, you always miss an encounter when these appointments approach, traveling to Brazil to be with his family and friends on many of those occasions since he started playing in Europe.The birthdays of Neymar, PSG striker, and his sister, Rafaella.center_img Today is the anniversary of Neymar. He turns 28, although he could not celebrate yesterday with goals, since he could not play the match against Nantes for back pain. This weekend, he celebrated his birthday at a luxurious club in Paris where many players attended. Brazilian crack has long been criticized for being absent from meetings when his birthday or his sister’s birthday is approaching.last_img read more

Leila: “The goal is to win everything, but we are going to die for the league”

first_imgMartens is a very good player and after the injury she had now she starts to be her. Very happy for his return.-You have two bands that are two daggers with Torrejón and Hansen on one side and you and Martens on the other …-For my Caro she is also a great player, she is very good. They are players who bring us a lot to the team and enjoy it.-After a year blank, do you have that need to raise a degree?-Each year we are maturing more in that aspect. We are aware that we want to continue growing and we have to prove it in the field. We are growing in maturity and wanting to win everything and that is very positive because we grow individually.-The First Iberdrola you have very close already …There is a lot of league, but we have to continue as before and continue with this ambition to want to win everything and make us grow.-Women’s football is having more games every day, do you notice playing twice a week?When you have so many games in a row because you obviously notice it, it’s a workload that you accumulate. For that we train and have the recovery sessions. We are used to playing every three or four days, having a large squad as that also helps. It’s very important.-If you win the Super Cup you will practically not have time to celebrate it, the Queen’s Cup arrives immediately.We are happy that there are so many games, it is something positive for us and that we are doing things well and we are involved in all competitions.-What is the goal of the team this season?The goal is to win everything, but we are going to die for the league. We want to garnar everything possible and we are working on that.-After four years, do you have the thorn of winning the League?-That thorn yes, we want to win everything and we will do our best to get it.-How did you see the atmosphere in El Helmántico?-Thank the people who came, it is not easy during the week, it is a schedule that is not the best, thanks that approached and that follows us from home. It helps us and we are very grateful. We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the game and football. -First title and first final.-First final, the truth that very happy to be in the final.-How do you face it?– With great desire, in the end we train to reach the finals and we are happy to be able to reach the first final of the Super Cup. We are very excited.-After the final of the Copa de la Reina last year where the Real gave the surprises, of course, you go with little confidence …No, none We are aware that the match will be a difficult one. It has a very compact team, they know what they play, they have very fast and high quality players and we know that it will be a very difficult and competitive match.-Although you may find yourself in one of the best moments in history, it seems that there is no one who is winning …-We are in good time. We are well as a team, training is demanding to be in this state where we are.-And a team as competitive as the one you have this season helps …-The good thing we have is that, we have such a competitive staff, you know that anyone can be in the starting eleven and it will bring you. For me it is very important that we have this wide template because we have injured players and thanks to the template we can have many variants and alternatives. Having a wide and competitive staff there are many options for the coach.-And with mental strength, how did you feel when Atlético got ahead on the scoreboard?Yes, there was a lot left. It also happened to us in the league and we also managed to manage it. We know that a match lasts 90 minutes and in the end it is calm. We managed to manage the goal well emotionally and knew how to impose our game and take it to our field.-Another positive reinforcement?-After all the positive results, this helps us to continue believing and trusting ourselves that we are well and we have to continue with this positive dynamic that we carry.– On a personal level, how are you?-I feel very good and happy to help the team. I feel at a good time and you have to enjoy it because football are times and try to keep that dynamic.– Did I miss Martens ahead?last_img read more

27 players, between First and Second, are sanctioned

first_imgAs for LaLiga SmartBank, they have been sanctioned with two matches Isi Palazón (Rayo Vallecano), after being sent off for an entrance to an opponent from behind, and Brian Oliván (Girona), for protests to the referee.They have also been suspended a match for accumulation of reprimands Oscar Arribas, Richard Boateng (Alcorcón), Aitor Sanz (Tenerife), Fidel Chaves, Manuel Sánchez (Elche), Samuel Saiz (Girona), Víctor Mollejo (Deportivo) and Antonio Milic (Rayo); by double warning Carlos Pomares (Alcorcón), by expulsion Alberto Cifuentes (Cádiz); for violence and suspension of a party Aitor Buñuel (Racing) and Mauricio Lemos (Las Palmas). A total of thirteen LaLiga Santander players have been sanctioned with a suspension match by the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), meeting this Wednesday.For accumulation of reprimands have been sanctioned Rubén García (Osasuna), Joao Felix (Atlético de Madrid), Joselu Mato (Alavés), Clement Lenglet (Barcelona), Nemanja Maksimovic, Jaime Mata (Getafe), Antonio Puertas (Granada), Paulo Oliveira (Eibar), Nemanja Gudelj ( Sevilla), Geoffrey Kondogbia (Valencia) and Rubén Peña (Villarreal), and Mauro Arambarri (Getafe) and Diego López (Espanyol) for a double warning.last_img read more

One-month moratorium on clubs to show they are past due

first_imgThe clubs will have one more month to demonstrate that they have no deferred debts, within the measures adopted by UEFA in the face of the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the economic impact suffered by the suspension of competitions.According to the Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations, The teams must meet this requirement on March 31, but with this possibility the deadline to do so is postponed from that date to April 30, 2020, as confirmed by UEFA.On the 17th and after deciding to postpone the Euro Cup from next summer to 2021 (from June 11 to July 11), UEFA also agreed to the creation of a working group to assess with the clubs, leagues and players unions, the economic, financial and regulatory impact generated by the coronavirus and adopt measures that help mitigate the damage.The UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations provide for the principle of force majeure regarding supervisory activity in relation to financial fairness. According to this, “any extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the club and that is considered a case of force majeure is taken into account in the evaluation of the clubs on a case-by-case basis.” The leagues and clubs that have had to stop their competitions already have warned of the millionaire losses that they will suffer from this situation, as is the case of the Spanish LaLiga, which has estimated that not resuming the competition would mean losses of around 700 million euros.Clubs like Barcelona are studying measures that could affect the salaries of their squad and in Italy, Serie A weighs decisions that could include a reduction in the salary of footballers.The calculation of income from television rights in Italy amounts to 1,400 million euros per year. The stoppage of their competition already implies close to 600 million euros of losses for these rights, plus some 200 million for sponsors and another 150 million for tickets.last_img read more

Willian offers to play without contract if Premier is extended

first_imgIt is not the only case that would occur at Chelsea since Pedro Rodríguez, Willy Caballero, Olivier Giroud and Van Ginkel they are free from June 30 to sign with any club. Unsuccessful negotiations for renewalWillian He has always felt very comfortable in London, for this reason his intention was to continue playing with the shirt in the Chelsea. At 31, the idea of ​​the extreme was to sign a contract for three seasons but the blue entity, through Marina Granovskaia, put on the table a two-year offer and a reduction in its emoluments. Both positions are now far apart.The Brazilian knows that they have a good sign and Tottenham Y Arsenal (both from London) would not see his arrival as bad eyes. He also linked the international with the Barcelona in the past and depending on how the market evolves, interest can be retaken. Even the Juventus, always very ready to sign free players, she would not rule out making an offer to the player either. The Premier League announced that it will not resume the competition until at least April 30. At first, the competition had stopped until April 4, but the advance of the coronavirus has caused the English authorities have decided to extend the postponement. Which makes it almost impossible for it to end before June 1, as stipulated by the English Federation, and it may last until July.center_img In this situation there are many footballers who end their contract on June 30. One of them is Willian, Chelsea footballer. The Brazilian, before the events that may arise, expressed his position in a Facebook chat in the middle Interactive Sport: “If I had to play on those dates, in these months, I think that nor would it be a problem for me to finish the league in a way that was true to the clubas they always were with me. “William would not mind playing without a contract with Chelsea during the month of July for loyalty to the club that signed him in January 2013, from Shakhtar.” But without a doubt, as always, I will always be ready to give the best to my club, regardless of my contractual situation. I honestly think my contract ends in July. But it is clear that this is not a certainty, we do not know what can happen, “said Willian.last_img read more

The future of Betis’ goal leaves Dani Martín in the air

first_imgHis idea is to have more minutes of play and regain the confidence of a coach without having to be in the shadow of another goalkeeper. The rubi’s idea was to start from scratch in that competition at the beginning of the campaign, but the good level of Joel and Dani Martín’s growing doubts left the Asturian away from the role he did expect to have after arriving in Heliopolis in exchange for five million euros. He betic club already stated through its leaders that it is planning the next campaign and that he has already made several movements with a view to his future team. One of the focuses is the goal, who hesitated at some point in the season, especially when Joel Robles was absent or in the cup appointment of the King against the Vallecano Ray. It was especially in that Vallecas gray night when Dani Martín exposed the numerous doubts about his role in Rubi’s team. The club wants more strength and experience in that position despite the fact that a few months ago opted for the international Sub 21 as a trick to compete with Joel Robles. The Dani Martín’s intention it is also avoid another new course with the parallels of the present. In just minutes (two games in the League and two in the Cup with nine goals conceded), the Asturian is aware of the need to add more time of play if you intend to continue the expectations you raised in the Sporting from Gijón. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 10, 2020 Dani Martin have only 21 years and his letter of introduction making a place in the lower echelons of the Spanish team drove Betis to bet on him to replace Pau López last summer. Nine months later, the verdiblanco team look for a plan B for his goal after glimpsing a irregular performance of the young goalkeeper in the four appearances he had on the field of play in this course. After the unsuccessful bet, the desire is clear: the verdiblanco team seeks an assignment or a transfer for the goalkeeper next summer in order for you to have more prominence outside Heliopolis and thus restructure this position.last_img read more

“They call me crazy but I won’t play; life is worth more than money”

first_imgSo if there is no paper signed on May 4, you will not go to train?Insurance. I’m not going to play or anything. And everyone will see it. And even if they fine me. Since I do not have social networks, I have no way to let everyone know. That Fali is not going to play; It will not put any person at risk. And less to my family.Are there cases of contagion within your team?To my knowledge we have had no one.The protocol, in its phases three and four (group and collective training) talks about concentrating them in a sports city or in hotels. What do you think? To whom have you transferred your position?Only the President, and now you. And if it is true that we do not have any risk, you do not have to mind signing such a paper.What did Manuel Vizcaíno say to him?The president was convincing me to be calm, but he doesn’t confirm anything to me. I am not going to put my health and that of my family before some people who want to try to force me to play soccer when it is not an essential job. That I do not help anyone. To who? People to have fun because they see us play. Those people may also go without watching soccer. No one dies for not watching soccer. And yes we can die for playing or people can die because of us. And that Fali will not consent. I have it clear. If I have to go home to work at my bar, I leave with my head held high, my head calm and happier than anyone. And I hope everyone knows that.Have you contacted the unions to get their opinion across?I’m talking to ON Soccer players, who seem to be the only ones who are understanding me. They are the only ones who think like me. Let them say that we can play and sign us a piece of paper that they are 100% safe and that they are ruined. But since they are going for the money, they surely don’t want to lose money in their life. If they sign, Fali will play. And we will play all the players without anything happening. I bet whatever you want that they don’t. It is impossible.What have the Captains of Cádiz transferred to you from the meetings with AFE?We were talking in groups and I already said that I was not going to play. They say I’m crazy, but we crazy people sometimes have two fingers in front of us. In these things you have to be very careful. I’m not going to put anyone at risk because of me. If I have to go home to eat a bologna sandwich, it will make me fat because my conscience will be very calm. I’m not going to put anyone’s life at risk because of me. Not a joke.What do you think of the LaLiga protocol to return to training?I haven’t listened to him because I don’t believe in him. When they sign what I ask, I will read the protocol from top to bottom, letter by letter. But I know no because I have been told no. I just know it’s impossible.ALVARO RIVERO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>FOOTBALL 19/20ALVARO RIVERO (DAILY AS) “If I have to go to my bar or home to eat bologna, with my head up” Rafael Giménez Jarque, better known as Fali (12-08-1993, Valencia), is central in Cádiz and played, among others, in Barcelona B and Nàstic. Despite being the leader of the Second Division, his pulse does not tremble with the possibility of resuming training and competition: either there is zero risk, and insured in writing by the institutions, or he stands up and does not play. He attends to AS to explain a position that he has already shared with its president, Manolo Vizcaíno.Before analyzing the football scene. How are you and how are your family?Well, luckily we are all fine. But what is happening outside affects us all.How do you handle confinement?Well, here, like everyone, locked up. Pulling and being at home. We remain privileged. Taking it in the best possible way even if it is a little overwhelming.And how do you manage to train?I have a stationary bike, cane it and exercise alone. I’m trying to get in shape and get to the preseason in shape. But competing is competing and all this is very complicated, it requires a thousand by one thousand and any player knows it and it is very complicated to be good at doing sit-ups and cycling. Very difficult to be at 100%.How do you keep in touch with the rest of the team?We talk a lot for WhatsApp, We have held meetings to see how each of us is doing. We are a spectacular human team (leaders in Second) and we are looking forward to starting everything, always with health ahead.There has been an agreement between CSD, RFEF and LaLiga to return to training soon. At that meeting the footballers were absent. Surprised?I have found out that maybe on May 4 or 11 we were going to start training. I have refused; I will not train. I’m not going to play. I have it very clear from the beginning. I know they call me crazy, but I have it very clear from the beginning.Cast?Health always comes first and, if it is true that they are 100% sure that we are not going to be exposed to the virus, sign a piece of paper for us. If something happens to any soccer player, something happens to them too. Let their lives also be ruined a little because our lives are ruined. Do they not understand that if something happens to us, our family will have that pain the rest of their lives in the soul? If they sign that piece of paper, I play soccer 100% safe. Let them ruin their lives if they ruin me because soccer is not an essential job. Soccer will return sooner or later, but that it returns when the health is well.It seems that he is clear.If not, let them say that players can take the COVID-19 and see which players want to play and who doesn’t. But they are not saying it. They are just saying the protocol. Health is worth more than all the millions that move in soccer in the world. We have to put ourselves before this. “The promotion? If the League has to be canceled, go ahead. This has to stop” Professionals are also afraid of injury after this break.I said that every two days it is impossible to play a soccer game. Every three days, well: Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday … The big teams are more or less used to the Champions League. And we, it is true that it is sacrificed because the temperatures are very high. But hey, if we have to make an exception, if the public asks us and what we like is this, we would have to adapt, but as long as health is assured.Suso (Seville) said that you still had to think about the next league and that this one ended. What do you think?Suso said that if there was a 1% chance of catching us, the League had to be ended. And I have no idea of ​​finishing the League: if it has to end like this, cancel it, upload the first two, start in October as Casillas said … I don’t get into that anymore. But soccer has to be resumed, because sooner or later soccer will return, but human lives are the ones that do not return. Let’s see if we find out at once.Some people think that he says it because Cádiz is the first in Second and so, if the competition is canceled, he raises without having to play more …The Fali does not want that. Fali wants to compete and it has been seen that the club always wants to win on the pitch. And if the League has to come in three or four months, well, nothing … If efforts are needed, they are made. But always with health ahead.That is to say, that it also puts health before promotion.For me, the most convenient thing could be for us to go straight or to play for Almería, but I say no. If it has to be done, it is done. But if you have to play again, you play. And if the season has to be canceled, it is canceled. And when the League returns, let us be 100% the players sure that nothing will happen. That I am not going to touch an opponent in danger or that I am going to infect a partner. The Fali wants to ascend or not to ascend, from the first moment on the pitch, for everything, because of their hobby. What can not be done with a hobby? Alone? We will try. You have to compete, but without risks. I am not an advantageist. We have to play on the grass and the decisions have to be made by them; That is why they are there in that position.Is this the most complicated situation you have ever experienced?Yes, more complicated and more angry. Do they call me crazy when I’m thinking about the health of others? Are we really going to play for money? Maybe that’s why, because since I don’t have anything in my case it’s easy. For me a person’s health is worth more than all the millions in the world. And I repeat: I will not expose anyone; Neither my family nor anyone else because of me. It’s very clear to me. The madman has to say this because I am very angry. I have courage that you don’t see. “I have refused to train as early as May 4. Soccer will return, but lives will not” I don’t see it as logical at all. Soccer is physical and mental. Mentally, you can’t spend three weeks in the room without someone like they want. But that would have to be endured, seeing the players who decide … I have no idea about that because I am not going to pay any attention to it. I want you to tell me the truth first. And it’s not worth 90%. All the people who don’t have an essential job should be at home holding the pull. We are the same as them and we have to do the same. We don’t have to compare ourselves to anyone. And since it is not an essential job, we have to stay at home. Is it because you have lived a case complicated by the coronavirus?Thanks God no. But seeing all the people there, I put myself in their shoes, you know? More than 20,000 deceased. And it is not only the 20,000 deceased. It is the pity that he leaves these families for all their remaining life. We do not give importance to them, but it is the grief that they have left for the loss of that person so close: grandparents, parents … They will not have that affection again because of this. And that we expose ourselves knowing that there is a possibility of dying. Know this and do we want to play? We are very crazy. So people have to tell us that they are 100% safe. Because I do not believe it because every day I see 400 deaths and more infected. Who says to me that I can’t catch it playing soccer? Being in my house I’m not going to get it. That’s for sure.Do you think there are more soccer players who think like you and for fear do not say it so clearly?Yes, surely. It’s very clear to me. I know when this comes out, please let all players know. I know that some do, some do not, others do not want to say it. But you have to be a little consistent, be people. It is not an essential job; they want us to play without 100% ensuring our health. Is money really worth more than life? I tell the players that we are the ones who can stop this. Everyone. Not just a club; all clubs. May the League return when we are truly safe. If we put all the clubs hand in hand, they will not be able to play soccer. It cannot, no matter how much they force us. We are the protagonists and if the soccer players say no, it is no. It is so. But we have to be everyone; not four. Let them think of all people, not themselves. Let them think of everything that can happen. Let them get into the worst. Because then the worst comes and they will say: if I had done this, it would not have happened. Well now we can do it, not when we play and on the third day there is a contagion. When I say everyone, I don’t mean just the footballers, I mean everyone who is going to be in there. Now is when we can do something. We know that if we don’t go out, we can’t catch it. And we can do it now. Do not expose lives. And if football has to come back in four or five months, let it come back but knowing that nothing will happen to us because of that virus.It’s rare to speak to a professional footballer and hear such a sincere opinion.We all have to stop this.last_img read more

Prison for nine of the eleven accused in the ‘Osasuna Case’

first_imgThe Hearing acquits the treasurer of the board of directors, Sancho Bandrés of the crime of sports corruption and condemns him for misappropriation and falsehood by imposing on him:– A sentence of three years and six months in prison and a fine of nine months with a daily fee of forty euros for a continued crime of misappropriation.– A sentence of two years in prison and a nine-month fine with a daily fee of forty euros for a crime of falsehood in a commercial document in ideal competition with a crime of accounting falsehood.The prison sentence is 5 years and 6 months.To the real estate agents Cristina Valencia and Albert Nolla each of them is sentenced to nine months in prison and a six-month fine with a daily fee of thirty euros for a crime of falsification in a commercial document.Lastly, the two former Real Betis players, Antonio Amaya and Xabier Torres, are condemned for a crime of sports corruption, each sentenced to one year in prison and two years of disqualification from the activity of professional soccer and nine hundred thousand euros fine.The sentence also imposes on the convicted the obligation to indemnify Club Atlético Osasuna in the amount of 2,340,000 euros amount to which the irregular outflow of funds amounts during the 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 seasons of the club, to which is added in the case of Messrs. Archanco and Peralta an amount of 1,000 euros and 2,600.80 euros respectively for the improperly received per diems and 600,000 euros in the case of Mr. Vizcay for a loan with an unknown destination returned from the club’s accounts. Likewise, Mr. Vizcay must indemnify Mr. Archanco in the amount of 5,000 euros for the moral damage derived from the falsification of his signature.The three magistrates of the Second Section of the Provincial Court impose greater penalties on the then manager of the club Ángel María Vizcay, by including in his sentence for the continued crime of misappropriation the loan of 600,000 that he obtained from an individual. They also consider him solely responsible for the crime of falsehood committed in the 2013/2014 season with the preparation of the false contract with the Portuguese entity Flefield and the creation of three simulated invoices to balance the mismatch of the aforementioned season. The sentence also proves that the manager Mr. Vizcay falsified said contract, stating in it a signature that appeared to be that of the former president Mr. Archanco.However, they conclude that it is appropriate to benefit Mr. Vizcay with respect to the crime of sports corruption, applying the analog mitigating confession in this sentence. The three magistrates consider that the statement made by the then manager of the club before the Professional Football League and maintained in the act of trial has been decisive in order to investigate the facts and support the conviction for this crime. Based on this, they reduce their sentence for this crime to the aforementioned of five months in prison and eleven months of disqualification.The penalty imposed on the former president of the Board of Directors, Miguel. A. Archanco and former director Jesús Peralta for the continued crime of misappropriation includes the improper perception of diets by both.It is the first sentence issued in Spain that condemns the crime of sports corruption. The Audience understands that It has been proven that the convicts, members at that time of the Board of Directors, agreed to give priority to the former Real Betis players, Srs. Amaya and Torres in order to alter the results of the sports competition, paying a total of 650,000 euros to encourage their victory against Real Valladolid on matchday 37 of the 2013/2014 season to win the match against Osasuna on matchday 38. The Second Section of the Provincial Court of Navarra has notified the ruling of the so-called “Osasuna Case”. The first conviction for the crime of sports corruption in Spain sentencing 9 of the eleven accused to between 8 years and 8 months and one year in prison of the Os Osasuna case ’. The most serious sentence is that imposed on former manager Ángel Vizcay, on whom he imposes a total of 8 years and 8 months in prison. The court acquits Diego Maquirriain, former manager of the Osasuna Foundation, and footballer Jordi Figueras. The sentence, which can be appealed to the Supreme Court and which has been handed down in less than two months since the trial ended, unanimously condemns Ángel María Vizcay, Miguel Archanco, Juan Antonio Pascual, Jesús Peralta, Sancho Bandrés, Cristina Valencia, Albert Nolla, Antonio Amaya and Xabier Torres and acquits Diego Antonio Maquirriain and Jordi Figueras.The penalties imposed for crimes of misappropriation, falsehood in a commercial document, accounting falsehood and sports corruption range from the total of 8 years to 8 months in prison imposed on Ángel M. Vizcay Ventura and that of one year in prison to which the two footballers, Antonio Amaya and Xabier Torres, are sentenced for the crime of sports corruptionto.The most serious sentence is that imposed on former manager Ángel Vizcay whom the Second Section of the Provincial Court condemns:– For a continuous crime of misappropriation to 4 years and three months in prison and 12 months of fine with a daily fee of forty euros.– For two crimes of falsehood in a commercial document in ideal competition with a crime of false accounting to the penalties of 2 years in prison and 9 months of fine with a daily fee of forty euros for each of them.– To a prison term of 5 months, in addition to eleven months of special disqualification to practice as manager or similar in a sports association and a fine of three hundred twenty-five thousand euros for a crime of sports corruption.The sentence totals 8 years and 8 months in prison.The sentence condemns former President Miguel Archanco Taberna and former director Jesús Peralta Gracia:– A sentence of three years and eight months in prison and a nine-month fine with a daily fee of forty euros for a continued crime of misappropriation.– A sentence of two years in prison and a nine-month fine with a daily fee of forty euros for a crime of falsehood in a commercial document in ideal competition with a crime of accounting falsehood.– A penalty of one year in prison and two years of disqualification from exercising managerial or similar position in any sports association and a fine of nine hundred thousand euros for a crime of sports corruption.Total penalties with 6 years and 8 months.The then vice president of the board of directors, Juan Antonio Pascual Leache is imposed:– A sentence of three years and six months in prison and a fine of nine months with a daily fee of thirty euros for a continued crime of misappropriation.– A sentence of two years in prison and a nine-month fine with a daily fee of thirty euros for a crime of falsehood in a commercial document in ideal competition with a crime of accounting falsehood.– A penalty of one year in prison, two years of disqualification from exercising managerial or similar position in any sports association, in addition to a fine of nine hundred thousand euros for a crime of sports corruption.The total sentence is 6 years and 6 months.last_img read more

Atlético: the budget will drop between 100 and 200 million

first_imgThe primary supply of revenue comes for tv rights, and will even be affected, though if LaLiga returns in June, as deliberate, the membership will obtain an vital a part of what was signed.The Athletic, for his half, he already needed to take measures to by some means match the blow obtained. The membership carried out an ERTE for staff who are usually not having the ability develop its perform in the alert state. The primary template rwill drop his wage by 10 p.c this season and subsequent yr you will see one other 20 p.c extra.However proper now no person in the membership thinks about it. Now all the efforts of the entity look in direction of the first crew, in direction of Simeone and its footballers. If Atlético is amongst the high 4, the future in Madrid will be seen in another way. However these eleven matches will rating what might be Atlético 2020-21. Atlético performs rather a lot in what season subtraction. Sure for the Madrid membership it’s very important yearly entry to Champions, it’s way more this marketing campaign, conditioned by the disaster brought on by the COVID-19. The implications of the pandemic will have an effect on Spanish soccer and Atlético isn’t any stranger to it. The purple and white entity will need to wait till the finish of July for know your budget for the monetary yr 2020-21. Shall be totally different if Atlético qualifies for the Champions League or it doesn’t.The Atlético has had 500 million of budget This marketing campaign and the goal of the entity of the Metropolitan Wanda was to extend it yr after yr. It will not be potential. The disaster will drive Atlético to cut back the budget, which could possibly be 400 million euros. That in the greatest case. If Simeone’s crew isn’t amongst the high 4, the budget could be much less: it might considerably exceed the 300 million euros.The Athletic, because it occurs with the Spanish golf equipment, will see lowered all of your revenue plots. The membership will need to compensate their subscribers for the video games this season that will be performed behind closed doorways, as Atlético has already introduced in a press release. And the subsequent marketing campaign It isn’t but recognized when it will start and the matches that will be performed door closed. At the degree of sponsors, Atlético will additionally need to commerce down the agreements you have already got signed. On the different hand, revenues have additionally been lowered at the retailer degree, one other excellent financial supply for the entity.last_img read more